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Title: Local Matters.
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Advertisers will please hand in their favors as early as Wednesday at 10 o'clock A.M., if they wish them inserted that week.---Weather warm enough for summer.---Doc Nordurft has traded hats.---Corn is nearly all planted, and this is only the 19th of May.---The Fountain Common Pleas Court convened last Monday, at Covington.---Rock-bass and perch are selling at 10 cents per pound.---We havn't heard of a single new baby in this vicinity this season. We have heard several old ones cry.---A good deal of wheat is being brought to town just now-price 95 cents per bushel.---THANKS.-Hon. D.D. Pratt has our thanks for favors received last Tuesday.---The communication headed "County Taxation," was received too late for this week's issue. It will appear in our next.---THE SOCIAL.-This institution which is an appendage of the M.E. Church meets next Friday evening at Mrs. Pritchards.---HALF-HOLIDAY.-Last Thursday the boys were on time with the paper, and the consequence was; that Thursday afternoon the said boys enjoyed a half-holiday.---BUYING WHEAT.-Jonathan Shidler, proprietor of Shidler's Mills, we are informed, is buying wheat at the Kent & Hitchens' Warehouse in this place. Bring on your wheat.---CHANGE NO. 2.-The P.V. Agricultural Society have again changed the time of holding their Fair. It is now changed back to the time set in the first place. See the notice in another column.---CORRECTION.-In our notice last week of the purchase of the new county safe, $1,600 should have been $1,400. The safe cost $1,800 less $400, which Messrs. Macneale & Urban allowed for the old safe.---BLOW, BLOW, BLOW.-This is the tune, with a sneeze now and then added by way of variety, which though not very musical can be enjoyed only by those possessing a "bad cold." Many are complaining.---A BROWN COON.-Messrs. Isaac W. Brown & Walter H. Coon have dissolved partnership in the law business. We have not learned who settles up the old business of the firm. Coon's office is now up stairs over No. 3, Boston Block.---MARRIAGE LICENSES.-Since our last issue, the following licenses for marriage, have been issued by the Clerk: Francis M. Allen and Emmalana Brown. John J. Andrews and Mary E. Smith. William R. Eberly and Angeline Kelley.---JUST OUT.-The pamphlet on Woman Suffrage, by W.F.H. Wilkins, of West Lebanon, Ind., is now out and ready for gratuitous distribution for the low sum of twenty-five cents per copy at West's Drug Store, in West Lebanon. The Prof. has our thanks for the copy sent us.---PIC-NIC.-Last Friday afternoon the teachers, teaching in the Seminary and School House gave the scholars a half holliday, which the children used to good advantage by having a Pic-nic on the play grounds. This is the first thing of the kind here for this season.---THE WORK GOES ON.-Jacob Holtz, who has the contract for building the foundation for Warren County's new Poor House is now busily engaged with a full complement of new, good workmen doing the work, and before long the foundation will be entirely finished and ready for the brick masons. Mr. James Shatle has the contract for doing the wood work.---William Lower, one of our excellent farmers, living in Liberty township, reports as a rarity that he has a cow which has within 33 months had 7 calves all males and all doing well, except one that died at the age of 2 years. The same cow can be seen by calling at the farm of Mr. Lower. Can any farmer beat that? Decidedly a profitable cow.---FALLS BRIDGE.-The new Marshal, Mr. James Barnes, has entered upon the duties of his office determined to show what he can do. He has thoroughly repaired the Bridge at the Falls and made it doubly secure, and also made it wide enough on the south-west side to allow a good wide side-walk, thus carrying out he plans of the old Board in reference to the walks.---A HOAX.-Some one has reported a "Hook and Ladder Company" in this place. There is nothing of the kind here, although there is plenty material to form a fine company of invincibles, sufficient to take any fire. As to the ladders which would be required for scaling burning buildings some of our boys know where they are kept, so getting the ladders would be a small matter.---NO MAIL.-Tuesday evening 2 1/2 miles west of Danville, Ill., the engine on one of the passenger trains bound east, run into the engine of the construction train which was standing on the main track. The engineer could not make the lever work either way so as to get the engine off the track for the passenger train to pass, and both fireman and engineer were compelled to jump off in order to save themselves whole. Both engines are rendered useless while the mail coach was entirely destroyed. The damages are estimated at $60,000.

Date: 5/19/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003067
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/21/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
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