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Title: County School Examiner
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All men who take the least sort of interest in the educational system, in the great Hoosier State, know that the act of our Legislature providing for the office of County Examiner ought to be replaced by one more in keeping with the times. It was probably good enough for the people five years ago; but now many who are interested in educational affairs, and are familiar with the practical workings of of the school system, unite in pronouncing the whole a grand bore, not at all suited to the advancement of 1870; and should be more abolished and a more seemly act given to the people, agreeable to the demands of the age. Some of the reasons are these: The act does not give work enough to the Examiner, (as only through him can the standard be raised). Refering here, of course, to common schools. It puts the grade of the teachers too low. It authorizes the issuing of certificates to teachers to teach one branch, or three, or four, at the descretion of some idiotic, or false economical school board. It reposes the management of school affairs in the hands of County Commissioners, a majority of whom are wholly unfit for so great a trust. One of this majority told me that "Goin too skool wuz aul nonsnes; that he never wuz on the insid uv a skool rom, and he was a larned as eny uv um." The act does not give the office the dignity and power that will give the greatest success to our common school system. Such office to be filled by a good, wide awake man elected by the people, with a salary rquisite to call forth the best, or at least good ability. On the subject we will be pleased to hear from our worthy candidate for Representative. Its our opinion, that if we "but screw our courage up to the sticking place we will never fail" to secure a blessing in the shape of a good, thorough, working school system. WILL WILKINS.

Date: 5/12/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003070
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/21/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook
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