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Title: Local Matters.
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PERSONAL.-Col. "Billy" Wilson was in town last Friday attending to Court matters in the Common Pleas Court.-Charles M. Thomas was in town last Monday. He came a courting too.-Col. Guinnip, the Mower and Reaperman of Danville, Ill., and also Editor of the Farmers Advocate, was in our office last Thursday. Also attorney W. Townsend of same place. Mr. Townsend came "a courting."-Hon. "Dick" Nebeker was in the city yesterday. He don't get old like most people, because he always manages to live well and keep in a good humor. Long may he live.---DANEROUSLY POISONED.-Last Saturday afternoon "Willie" and "Dick" Rhodes, aged 4 and 6 years, and "Jennie" Haines, about 8 years old-the adopted daughter of Mr. Mahlon Haines-were dangerously poisoned by eating Polk root, which they mistook for turnip. Dr. Tebbs of this place and Dr. Jones of Attica were summoned as quickly as possible and at once administered the proper remedies, and the children are now about well again.---AN ITEM.-The Railroad is now employing forty-one hands in the Gravel Pit at this place. The wages given are $1,50 per day. And at the Steam Stone Quarry of Belding & Miller there are thirty men employed, and are getting $1,75 per day. Four-fifths of these men are boarding at private houses in the new town, and we would think a good hotel at that point would prove a profitable investment. Who will invest?---Gnats, flies, bugs, caterpillars, spiders, wasps, cutworms, fleas, frogs, toads, lizards, "snaiks" et cetera, are among the choice articles on the bill of fare for this summer. If the three first named could be cooped up we are pretty sure we could manage to shun the balance, unless it would be the fleas for which we entertain the most profound contempt. They are not quick enough on the jump to be omni-present, but just so much so that it would take six healthy mules to kick one sickly flea out of ten thousand.---COURTING OVER.-Court adjourned last Monday, the greater part of the business being carried over to the next Court which will sit the 17th day of October. The Judge, John M. LaRue, certainly merits much praise for the dispatch with which he conducts the business of a Court. The attorneys and even the people, generally speak well of his business qualifications and energetic and systematic disposal of cases coming up for hearing. From all we can learn he is about the best Judge we have had for years in Warren county.---CENSUS FOR 1870.-The following named gentlemen were appointed by U.S. Marshal, Spooner, last Tuesday, the 10th of ths month, as assistant Marshals, to assist in taking the ninth census, for Warren county. We received it too late for instertion last week: Walter H. Coon: Washington, Jordan, Pike, Steuben and Mound townships. David Moffitt: Medina, J.Q. Adams, Pine, Prairie, Warren and Liberty. Nothing is said about Kent, but we suppose that township will fall to W.H. Coon.---A GOOD ARANGEMENT.-Sunday is the day fixed upon by the managers of the T.W. & W.R.R. for the time tables of the road to take effect, and the Thursday following is the day decreed by the managers of the REPUBLICAN for publication day, so that if you would know just how many times the tables are changed take the REPUBLICAN. Last Sunday, the 15th day of May, of this year, another change was made, and for particulars see the time table above. By this new change we have four daily chances of going west. In this we have a Cincinnati Express each way.---PATENT APPLIED FOR.-Our friend "Tom" Chenoweth has invented a Hen's-Nest said to surpass anything yet invented in this line. It is a neatly made nest having in the bottom a concealed hole large enough to allow an egg to pass through.-A hen is attracted to the nest by means of persuasion, but once persuaded successfully there is no trouble afterwards. The egg being laid passes through the hole in the patent nest into a bucket beneath, placed there for that purpose. The hen then flying off proclaims the birth of a new born egg, but upon looking to see the object of her fowlish delight, and seeing no egg becomes heartily ashamed of her falsehood flies back and deposits another egg and so on ad infinitum. Eggs are expected to be very abundant in this county this season.---S.S. CONCERT.-The monthly concert of the Presbyterian Sabbath School was held last Sunday evening at the Presbyterian Church. Rev. Wilmer, the pastor, solicited Dr. J.L. Smith to deliver the address, and accordingly the evening services at the M.E. Church were dispensed with. The exercises were opened with singing by the school, followed by the reading of the 19th Psalm by Rev. Wilmer, after which the school engaged in singing which was followed by prayer by the pastor. After the prayer the school again engaged in singing, after which Rev. Wilmer introduced Dr. Smith, who then delivered an address to the school which occupied about thirty minutes. The exercises were then closed by all singing "All hail the power of Jesus' name." and benediction by Dr. Smith.

Date: 5/19/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003075
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/21/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
Entered By: WCHS

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