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We clip the following from the Crawfordsville Journal: The Republican Congressional Committee for this District met at LaFayette last Friday and fixed upon Wednesday, August (?)7, as the day for holding the nomination convention. The vote cast for Grant in 1868 was made the basis of representation, each county being entitled to one delegate vote for each 100 votes, or fraction over 50, cast for Grant. The time set is at least two months too late, but it is better than no time at all. The middle of June would probably have better suited the wishes of a majority of the Republicans in the District, and we hope some arrangement will yet be made whereby some earlier day can be fixed upon. The campaign ought to be conducted with vigor for at least four months preceding the election, and it cannot properly be conducted until the ticket is placed in the field. The last resolution of the Committee, "that each candidate for Congress be requested to canvass the several counties in behalf of the Republican party between this and the convention," will be found a poor substitute for a good ticket heartily supported. We are authorized to say that Gen. Wallace is in no way responsible for the action of the Committee. He was not present at their meeting, was not consulted by any member, and regrets the whole arrangement, and will engage in no canvass before the nomination. Forthe sake of county tickets he hopes the Committee can be induced to reconsider the time of holding the Convention, that the candidate, whoever he may be, may have a chance to do his whole duty to the party. That article speaks the authorative and commanding language of Gen. Wallace.-"He is in no way responsible for the action of the Central Committee of the District, he was not present at their meeting, was not consulted by any member of the same, regrets the arrangement, and therefore will engage in no canvass before the convention" That is plainly to mean, for the reasons given, he will not respond to the call or request of the Committee, in their resolution adopted to canvass several counties in behalf of the Republican party between this and the convention. We think it the better policy to adopt and approve the action of the Committee-which we do approve-rather than to gratify the personal ambition of any aspirant, whoever he may be; and a candidate expecting support in the convention, had better not evince too much obstinacy or dictation. This may do for Gen. Wallace, but our opinion is, that should either of the other aspirants assume the same position of obstinacy in responding to the call of that committee, to canvass the District before the day of the convention for the good of the Republican party and their principal, they had better get out of the way and let that convention nominate a man who is willing to work for the party and her principals before the day of the convention as after. A man true to the principles of his party, be he a candidate or not, must not hestitate to work, and that too with a will, to uphold and maintain those principles. We would say to the candidates more particularly, it is you duty to work now, and not wait until you know for a certainty whether you are to be paid or noot. You ask the people for their suffrage, show them by your acts that you are ready and willing to work for them and the party, honor or no honor, pay or no pay. Show them that you are a Republican in deed, word and action.

Date: 5/19/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003081
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/21/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
Entered By: WCHS

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