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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Baltimore Cemetery and introduction
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** This volume of cemetery inscriptions includes the south west section of Warren County. The second in a set of three volumes, this book is intended as a guide and reference to tombstone inscriptions for the townships of Mound, Kent, Steuben, & Pike. The map included in this volume includes locations of all known cemeteries in Warren County. Because of a major highway addition since Volume I was published, an updated map was included. Several cemeteries in this section of the county had been copied previously by other persons. In order to compile this work and index all the material, these people generously allowed me to use their records. Each cemetery description includes the name of the researcher and the date the work was done. Some lists and partial lists were found in the Indianapolis State Library. These lists were compared to my lists and discrepancies re-checked. This makes a more accurate reading, as well as locating stones that might have been missed. In some cases, lists made in the 30s and 40s included stones that are gone now. This information is included. Many people have written, giving their support to this project and remarking about their experiences in working in some of the more isolated, overgrown cemeteries. Mosquitoes, weeds, briars, fences, and snakes all provide less than ideal conditions! Plenty of insect repellant was needed during the summer. I found the residue on my hands tended to dissolve the plastic on ballpoint pens. During the winter the ink froze in these same pens. Sometimes when it became very cold and I was working against time before winter stopped my project, I would try to imagine how hot it had been! Nevertheless, the work is done and valuable genealogical information recorded. Everytime I found a stone so weathered as to be almost impossible to read, I would think that perhaps this very stone would be just the one someone needed for their records. On these very old stones it is easy to misread initials and dates, so as with any record such as this, mistakes can occur. A supplement is planned for the purpose of correcting and adding to information in both volumes, so if you have proof of errors, send that information to the author. Underlined material is information not found on stones. I would like to thank the following people for the use of material and for their help: Rev. Grover Williams, Barbara Leak, Jane Ellen Foxworthy, John Henry, Walter Salts and Diana Knowles. I also wish to thank the Illiana Genealogical Society for their work on the Upper Mound Cemetery. Many other people helped with questions on maps, locations and backgrounds. –Rosella Rasmussen Jenkins. The Baltimore Cemetery The Rev. Grover C. Williams, Jr. has given permission to reprint this list of the Baltimore Cemetery which he platted and copied inscriptions from in 1964. The booklet he printed and distributed may be familiar to some of you who have it in libraries or have a personal copy. The information is reprinted in its entirety. Other cemeteries in Mound, Steuben and Kent that he has copied inscriptions from will be noted as they are listed. The Rev. Williams has carefully recorded valuable information and I would like to thank him for the use of his records. The verses used on the stones at Baltimore are typical of many found in other cemeteries. Because of the repetitive nature of the verses, they are not included in other lists, but are with the Baltimore list as examples of verses of this time period. The Baltimore Cemetery owes its existence to the long-vanished little river town of Baltimore. Laid out in the late 1820s, it was among the first towns of Warren County, Indiana. Flatboats were once loaded from this point for journeys to New Orleans, but with the decline of river traffic, the building of the Wabash and Erie Canal, which was some distance east of the river, and the coming of the railroads to neighboring towns, its doom was sealed. One railroad known locally as the “Pumpkin Vine,” was built down ’Possum Run Valley just to the north, and once crossed the Wabash just north of the spot where ’Possum Run joins the river, but this was in the 1870s and the town had long since been extinct. The Pumpkin Vine itself was destined to last only a few years. This is one of the older cemeteries of the area. Of course, it is comparatively new compared to the mound called Indian hill situated a short distance north on the bank of ’Possum Run, but the Indian left no records of their ancestors. Indeed, the first burials at Baltimore are equally unknown, for the wooden crosses of the pioneers are long since dust, but many unmarked depressions still show where sleep those known but to God. The oldest dated stone in the cemetery is for Mary Kitchen who died in 1829. Another member of the family is George W. Kitchen, buried near the front. He was well known as Wat Kitchen and lived for many years in a houseboat on the Wabash, his home going up and down with the annual rise and fall of the river. To the east are graves of the Trent family. John H. Trent came home from the Civil War for may years the local doctor, and his horse and buggy were familiar throughout the area. Through the center, and with relatives making up indeed almost half of the cemetery, are buried the Williams family. The patriarch of the clan, Harvey B. Williams, came from Orange County, N.C., with his parents as a baby, in a wagon drawn by a blind horse. The trip required most of the summer of 1826. His older brother, Joshua Williams, also lived in the area for may years. The writer has in his possession a violin, hand-made by Joshua Williams in the 1840s and shows fine workmanship. Harvey B. grew up to be blacksmith, and for over a century and a quarter his descendants have lived within a mile of ’Possum Run. Five generations are buried at Baltimore, including his great-great-grandson, Grover Scott, buried in the arms of his mother, Alice Caroline, in the grave guarded by white marble angels. Harvey B. Williams’ wife was Mary Layton, whose ancestry can be traced to William of Orange. Many of the Laytons are buried here, among them Harvey Porter Layton, known as the Warren County Poet, who wrote much of the pioneer life on ’Possum Run and was master of the Dresser Post Office. Here also are the Madareas, who lived “up the creek” and operated a saw mill. It is said that “Billy” Madarea’s method of fishing (before the age of game laws) was to hang a lantern on a bush at night and shoot fish with his rifle as they leaped from the riffle. There are many family names her—Murphy, Gaskin, Vinson, Sisk, Duncan, Clem, Songer, Friner, Silva, Shelby, Crowell, Wall, Shoemaker, Hall, Albea, Henderson, Manes, Anglin, Daniel, McGinnis, Radley, DeMoss, etc., pioneer families who have finished their course and now sleep on the hill at Baltimore. May they rest in peace –Grover C. Williams, Jr. The Old Baltimore Burying Ground Located in Mound Township, Warren County, Indiana Copied by Grover C.Williams, Jr. - 1964 (Page 4) 1) Kitchen, Cpl. George W., Co. G, 50th Ind. Inf. 2) Grave marked by plain granite rock 3) Townsley, Mary 9/20/1832-7/21/1912 “mother” 4) Lyons, Tilly 3/09/1870-8/11/1919 5) Sisk, Daniel 1847-1925 6) Sisk, Cinderilla, w/o Daniel 1851-1911 7) Crowell, Charles 1862-1909 8) Crowell, Emma 1868-1939 9) Crowell, Arnold 1893-1908 10) Crowell, Altie M. 1886-1940 11) Wall, Crobert d.1/07/1903 80y 6m 6d 12) Wall, Elizabeth, w/o Robert d.2/11/1905 “At Rest” “He giveth his beloved sleep” 13) Crowell, Maggie, d/o Cm and EF d.11/17/1898 2m 17d 14) Williams, Golda A. Lynn, d/o CP and CA 8/14/1891-7/24/1925 **space on either side of grave reserved for the family of Grover C. and Clara A. Williams, Sr.) 15) Williams, Molly Caroline, dl/o Grover C., Jr. and Mildred A. 16) Williams, Arnold E., s/o GC and CA 6/17/1914-6/06/1919 “our darling at rest” 17) Williams, Helen L., d/o GC and CA 6/01/1911-11/22/1912 “our darling at rest” 18) Williams, Grover C., Jr. 11/16/1928- Williams, Alice Caroline (Cronkhite) 4/21/1929-11/10/1957 Williams, Grover Scott, Asleep in the arms of his mother Williams, Mildred A. (Berge) 10/10/1934- 19) Williams, Clarkson Porter 1/20/1856-8/11/1929 Williams, Cassie A., w/o Clarkson Porter 9/28/1860-3/22/1936 20) Williams, De Witt Talmadge, s/o CP and CA 1/16/1896-7/06/1906 21) Silva, William D. 8/16/1821- 22) Silva, Elizabeth A., wife of William D. 12/15/1829-11/04/1905 23) Silva, John A., s/o WD and EA; G.A.R. 1/13/1849-4/18/1905 24) Unmarked Grave 25) Unmarked Grave 26) Hall, infants of CB and E 27) Coons, d/o of James; unmarked grave 28) Shepherd, d/o John; unmarked grave 29) Lap, Isaac d.10/12/1874 42y “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord” 30) Lape, Elizabeth, w/o Isaac d.8/31/1876 40y 3m 18d (Page 5) 31) Lape, (Ikie), c/o I and E d.9/27/1875 2y 32) Lape, Amy, c/o I and E d.10/28/1877 14y 4m 7d 33) Williams, Harvey, s/o Scott 34) Williams, Anna C., w/o Ellswood 1875-1937 35) Williams, Ellswood 8/02/1881-7/10/1940 36) Silva, Robert L. 1869-1930 Silva, Josie, w/o Robert L. 1885-19__ (underlined) Josie was not buried here. Her second husband, Bert Jordan, buried her at West Lebanon 37) Shelby, James A. 11/26/1864-9/14/1916 38) Shelby, Emma 6/29/1869-9/01/1953 39) Williams, Lale A. 1911-1924 40) Williams, Aral Ann 1904-1905 41) Williams, Mabel R. “Mother” (underlined) Mabel is the mother of Lale and Aral and the wife of Ellsworth Williams. Ellsworth was buried by his second wife, Josephine Jones, at Greenwood Cmty, Danville, Illinois 42) Ping, Clara May Williams, d/o James T. Williams 43) Williams, James Tilgham 5/12/1864-12/21/1931 44) Williams, Fern Gones 2/09/1920-8/04/1925 45) Williams, Arlie 8/31/1896-12/08/1896 46) Williams, Harley 8/31/1896-12/05/1896 47) Williams, Dors I., w/o James 3/30/1863-2/09/1950 48) Black, Mary A. 1856-1924 (underlined) She is Mary Silva Williams, widow of Scott Williams. She married a Mr. Black after Scott’s death 49) Williams, Eliza, d/o Harvey B. and Mary 50) Williams, Scott M. d.7/30/1891 39y 8m 15d “His toils are past, his work is done He fought the fight the Victory won” “In my Father’s House are many mansions” 51) Williams, Harvey B. 1/19/1826-2/02/1887 52) Williams, Mary, w/o Harvey B. 2/27/1827-(12/18/1902) (underlined) Harvey B. and Mary are the ancestors of the Williams family in this area. Harvey B. was born in Orange Co., North Carolina, the son of James and Victory (Welch) Williams. Mary is the daughter of Tilgham Layton, who is buried nearby with his wife, Rachel Van Horn. 53) Williams, Cora A. d.4/21/1878 1y 9d 54) Williams, Ida L. d/11/11/1887 3y 9m 27d Children of Scott M and MA “Our Darling ones have gone before, To greet us on that blissful shore.” 55) Williams, Lizzie, d/o Scott M and MA d.8/17/1894 5y “He took thee from a world of care, An everlasting bliss to share.” 56) DeMoss, Job d.9/11/1852 65y 2m 22d 57) Grave marked by a rock (Could be wife of Job DeMoss) 58) Radley, James d.10/16/1861 64y 9m 26d 59) Evidence of another grave. (Could be Mrs. Radley) (Page 6) 60) (A lot containing as many as four unmarked graves. Said to be buried here are: Gilman, John G.; Gilman, Belle, w/o John G.; Gilman, William, s/o John G. and Belle) 61) (Bennett, Rose Belle (Layton), d/o AS Layton) 62) (Roberts, Louisa (Layton), d/o AS Layton) 63) Layton, albert S. 1/10/1841-8/27/1914 64) Layton, Sarah J., w/o Albert S. 12/14/1854-3/21/1892 65) Layton, Carney D., s/o Albert 66) Layton, Harvey Porter 8/02/1871-2/16/1910 (underlined) Was Postmaster of Dresser and known as the Warren County Poet 67) Layton, Nancy (Houchin), w/o AS Layton (underlined) his first wife b.Feb 1842 d. Nov____ 68) Layton, Nehemiah, s/o A and N 7/09/1865-11/30/1872 7y 4m 21d 69) Layton, Estella, 3/30/18(64)-11/11/1871 7y ( ) 70) Layton, John E., s/o AS and N b._______ d.1870 “of such is the Kingdom of Heaven” 71) Layton, Martha, d/o AS and N b.___ d.1870 72) Layton, Lydia Ann, w/o Nehemiah; d.7/10/1863 19y 11m “And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Write Blessed are the death which die in the Lord, yes from henceforth, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow after them.” 73) Porter, Maria, w/o of AM porter; d.9/07/1861 24y 6m Porter, Cibby Ann, d/o AM and M; d.9/08/1861 3m 26d (underlined) Maria is the daughter of Tilgham Layton 74) (Could be another grave here) 75) Layton, Rachel d.10/29/1850 11y 6m 17d 76) Porter, Eliza, w/o AM; 2/18/1831-2/29/1856 25y 11d (underlined) Eliza is another daughter of Tilgham Layton 77) Layton, David B., s/o Tilgham and Rachel d.2/17/1856 22y 1m 22d 78) Layton, Rachel d.10/29/1850 11y 6m 17d 79) Williams, DeLoss W., s/o HB and M d.3/07/1850 2m 29d 80) Layton, Nehemiah 1825-1910 84y 11m 8d “Gone but not forgotten” 81) Layton, Mary A., w/o Nehemiah 1837-1928 82) Wilson, Ruth, (underlined) d/o Cliff Trent 1901-1943 83) Trent, John H. 9/18/1849-10/19/1933 Co. K, 150th Regt. Ill. (underlined) this is the well-known Dr. Trent, M.D. 84) Trent, Sarah E., w/o John H. 5/13/1853-10/24/1925 85) Trent, d/o Mrs. JH; unmarked grave 86) Trent, James Clifford 1878-1952 87) Trent, Nina Bell, w/o Cliff 1881-1954 (underlined) d/o Squire Hichman (Page 7) 88) Trent, s/o Cliff and Nina Bell; unmarked grave 89) Hefferan, Josephine, w/o Michael; d.8/18/1870 197 6m 10d “She’s gone to God, the Angels greet her Gone to Join the Seraph band Who are springing now to meet her In the glorious spirit land.” 90) Griner, Martha L. , d/o NN and NE; d.7/17/1872 1y 3m 3d “Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven” 91) Griner, James F. d.( )0/1871 42y 7m 11d 92) Griner, Martha, w/o of BC d.3/06/1852 93) McGinnis, Jane d.4/13/1850 94) Daniel, Amos, s/o Thomas and Susan d.11/26/1841, aged 6 weeks 95) Daniel, David, s/o Thomas and Susan; stillborn 2/04/1851 96) Daniel, Delila, d/o Thomas and Susan d.7/19/1837 10m 97) Angin, Thomas J.; G.A.R. d.8/23/1905 71y 9m 8d 98) Anglin, Permelia G. Wood, w/o Thomas 7/27/1848-5/17/1882 33y 9m 20d “A precious one from us is gone, A Voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled.” 99) Grave marked only by G.A.R. Mark 100) Grave marked only by G.A.R. Mark 101) Unmarked grave 102) There appear to be two unmarked graves here 103) Songer, Perry; G.A.R. 104) Songer, George L., s/o W and SM; d.11/05/1878 4m 21d 105) A lot enclosed by a concrete border. No Markers. (underlined) Burials unknown at this time) 106) Gaskin, Ellen 1848-1919 107) Gaskin, Thos. B.; Co. D, 37 Ind. Inf. 108) Gaskin, Luella Jane, d/o TB and E d.12/28/1872 3m 5d 109) Gaskin, James R., s/o Wm. F and E 5/14/1870-10/13/1870 110) Sisk, William J. 9/30/1824-2/07/1875 “Father” 111) Sisk, Martha, w/o William J. 9/13/1828-1/22/1906 “Mother” 112) Grave marked by a rusted tin marker 113) Henderson, James B., s/o J and SE d.1/27/1888 4m “Budded on earth to bloom in heaven” 114) Manes, Mary J. 6/14/1854-8/06/1887 “Dearest Mother, Thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel. But tis God that hast bereft us He can all our burdens heal.” “Gone Home” 115) Grave marked by tin marker 116) Possible unmarked grave 117) Grave with G.A.R. Marker 118) Duncan, John T., s/o Wm. and E; 1864-1865 (Page 8) 119) Vinson, Milton H. 8/27/1834-3/21/1917 “Father” G.A.R. 120) Vinson, Jane Kitchen, w/o Milton H. 2/27/1836-8/27/1924 “Mother” 121) Possible unmarked grave 122) Vinson, James H., s/o MH and Jane d.9/08/1860 10m 8d “He is gone where no blight can ‘Ere fall on the beautiful rose of youth.” 123) Kitchen, Mary Died 1829 124) Kitchen, Henry 3/01/1840-7/21/1864 (underlined) Peach Creek, Ga. 125) Kitchen, Thomas, Jr. 6/06/1859-7/24/1850 126) Kitchen, Amanda 5/27/1844-10/29/1846 127) Kitchen, Sarah A., w/o T 1/02/1812-2/01/1873 128) Kitchen, Thomas 12/31/1802-4/03/1880 129) Beattice, Sarah A. Albea 12/15/1874-5/18/1926 130) Albea, Johnnie B. 9/24/1876-9/29/1876 131) Albea, James B. 12/28/1881-11/21/1897 132) Murphy, Fynette 9/22/1851-1/08/1907 133) Clem, Ernest F., s/o CW and CW; d.8/09/1884 3m 9d “We loved little Earnie and would have loved him stay But let our Father’s will be done, He rests in endless day.” 134) Clem, infant children of CW and CW b.andd. 12/13/1887 “Our Darling ones have gone before To greet us on that blissful shore” 135) Clem, Charlotte W., w/o Charles W. 1/01/1855-7/30/1893 136) McDaniel, Clarsia M. 1853-1923 137) Shoemaker, Sarah L., d/o G and SM d.9/28/1852 28d 138) Shoemaker, Semantha E., d/o G and SM d.8/28/1852 2y 10m 139) (W.J.), Died Oct the (2), (1830 or 1880) underlined This is a plain flat stone with the lettering scratched on by hand and is very faded 140) Murphy, John G. 5/21/1828-6/03/1903 141) Murphy, Sarah A., w/o Jno. G. 9/06/1829-1/25/1913 142) Murphy, Whitney P., s/o JG and SA d.5/05/1874 13y 4m 20d Murphy, George W., s/o JG and SA d.10/12/1865 9d “These hearts have ceased to beat that once were filled with love” “We Shall Meet Again” 143) Murphy, Melvina E., d/o JG and SA d.9/09/1864 1y 1m 10d “One we loved has left our number, for the dark and silent tomb.” (Page 9) 144) Murphy, Mary Ann, d/o John G. and Sarah d.8/02/1860 1y 8m 22d 145) Murphy, Mary A., w/o Geo. D.3/16/1875 68y 9m 28d “Dearest parents, thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel. But tis God that hast bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.” 146) Murphy, George d.3/05/1861 58y 11m 5d 147) Murphy, Caty, d/o G and M d.11/07/1830 1y 148) Shoemaker, Catherine, w/o E d.3/01/1860 78y 1m 20d 149) Shoemaker, Elias d.9/01/1862 91y 1m 20d 150) Shoemaker, Elizabeth d.10/29/1882 78y 5m 21d 151) Shoemaker, GAno d.11/13/1887 71y 11m 13d 152) Shoemaker, Austin P. 1859-1925 153) Shoemaker, William J., s/o G and SM d.7/03/1846 (underlined) Looks like baby’s grave 154) Small footstone. (Grave is probably in front.) 155) Small plain stone marking grave at foot of tree 156) Unmarked grave 157) Unmarked grave 158) A very old sand-stone; no lettering left 159) Unmarked grave 160) Unmarked grave 161) Madarea, Charles E. 1851-1921 162) Madarea, Wm. P. 4/15/1846-2/22/1920 163) Madarea, James H. 3/09/1821-10/15/1903 82y 7m 6d 164) Madarea, Harriet, w/o JH d.3/16/1889 65y 7m 11d **Hall, Peter C.; (underlined) Civil War veteran 165) Hall, Hannah, w/o PC d.3/08/1871 69y 3m 9d 166) Hall, Gano S., s/o PC and H d.11/09/1830 1y 7m 167) Small base for stone but marker is gone 168) U.S. Soldier’s mark 169) Tin marker 170) Curtis, Mary d.4/18/1869 (40y) 171) Murphy, Jacob d.4/28/1868 24y 5m 5d “Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh.” “Seek ye the Lord while He may be found and call upon him while He is near.” 172) World War Soldier’s mark and and Odd-Fellow mark 173) Murphy, Sarah C., d/o SC and ME; d.9/14/1872 1y 5m 8d 174) Murphy, Surbine C.; G.A.R. d.8/29/1875 27y 7m 8d 175) Murphy, infant d/o G and ML d.8/28/1869 “This bud so young and pure, Has gone to Heaven to blossom there.” 176) Murphy, Lucy J., d/o WR and ME d.5/25/1867 8m 10d “This bud so young and pure, has gone to Heaven to blossom there.” **(Might be another grave just south of this one) 177) Murphy, Walter H., s/o WR and ME d.7/25/1880 1y 28d 178) Murphy, Mary B., d/o WR and ME; d.10/10/1883 21y 8m 20d 179) Murphy, William H. 4/12/1868-12/10/1888 “Come ye blessed” “Gone, but not forgotten” (Page 10) 180) Murphy, Roberta 1/14/1877-3/19/1888 181) Craig, Emily 3/04/1842-5/16/1903 “Come ye blessed” “Gone, but not forgotten” 182) Murphy, William R. 6/12/1836-1/15/1913 G.A.R. 183) Shields, Martha Murphy, w/o Charles 3/11/1842-12/23/1913 “Mother” 184) Sisk, Lloyde E., s/o JP 1894-1897 185) Sisk, Martin L., s/o JP 1890-1892 186) Sisk, William M. 1863-1925 187) Sisk, Polly A. 1865-1915 188) Duncan, William 1838-1911 189) Duncan, Wm. M. s/o William and Elizabeth 1864-1885 190) Williams, Grover C., s/o GC and CA 11/16/1928 191) Williams, Mildred A., w/o Grover C 10/10/1934

Date: 5/30/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
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