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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Cunningham Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** The Cunningham Cemetery (Page 11) The Cunningham Cemetery is a family cemetery, located on a hill in a wooded area. A subdivision has grown up in the area surrounding the wrought iron-enclosed plot. It is very overgrown and only with the help of a previous list, made by the late Bernard Bach and his wife Mary, was it possible to locate and check these stones. The first ten names are all on a newer monument, however. The original stones are still there, excepting those for Cyrus and Mary T. Cunningham. The original list was published in the Illiana Geneologist, Summer 1974, p.79. Thanks to this publication for their permission to reprint this list. To visit the cemetery, take the first left turn off 63 South after crossing 136. This road leads into the subdivision. Continue to the right as the road curves. At the base of a hill is a white two-story farm house owned by Daryl Hollowell, where a cul-de-sac provides the closest parking area. The cemetery is off to the right, over a very small stream and up a hill. Please remember to ask permission for access. (Page 12) Cunningham Cemetery Warren County, Indiana Copied by the late Bernard Bach and wife Mary < These are on the back of the stone > Cunningham, Thomas d.11/26/1846 46y 11m 10d; Eliza, w/o Thomas 3/29/1806-7/03/1880; George W., c/o T and E d.11/15/1829 1m 9d; Jared, c/o T and E d.9/10/1826 1m 27d; Nicholas, c/o T and E d.2/02/1825 18d < on front of stone > Cyrus 12/15/1829-7/04/1903; Mary T., w/o Cyrus 1/02/1835-(1/23/1922) (underlined) Mary Thomas Oliphant < on one side of stone > Horatio G., s/o (C & MT) d.2/17/1863 7y 27d; Thomas 2/08/1777-6/15/1854; Jane (underlined) (Hueston), w/o Thomas 3/10/1772-2/07/1856; (underlined) (Parents of Eliza, wife of Thomas Cunningham Cunningham, Infant s/o (Walter M and Louisa S) b. and d.1/20/1887; Mary Jane, d/o James and Eliza (1/15/1835)-10/17/1844 9y 9m 2d; (Rueben), s/o Cyrus d.11/11/1893 36y 3m 2d “Farewell my wife and children all, From you a father Christ doth call.”; (Mathew W., s/o R and A) d.7/08/1889 1y 5m 23d; Nicholas d.3/14/1846 44y 3m 12d (underlined) His widow, Matilda (Lackey) Cunningham, married second husband, Samuel Roderick of Vermilion County, Illinois Lowe, Charles F. 9/05/1860-7/05/1934; Harriet J., w/o Charles F 11/09/1863-1/21/1950; Wilbur, s/o Charles F and Harriet J 4/29/1890-11/12/1921; Three old sandstones, impossible to read, near stone of Nicholas Cunningham Lowe, Otto F., s/o (CF and H) 7/09/1886-12/01/1886; Cyrus V., s/o (CF and H) 5/30/1895-10/20/1897; Lloyd L., d/o (CF and H) 9/16/1883-9/11/1885 Cunningham, Betty Lou 1922-1924

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003097
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/22/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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