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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Upper Mound Cemetery, Section A
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Upper Mound contains some very old sandstone markers, many of which are roughly carved with no lettering left. One of these is the stone of Isac Balla, who died in August 1834. The “S” in august is backwards and the “4” is hard to read, but it is an example of one of the earliest legible stones. This list was compiled from the list made by the Illiana Geneological Society in October 1970 and June 1971, and it is easy to check a cemetery when a previous list is available. The second reading can pick up oversights and make a more accurate list. Fourteen additional names were found, some on the backs of others. Two stone read in 1970 were not found at this reading. The newer section was not re-checked. Upper Mound Cemetery Warren County, Indiana Section A is at the west end of the cemetery. This is the oldest part of the cemetery. The rows are copied from north to south, starting at the west edge of the section. Section B is in the middle, between two roads. Section C is at the east side of the cemetery. (Section A, Page 14) Row 1 Jacobs, Mary d.9/07/1902 77y 9m 26d Jacobs, Nathan d.7/23/1902 81y 6m 19d Balding, Isaac d.8/22/1839 “Eternal love by his second daughter, A. Rogers” Beckett, Kaet, d/o HK and M d.9/20/1890 22y Beckett, Hilliard, s/o HK and M d.5/17/1880 31y 7m 25d Headstone – H.B. Headstone – Kate; Footstone – K.B. Headstone – Hilliard; Footstone – H.B. Beckett, Sophia, w/o Hilliard 2/19/1847-1/(18)1894 47y 3m 26d Beckett, Maria E., d/o CW and RJ d.8/08/1874 1y 1m Beckett, two sonsb. and d.4/06/1860 Dunn, Ella, d/o GB and ME d.7/24/1872 1y 5m 21d Dunn, Maria E., w/o George B. 9/10/1851-9/12/1929 Hedge, William; Co. A-86 Inf. Vols., d.7/06/1882 50y Landsdown, Thomas J. d.8/17/1884 27y 10m 15d Holdren, Silvestor d.11/20/1849 25y 1m 8d (underlined) s/o Sally Winpple Allison, Mary, w/o Jesse Douchin d.5/20/1848 67y 2m 18d Kincaid, George W. d.9/03/1846 29y 5m 24d Row 2 Chinaworth, John Corwin d. 4/27/1884 34y 3m 9d Phillips, Alfred (ll underlined) d.12/30/1859 28y 7m 15d Philips, Sarah (l underlined) d.11/28/1870 71y 10m 4d Jacobs, Franklin, s/o Nathan and Mary d.10/20/1874 7y 11m 6d Jacobs, Maria, d/o Nathan and Mary d.6/15/1871 14y 4m 1d Jacobes, Grant (e underlined), s/o N and M d.8/12/1889 20y 10m 4d Harris, C.H., Co. H – 20thIndInf d.5/30/1885 61y 1m 23d Harris, Sarah, w/o S d.5/30/1885 61y 1m 23d Harris, William H., Co. H 151 IndInf 5/15/1845-5/24/1902 Row 3 Lawrence, Mary, w/o William d.4/05/1852 Lawrence, William d.7/09/1866 80y (Page 15) Balla, Isac d.8/31/1834 Bolla, Frederick 10/23/1826-12/07/1902 Bolla, Sarah, w/o Frederick 9/17/1825-2/02/1876 Row 4 Hartman, Daisy J. 12/14/1895-7/06/1897 Hartman, Phebe E., d/o JA and MJ d.8/31/1871 1y 2m 3d Beckett, B. H. d.3/27/1880 86y Beckett, Maria, w/o BH d.9/10/1850 50y Old sandstone Taylor, Maria E. d.5/08/1840 22y 6m 27d Rodgers, Juliet, w/o Elisha d.6/08/1849 29y 7m 8d Evans, evaline M., w/o Isaac d.8/26/1855 (38y) 6m 25d Evans, Louis d.8/14/1864 87y Old sandstone Row 5 Old stone, nothing on it Becket, Humphrey, Pvt., Jones Co., 7 M.D. Regt. A Soldier of the Revolution d.4/02/1830 68y 9m 8d Beckett, Polly, w/o H d.12/25/1839 71y 7m 10d Old sandstone Hiatt, Clarinda, d/o DI and Ann d.8/12/1858 18y 6m 28d Hiatt, LInzey L., s/o DI and Ann d.10/15/1855 17y 7m 9d Row 6 Sparks, Mary A. 1818-1900 Sparks, Daniel d.( )/21/1866 61y 1m 5d Towers, Deborah d.2/12/1877 88y 1m 3d Sparks, Samuel 5/19/1834-4/09/1898 Bolla, Frank M., s/o E and SY d.9/12/1865 11m 26d Chenoweth, Daniel, s/o J and M d.7/06/1848 13y 10m 19d Old sandstone Henderson, Hester A. d.8/15/1880 76y 6m 1d Henderson, William G. d.3/07/1851 53y 3m 12d Old stones, M.A.C. footstone Crawford, Margaret, d/o R and M d.3/04/1840 2y 7m 19d Row 7 Sparks, Joseph F. d.5/31/1823 26y 9m 29d Rose, James H., s/o JW and CM 3/31/1889-4/30/1889 (Gahn), Melissa E., d/o JW and M 4/02/1883-8/20/188(3) Rose, McDonald, s/o JW and CM b.7/14/1890 1m 29d S(iler), Vera, d/o LS and (Dilla) 5/26/(1895)-1/18/1897 Row 8 McCoy, Mary d.5/01/1873 70y 2m 28d Nolen, Thomas J. 3/06/1842-12/10/1916 “Father” Nolen, Margaret E. 10/11/1843-7/26/1916 “Mother” (Page 16) Dennis, Sandy E. d.9/18/1853 39y 1m 7d * Dennis, Sarah, w/o S d.5/09/1848 35y 2m 13d Reed, William “in memory of” d.9/19/1845 23y 10m Ingle, Isaac d.3/22/1846 16y 4m 13d Ingle, Mrs. Nancy, consort of John Ingle d.4/20/1857 64y * Ingle, Minerva, d/o CW aknd M d.(10)/14/1853 Row 9 Briles, Julia M., w/o Wm. R. d.3/25/1858 22y 8m 21d Briles, Emerandis P., d/o Wm R & JD; d.9/28/1858 9m 28d Talbert, Effie P., d/o JO and HB 3/05/1882-5/03/1883 Talbert, Mary E., d/o JO and HB 2/28/1868-7/29/1870 Talbert, Abraham L., s/o Henry and Mary A. d.9/22/1875 15y 1m 17d Talbert, Henry d.6/27/1875 59y 4m 5d Talbert, Mary Ann, w/o Henry d.9/10/1864 40y 8m 17d Talbert, Charlie W., s/o H and MA d.3/12/1859 8m 19d Talbert, William d.6/14/1853 30y 5m 5d Talbert, infant s/o Wm. and R d.2/22/1853 Gouty, Ellen, d/o J and M d.10/10/185(6) 1y 5m 28d Gouty, Lauretta, d/o J and M d.7/08/1854 7m 2d Talbert, Henry C., s/o H and MA d.2/14/1846 1m 22d Talbert, Cyrus, s/o H and S d.11/29/1853 1m 9d Row 10 Briles, Adam d.9/16/1853 61y 3m 5d Kinnison, Chere H., d/o L and Polly; d.8/15/1845 12y 23d Dennis, Rev. John H., of the Kansas and Nebraska Conference of the M.E. Church d.8/23/1856 39y 7m 19d Dennis, Eleanor A., w/o John H. d.9/19/1843 25y 5m 29d Talbert, Elizabeth, w/o H d.10/09/1846 51y 7m Talbert, Horatio d.10/11/1842 56y Talbert, John, s/o H and E d.10/11/1842 22y Moore, Thomas d.8/16/1843 31y 9m Row 11 Henderson, Mariah J., w/o Wm. d.11/24/1870 27y 9m 19d Henderson, William M. d.6/20/1874 40y 5m 13d Deyo, Nelson d.12/20/1872 45y 1m 10d Rabourn, Caroline, w/o James W. d.5/10/1853 29y 2m 2d Rabourn, James W. d.1/09/1850 24y 11m 3d Deyo, Ozias d.4/21/1864 64y 6m 13d Richardson, Daniel, s/o JM and S d.7/23/18(44) 11m 25d Richardson, Parley, s/o A and M d.3/14/1845 9m 22d Richardson, Homer, s/o Alexander and Mahala d.12/29/1853 20y 8m 10d Richardson, Mahala 1810-1880 Richardson, Ella, d/o P and IA d.7/10/1862 1y 10m 28d Richardson, E. P. 12th Ill. Vol., wounded at Shiloh d.7/07/1862 26y 2m 7d (Page 17) Richardson, Alice, d/o P and IA d.6/23/1862 4y 10m 17d Richardson, Cyrus, s/o P and IA d.4/06/1859 4m Row 12 Bell, Elizabeth, w/o Nicholas d.3/05/1872 37y 11m 23d Hulick, Samuel d.4/21/1834 23y 1m 7d Hartman, Alace, d/o Wm. and E. d.9/24/1858 1y 1m 10d Hartman, Emily Deyo, w/o Wm. d. 12/21/1859 34y 7m 8d Comegy, Mary A. Deyo, w/o Jm d.5/19/1860 23y 4m 7d Comegy, John, s/o J and MA d.10/27/1860 2y 8m 27d Sroaf, John, s/o GW and MAG d.9/06/1847 8m 1d Kinison, Matilda W., d/o L and Polly; d.9/07/1845 18y Houchin, Jesse d.10/16/1846 76y 7m 6d Houchin, John d.10/02/1853 42y 7m Houchin, Martha, w/o John d.5/09/1866 50y 23d McPheete, William “In Memory of” d.7/07/1831 30y Row 13 Saltsgaver, James J. d.8/17/1875 43y 8m 2d Long, Sarah Belle, d/o JH and M d.6/10/1865 5y 6m 13d Bullington, John d.2/25/1859 29y 15d Bullington, Marietta, d/o J and H d.5/12/1862 5y 1m 21d Remster, Andrew J. 1858-1940 Row 14 Oliphant, Florence G., d/o Wm and LJ d.8/26/1868 1m 6d Oliphant, Rubin W., s/o Wm and LJ d.10/31/1870 7m 4d Oliphant, Thomas C. d.4/18/1872 61y 2m Oliphant, Rhoda, w/o Thomas 8/28/1806-10/21/1877 Calhoun, Charlie F. d.9/02/1856 * Calhoun, Alford d.7/5/187(3) 68y 6m 1d Harbert, Eliza, w/o Thomas d.2/12/1864 24y 2m 10d Harbert, Iza Dora, d/o T and E d.12/12/1861 1y 5m 27d Lape, Daniel, s/o I and E d.8/22/1866 1y 16d Ballah, Tyla Van 1814-1887 Ballah, Martha H. 1818-1877 Ballah, Wm. R. d.11/21/1888 45y 3m 21d Ballah, George, s/o WR and L d.3/24/1886 1y 6m 6d Ballah, Lizzie J., d/o WR and L d.3/17/1889 1y 8m 25d Ballah, Lydia d.5/06/1936 Bullington, William L., s/o J and S d.7/11/1840 8y 9m 14d Bullington, Sarah, d/o J and S d.9/06/1843 5y 6m 21d Garrish, Mary, Consort of John d.2/22/1846 82y 10m 10d Galyean, Jessie 1868-1927 Galyean, John 1862-1923 Whitten, J. Cecil 1881-1958 Whitten, Alice G. 1886-1940 Fulton, Benjamine F., Pvt. Co. K, 37th Reg. Ind. Vols. 8/24/1817-9/06/1881 Fulton, Lucinda (Dare) 4/15/1821-1/12/1910 Fulton, Joseph F., s/o BF and L 11/10/1862-12/28/1865 (Page 18) Fulton, Cassandria, d/o BF & L b.&d. 2/26/1864 Fulton, Jane M., d/o BF and L 6/27/1869-11/01/1886 Miller, Stephen D. 1846-1888 Miller, Mary E., w/o Stephen D. 1848-1927 Hughs, Nancy J., d/o WT and LA d.11/18/1878 7y 10m 25d Huges, William T. 1836-1902 Hughes, Lavisa A., w/o William T 1836-1919 Hughes < all on back of stone of Wm T and Lavisa > Ella 1864-____ Grant 1866-____ George 1869-1907 Janie 1871-1878 Mack 1874-____ Sadie 1877-____ Dora 1880-1919 Ellenbarger, Oliver C. 1879-1953 Ellenbarger, William H. 1851-1914 Ellenbarger, Elnora 1858-1894

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003102
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/23/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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