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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Upper Mound Cemetery, Section B
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Upper Mound contains some very old sandstone markers, many of which are roughly carved with no lettering left. One of these is the stone of Isac Balla, who died in August 1834. The “S” in august is backwards and the “4” is hard to read, but it is an example of one of the earliest legible stones. This list was compiled from the list made by the Illiana Geneological Society in October 1970 and June 1971, and it is easy to check a cemetery when a previous list is available. The second reading can pick up oversights and make a more accurate list. Fourteen additional names were found, some on the backs of others. Two stone read in 1970 were not found at this reading. The newer section was not re-checked. Upper Mound Cemetery Warren County, Indiana Section A is at the west end of the cemetery. This is the oldest part of the cemetery. The rows are copied from north to south, starting at the west edge of the section. Section B is in the middle, between two roads. Section C is at the east side of the cemetery. (Section B, Page 18) Row 1 Oliphant, Malinda P., d/o TC and SE Hanthorn, Mrs. L. B. 8/18/1893-1/01/1923 Oliphant, Sarah E. “Mother” 1872-1940 Oliphant, Thomas C. “Father” 11/01/1867-1/07/1943 Purple, Lucie J., w/o David 10/09/1844-6/07/1924 79y 7m 28d Oliphant, William K. d.9/04/1898 59y Chezem, Cyntha A. “Mother” 1856-1916 Chezem, William D. “Father” 1853-1922 Chezem, Maudie 1880-1888 Chezem, Harry 1875-1878 Chezem, Helen, died infant 1887 Chezem, Mary 1893-1894 Gwinnup, Della “Mother” 1872-1919 Boughner, George W., 63 Ind. Inf. (soldier) Talbert, Sarah, w/o Horation 8/06/1833-12/23/1907 Talbert, Horatio 6/01/1834-10/09/1913 Talbert, William D. 2/23/1855-2/08/1925 Talbert, Nancy E, w/o Wm 11/17/1854-1/07/1922 Thompson, Isaiah 8/30/1834-10/31/1921 Thompson, Sarah A., w/o Isaiah 3/16/1842-10/20/1911 Van Lear, William L. 1882-1886 Van Lear, Clara 1884-1892 Goldbach, Ella B. 1860-1947 Correll, infant children of CA and ME, names not listed Correll, John 1820-1901 (Page 19) Correll, Margaret 1830-1904, on same stone as John Row 2 Hall, Charles B. 7/26/1863-8/30/1913 Hall, Eva R., w/o Chas. 10/28/1870 Hall, Lowel C., s/o C and E 8/01/1892-1/05/1899 Hall, (Ivil) G., s/o C and E 4/09/1889-10/05/1895 Chezem, James G.A.R. 6/22/1828-11/15/1948 Chezem, Delilah b.11/27/1828 on same stone as James, above Chezem, James 5/17/1868-10/16/1897 Talbert, Blach; no dates Nolan, Rachel Talbert 7/09/1870-11/04/1943 Talbert, John O. 4/30/1842-12/15/1920 Talbert, John O., Co. H, 20 Ind. Inf. GAR Talbert, Harriet B., w/o John O. 7/15/1852-8/30/1936 Talbert, Robert 1887-1961 Talbert, Alma 1894-1961 on same stone as Robert Talbert, George H. 1866-1938 Talbert, Martha A. 1870-1942 Talbert, Getrude 1893-1894 Talbert, infant son 1896-1896 Talbert, Charles 1902-1903 Talbert, Agnes 1897-1907 Prevo, Marcus LaFayette 4/07/1844-9/02/1897 Lewis, Elsie M. 1892-1940 Lewis, Hazel 1896-1913 Davison, Celina E. 1866-1940 Lewis, A.B. 12/24/1861-1927 Wilson, Hallie K.W., s/o P and E d.8/13/189 1y 2m 6d Wilson, Elmira P. 1875-1969 Wilson, Perry 1861-1927 Fulton, Zephaniah 1845-1925 Fulton, Lydia Jane, w/o Zephaniah 1845-1924 Row 3 Mead, Wilber A. 1882-1922 Mead, Lula, w/o Wilber A 1883-1907 Mead, Harley Jacob 1907-1907 Clem, Elsie J., w/o Zachariah d.10/11/1894 66y 6m 6d Clem, Zachariah d.8/26/1898 77y Clem, Albert 1849-1890 Clem, Sarah C., w/o Albert 1854-1940 Petty, Zerelda Ritchey 1840-1922 Clem, Peter 11/05/1844-8/30/1906 Clem, Phebe, w/o Peter 9/26/1845-5/07/1923 Bllah, Amos 3/13/1840-12/20/1892 Ballah, Dick M. 2/23/1833-8/04/1905 Clem, Josephine 8/17/1883-7/14/1916 (Page 20) Ballah, Gertrude 9/40/1880-11/13/1962 Dennis, Irvin C. 1840-1921 Dennis, Emma J., w/o Irvin C 1850-1919 Dennis, children of IC and EJ: Lizzie 11/12/1896-4/08/1892; Lawrence 12/14/1891-5/04/1892; Lyda 6/21/1873-5/25/1893; Lura 9/21/1887-11/11/1906 Dennis, Irvin C., Co. H, 20 Ind Inf < gov’t stone > Ritchey, Jacob H. 1867-1946 Ritchey, Mary G. Romine 1870-1957 Ritchey, George W. 1892-1916 Ritchey, Ruth M. 1894-1898 Ritchey, Ruby R. 1890-1892 Romine, Mary E. 10/05/1845-5/08/1911 Infant Wiley, Samuel T., 81st Ohio Inf, Co. C 8/18/1841-3/19/1897 Fulton, Wilbur, Pvt. 47 Ind Inf, 4 Div < gov’t stone > d.7/17/1918 Fulton, Isaac 5/13/1861-1/ /1922 Fulton, Emma, w/o Isaac 4/03/1858- 1946 Fulton, Wilbur, Pvt., Co F 47th Ind Inf 5/15/1891-7/17/1918 “Died in action Chateau Thierry Front.” “He gave his life for humanity on the Battle Field of France.” Fulton, Jesse J., Pvt. 47th Ind Inf, Div < gov’t stone > d.5/05/1932 Sheatz, Samuel E. 1879-1934 Row 4 Gouty, Lewis Harland 1881-1961 Gouty, Minnie B. Lape 1882-1934 Lape, Jacob 1856-1931 Lape, Ruth, w/o Jacob 1862-1954 Miller, W.T. 7/21/1872-7/07/1895 Miller, Ella M. 5/07/1874-11/07/1895 Miller, Madge 1885-1918 Miller, Zack 1867-1947 Smith, R.A. 1/15/1879 Clem, Maggie, his wife 4/21/1882-7/06/1913 Smith, Talmage, their son 7/06/1905-9/18/1914 Ballah, Amos 3/13/1840-12/20/1892 Beckett, C.W. 1849-1914 Beckett, Jane R. 1851-1926 Beckett, Maria E. 1873-1874 Remster, Charles E. 1890-1935 Remster, Vernie R. 1889- Fields, Rachel, w/o JL 1/23/1862-3/17/1913 “Mother” Fields, John L. 8/05/1857-3/27/1913 “Father” Ritchie, Hugh S. 11/01/1841-3/10/1913 Ritchie, Malissa Rodgers, w/o Hugh S 9/25/1842-5/31/1917 (Page 21) Strawser, James A. 1869-1952 Strawser, Amanda F., w/o James A 1870-1911 Strawser, Iva 3/29/1889-7/25/1905 Infant son 2/12/1904-2/16/1904 Groves, Wm. H, Co. D, 36 Ind Inf Adams, George W. 1867-1941 Adams, Etta 1879-1931 Johnson, Sarah J. 1860-1929 Sanders, Edward 1880-1914 Strawser, Margaret 1888-1948 Row 5 Moudy, Robert B. 5/11/1861-6/17/1927 “Father” Moudy, Rosa Belle, w/o Robert B 10/01/1860-11/22/1936 “Mother” Moudy, four footstones: Vera G. 12/17/1897-2/15/1898; Zacharia A. 12/13/1891-6/03/1892; Chas. C. 2/24/1885-3/12/1892; Marley B. 12/13/1887-9/24/1888 Clem, John H. 1866-1929 Clem, Mary A., w/o John H. 1867-19__ Clem, Darchia 1857-1930 Clem, George 1861-1934 Clem, Belle, w/o George d.6/04/1894 30y 1m 9d Miller, Absolom K. 4/11/1842-8/16/1910 Miller, Phebe E., w/o Absolom K 3/05/1844-8/11/1906 Miller, Robert Lee 1867-1895 Welsh, Thomas J. 1861-____ Welsh, Georgia A., w/o Thomas J 1866-____ Welsh, children of Thomas and Georgia: Thomas J. 1889-1908; Dollie C. 1891-1894; William C. 1892-1894; Raymond 1897-1897 Green, Matilda, w/o Henry d.2/14/1890 81y 7m 16d Green, Martha H. 3/05/1852-6/11/1949 Green, Arthur C. 1/24/1914-10/01/1916 Dennis, Oliver M. 10/09/1877-7/27/1899 Switzer, David G. 3/12/1859-7/28/1904 Hunter, Susan L. Switzer, w/o David Switzer 3/22/1864- 1937 Switzer, “Our Darling Baby” Bettice, Herny T., Co. A, 86 Ill Inf, G.A.R. d.12/05/1898 66y Row 6 Schoenherr, Ernest 3/11/1843-12/09/1909 Schoenherr, Willehemena, w/o Ernest 10/09/1846-6/04/1931 Kinney, Diasy Viola Grace, d/o Wm. and Julia d.9/07/1897 17y 11m 17d (Page 22) Kinney, Ira Bert 11/01/1876-10/16/1900 23y 11m 15d Johnson, George W., w/o HA and Elizabeth d.2/24/1899 39y 11m 15d Johnson, Elizabeth “Mother” “At Rest” 10/10/1830-9/21/1908 Bostic, George R. 1851-1920 Bostic, Martha A., w/o George R. 1851-1903 Romine, Enoch W. 1875-1964 Bostic, Ada on same stone as Enoch Romine 1870-1944 Cunningham, David R. Feb. 1920-June ____ Cunningham, Gertie 1890-1951 Cunningham, Clyde 1886-1957 Stones on corner lot, no names, “Mother” “Father”

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003103
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/23/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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