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Title: (Communicated.) Out of Trouble.
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Mr. Editor.-In your issue of the 12st inst., there appeared a local under the head of "In Trouble," in which were made statements which demand correcting. The trouble referred to in the article was a certain disturbance, alledged to have been made by one Philip McCusker, on the occasion of a certain temperance lecture at the Court House. The article states that McCusker was drunk and went in generally without any regard to law and order, whooping, hallowing & c., that he had been arrested, fined & c. The facts in the case are about as follows: Mac was passing the Court House on the night in question, saw several red noses protruding from the window, supposed it was a "Democratic" meeting and asked them "How they liked the 15th Amendment?" and went his way. On the following morning he was arrested, taken before Squire Nordurft on a charge of disturbing a public meeting. Mac took a change of venue to Justice Richardson. Seeing that things were unfavorable in that High Court Mac again took a change of venue. The case was sent to Justice Miller, of Pike Tp. Richardson set the trial before Miller at 2 o'clock of the same day, and it was half past eleven when the change was granted, thus allowing Mac but two and a half hours to go to Lebanon through a heavy rain and get his witnesses there. Mac however, was on time, but the State failed to come and the thing went by "default." So Mac was not fined. Be it said to the credit of Mac that he has made a pledge, that he will not drink any more for seven years. Josh Billings says, that "when a man starts to roll down hill it seems that everything is greased for the occasion." Let us encourage Mac to keep the pledge, and not help to grease the "concern." EQUITY.

Date: 5/19/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003106
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/23/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
Entered By: WCHS

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