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Title: Letter From Pine Village.
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PINE VILLAGE, May 9, 1870. EDITOR REPUBLICAN.-Allow me in commencing, to thank you for so kindly inviting me to become "reporter" for yor paper at this point. Very little of interest is transpiring here at this time. Such meagre items as I have been able to collect are now placed at your disposal. A row excited our citizens last Saturday night a week ago. Several young men repaired to the residence of Mr. Harper, on the corner of Washington and Church streets, for the purpose of having a dance as previously arranged. For a while all went well, but shortly after nine o'clock they were disturbed by some rowdies who had procured a bottle of whiskey, and had concluded to have some fun at Harper's expense. They commenced operation by yelling and other noises. Mr. Harper tried to get them to go away civilly, and succeeded, but they soon returned and commenced a string of profanity, obscenity and abuse that would have made better men than any at the dance angry. Mr. Harper again asked them to be quiet and go away without a fuss, but they swore they would not go until ready. They had been in Mr. Harper's yard several times but were now outside in an alley. Finding they would not go, the young men in the house, consisting of M.S. Hooker, Thos. Rhodes, George Kidney Mr. Orlando Kiger and two or three others, made an attack with clubs etc., driving the rowdies away in disorder, although there were twice the number of rowdies there were of dancers. I understand some of the fellows who made the disturbance-Thos. Boyer and Jack Coghill being of the number-have sworn dire vengence on Messrs. Hooker and Rhodes. Mr. Joseph Farden, who had not participated in the disturbance, but who had been a looker on, was mistaken by a Bill Smith, who clerks for R.C. Clark, for a rowdy, and said Smith stepped up behind Farden and struck him a heavy blow, with a paling, on the head. Farden had to keep his bed several days in consequence of Smith's valor. A man named Mitchael had an eye put out and his face otherwise disfigured by a heavy gun bursting on Thursday last. Dr. Messner tried to remove the debris from the sore eye, but the attempt was ineffectual. Why don't the "only Jas. Robinson" bring his circus to P.V.? I'd insure him a bigger crowd than at Attica. The "P.V. Cornet Band" is doing well. if Williamsport wants a band for any "extra" occasion just send up. Asa J. Fisher will be given as a reference. If he don't like it, he need not say anything about it. If he does, let him give us a "blow". Wheat looks fine. Considerable corn was planted last week in this vicinity. I have just heard from M.S. Hooker that the next morning after the "fuss" at Mr. Harper's, he was driving by Mr. Ichabod Boyer's in his buggy in company with Thos. Rhodes, that Tom Boyer came out with the evident purpose of whipping him-Hooker-Boyer did not know how to commence the quarrel. But at last said, "Sim Hooker, I heard you wanted to whip me." Hooker knew he hadn't heard any such thing, so he replied, "It is a d----d lie, you never heard it." This took Boyer back, and he has not said anything to Hooker since. Hoping no more such shameful proceedings will occur in Pine Village, I remain, Truly, &c, A.P. ROWEN.

Date: 5/19/1870
Origin: Warren Republican
Record ID: 00003109
Type: Periodical
Source Archive: Warren County Historical Society
Date Entered: 3/23/2011
Collection: Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook
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