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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Upper Mound Cemetery, Section C
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Upper Mound contains some very old sandstone markers, many of which are roughly carved with no lettering left. One of these is the stone of Isac Balla, who died in August 1834. The “S” in august is backwards and the “4” is hard to read, but it is an example of one of the earliest legible stones. This list was compiled from the list made by the Illiana Geneological Society in October 1970 and June 1971, and it is easy to check a cemetery when a previous list is available. The second reading can pick up oversights and make a more accurate list. Fourteen additional names were found, some on the backs of others. Two stone read in 1970 were not found at this reading. The newer section was not re-checked. Upper Mound Cemetery Warren County, Indiana Section A is at the west end of the cemetery. This is the oldest part of the cemetery. The rows are copied from north to south, starting at the west edge of the section. Section B is in the middle, between two roads. Section C is at the east side of the cemetery. (Section C, Page 22) Row 1 Sisk, Maude L. 1885-1963 Sisk, Dora W. 1877-1959 Sisk, Leona 5/27/1906-8/25/1909 Sisk, Welcome Ann 10/26/1857-2/14/1944 Sisk, Jacob 6/07/1850-10/05/1941 Sisk, Charles Jacob 1880-1957 < funeral marker > Cavanaugh, Lavenia 1884-1963 < funeral marker > Hunter, Nellie F. 1888-1907 Hunter, Adelphine aged 15d Hunter, Ora C. 1886-1955 Zane, Dora M. 1860-1945 Zane, James H. 1858-1934 Clem, Kelly Sue “Daughter” 6/18/1962-12/28/1962 Clem, James Harold 1908-1955 Clem, Iva Zane 1882-1952 Clem, Homer S. 1878-1939 Moudy, Robert B. 3/08/1837-7/27/1923 Moudy, Sarah A., w/o RB 9/19/1846-7/24/1908 Gaskin, infant 4/26/1911 Gaskin, Rollie G. 1868-1952 Gaskin, Rose S. 1877-1966 Gaskin, Marjorie Strawser 1926-1926 Pearcy, George R., Co. K, 135 Ind Inf, < gov’t marker > Miller, Ella 1864-1914 Tanner, Nellie 1874-1950 Tanner, Jerome 1858-1937 Young, Lula B. 1895-1921 Young, Charles R. 1917-1918 Ballah, Alfred, < funeral marker > 1877-1958 Roach, Patrick, Co. M, 3rd Mo Cav 1844-1937 Roach, Naomi, w/o Patrick 1855-1928 (Page 23) Row 2 Moudy, William 7/27/1871-7/13/1914 Moudy, Mary Leah, w/o Wm. 1/04/1872-8/24/1907 Miller, Ada E. 1893-19__ Miller, Grover C. 1885-1950 Rogers, John W., s/o JT and EP “Our Darling” 1/23/1912-10/28/1916 Rogers, J.T. 1859-1940 Taylor, Ida M., w/o JT Rogers 1860-1907 Hunter, Ralph, s/o EA and EV 3/29/1905 Royse, Andrew J. 1847-1933 Royse, Mary J. 1853-1922 Royse, Hayzel, W., d/o AJ and MJ 1888-1905 Royse, Mary Ida d.10/13/1918 16y 3d Smith, John T. 4/07/1854-1/20/1906 Smith, Martha J., w/o JT 10/27/1855-__/__/____ Tittle, Lucy Johnson, w/o George W. 3/24/1856-1/02/1924 Tittle, George W., Co. B, 63rd Ind Inf Tittle, George E. 12/20/1893-11/1950 Patton, Sgt. Fay, Co. A 16th ___ Inf 1893-1918 Patton, Fay 11/19/1893-11/07/1918 Patton, Flora, w/o Fay 7/23/1867-3/29/1947 Patton, Isaac 10/25/1863-4/19/1932 Ballah, Marion “Father” “At Rest” 1842-1922 Wall, Melissa 1866-1919 Wall, Frank 1875-1946 Strawser, Inez m. 8/25/1891-__/__/____ Strawser, C. Alva 3/24/1890-6/28/1960 Strawser, infant no dates Allen, Cleo 1900-1960 Allen, Juanita M. 1913- Royse, Virgil R. “At Rest” 1911-1936 Koebler, Dessie M. 1889-1940 Koebler, Herman 2/13/1883-9/18/1970 Koebler, Dona 6/17/1902- Murphy, Minnie no dates Murphy, George no dates Row 3 Beckett, Andrew J. 12/30/1861-9/21/1907 Van Pelt, Lenora 1879-19__ Van Pelt, James W. 1882-1909 Van Pelt, Lucile 1904-1918 Burghart, Henry P. 1856-1928 Burghart, Ethalinda, d/o Lester and Datye 1925-1929 Smail, Vannie 1881-1912 Smail, Harry 1878-1958 Smail, Ruth1907-1909 Smail, Curtis 1904-1927 Midduagh, J. H. 1841-1906 Middaugh, Rachel A., w/o JH 1858-____ (Page 24) Tittle, George Leland 1883-1961 Talbert, David 1846-1926 Talbert, Sarah Rogers, w/o David 1859-1929 Snyder, Margaret Lucille 2/04/1921-2/04/1924 Julian, William L. 1894-1940 Julian, Gladys 1911- White, Elizabeth “Mother” 2/18/1883-7/17/1966 Weaver, Alma Fulton, w/o Lester B 12/10/1896-6/12/1941 Zimmerman, Eva D. 1903-1946 Diffenderfer, Bessie F. 1884-1965 Row 4 Cox, Mary V. 1908-1909 Cox, Nannie B. 1881-1923 Cox, Benjamin P. 1876-1947 Shuff, Irena F. 1860-1930 Shuff, David E. 1855-1935 Fry, Marvin W. 1894-1959 Fry, Nancy C. 1890-19__ Lewsader, Cella Lwren 1/23/1911-8/09/1911 Current, Thelma C. 1914-1914 Current, Lucy M. 1893-1965 Current, Alva, married 1911, 1885-1963 Neff, Charles B. “And family” on stone 8/07/1873-12/02/1933 Shannon, Sarah A. 1855-1941 Shannon, John R. 1850-1935 Keller, Fidella B. 5/30/1877-12/27/1953 Keller, George L. 3/06/1880-4/23/1934 Rodgers, Alice “Mother” 1884-1933 Rodgers, Abraham L. 1862-1933 Banks, Allan W., Co. G, 158 Ind Inf, Spanish-American War Soldier Sayers, Harry T. 1904-1946 Sayers, Mary 1871-1942 Sayers, Caleb 1865-1941 Tittle, Elizabeth C. 1/29/1889-8/17/1952 Tittle, Charles A. 1/13/1888-12/13/1963 Gnaden, Harry E. “Dad” 10/08/1893-1/18/1955 Nolan, Mildred L. 1914-19 Nolan, Ted L. 1907-1959 Row 5 Foley, Infant 4/15/1910-5/16/1910 Foley, Mary A. 12/23/1848-12/15/1928 Moudy, Opan E. 5/07/1890-9/02/1911 Foley, Wreatha M. dau 12/22/1907-9/02/1911 (Page 25) Brown, Elisha Neal Pioneer of Ill. “He would not lie or cheat.” “The best man in the world.” “An angel in disguise.” “He never gave us one cross word all his life.” “In Heaven above where all is love, There we will await you—Where true hearts lie buried And fond ones are flown—Oh who would inhabit This bleak world alone.” 3/01/1841-2/25/1916 Brown, Indiana Eliza Her leaf also shall not wither “Born at Richmond, Va., May 29 1842 (In slavery days) Passed on Jan 17 1916. She loved the church. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Meet me in the city of light.” “Mother come back from the flowery shore Take us again to your heart as of yore Come let your red hair such beautiful gold Fall over your shoulders—again as of old.” Brown, Edward L. 1/15/1870-10/03/1954 * Brown, Henry E. 12/25/1857-4/27/1953 Shuff, Francis W. 1888-1950 Ritchey, Elizabeth J. “Mother” 1853-1941 Ritchey, Charles “Father” 1844-1923 Steely, Lillie R. “Daughter” 1872-1923 Steely, William J. 1870-1936 Royse, Mary E. 1884-1961 Garrison, Evelyn Marie, d/o AC and KG 10/14/1915-11/24/1919 Murphy, Bessie 1880-1924 Murphy, Edward 1875- Murphy, Elvessie 1880-1894 Murphy, Ross Edward, Pvt. Ind, 10 Field Arty. 12/18/1930 Ware, Asa C. 1883-1955 Ricketts, Nancy E. 1875-1951 Dennis, Dale A. 1910-1932 Dennis, Bertha E. 1887-19 Dennis, John M. 1883-1966 Ballah, India 7/28/1875-11/30/1956 Reese, Forrest R. 4/02/1902-1/27/1951 Bundy, Myrtle S. 1884-19 Bundy, Ralph J. 1881-1959 Cavanaugh, John Lewis 1/21/1873-3/04/1948 Murrin, Lena L 1886-19 Murrin, William 1880-1959 Harper, Lee Edward, Pfc. Ill., Btry. C, 57 Arty. CAC, World War 1 10/27/1900-7/02/1959 (Page 26) Row 6 Foley, John W. 1887-1912 Foley, Samuel 6/06/1847-5/25/1925 Clem, Charles W. 1858-1927 Clem, Carl Freeman 1913-1919 Clem, Robert Leroy 1925-1926 Clem, Iva E. High 1895-19__ Clem, Porter Miles 1895-1931 Forker, Hollie J. “Mother” 1870-1958 Forker, Walter L. “Son” 1897-1919 Port, Frannie G. 1887-1943 Port, George James, Brty. F, 35 Field Arty. Ind World War 1 1888-1965 Kent, Michael 6/05/1944-6/08/1944 Ricketts, Benjamine W. 1850-1927 Ricketts, Florence, w/o Benjamine 1857-1947 Ricketts, Harry J., Pfc. Co. C, 112 Ammot TN, Ind., World War 1 7/26/1890-10/01/1968 Ritchey, Lewis 1872-1931 Ritchey, Merintha 1856-1928 Van Hook, John 1856-1927 Van Hook, Rena 1856-1928 McPherson, Cora Neff “Mom” 1884-1955 Neff, Melvin W., Sr. “Father” 8/09/1918-6/16/1962 Hayman, Robert Dale, s/o L and DE 12/09/1932-6/16/1962 Hayman, Ronald Lee, s/o L and DE 8/10/1938 aged 3 hours Hayman, Lester 1907-1957 Hayman, Dorthy (rt underlined) 1912- Hayman, Martha “Mother” 10/04/1874-6/24/1967 Ballah, Ernest “Son” 9/11/1895-10/10/1953 Lightner, John A. 1896-1959 Lightner, C. Hazel 1900-1962

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003110
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/23/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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