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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Gopher Hill Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Gopher Hill Cemetery One of four cemeteries in Kent Township, Gopher Hill is located just north of the township line between Mound and Kent. All four of these cemeteries are located near this east-west road. Gopher Hill is on the Johnsonville blacktop 5/8 mile north of the township boundary road. It is on the east side of the road and has a sign near the entrance. The Gopher Hill Cemetery Kent Township Warren County, Indiana Copied by Grover C. Williams, Jr. -1968 (Page 32) 1) Lucas, Thomas 1851-1918 2) Lucas, Maria, w/o Thomas 1849-1924 3) Spence, Margaret 1877-1908 4) Lucas, Lewis W. 1885-1950 5) Lucas, Morton Findley 1880-1958 6) Hannah, Israel 2/18/1869-3/11/1960 6A) Hannah, Affie H. 10/25/1872-8/02/1953 7) Hannah, Isabel W. 9/07/1832-3/31/1910 8) Hannah, Alex 1870-1944 9) Dalaplane, B.F. 9/28/1815-12/27/1898 9A) Dalaplane, Harriet, w/o BF 12/03/1816-12/03/1890 10) Lucas, James F.1878-1910 11) Lucas, George H. 1845-1917 12) Lucas, Kitt D. 1846-1928 13) Powell, Kate L. 1880-19__ 14) Lucas, Hallie “Our Children” 15) Lucas, Lottie “our Children” 17) Lucas, Loy 18) __ 19) __ 20) Lucas, Charles L. d.7/30/1895 34y 10m 20d 21) Lucas Col. E. E. d.8/08/1871 64y 5m 16d 21 A)Lucas, Henry, infant son d.10/18/1864 10m 4d 21 B)Lucas, Charlotte D., w/o EE d.1/12/1877 57y 6m 22)Warren, George W. d.7/07/1855 80y 9m 23)Kent, John W. b.6/24/1824 24)Kent, Martha J., w/o John 2/12/1828-2/12/1852 25) Kent, Hester A., w/o John 2/20/1826-4/08 26) Carmichael, R. E. d.11/09/1858 31y 27) Carmichael, Rebecca Kent 5/28/1830-11/23/1887 28) Woods, Supply d.9/29/1854 34y 29d 28 A) Woods, Supply, s/o S and S d.2/27/1856 1y 2m 12d 29)_____, Jesse 30)Kent, Perrin d.1/30/1882 87y 7m 19d 30 A)Kent, Rebecca, w/o Perrin d.6/09/1863 71y 5m 13d 31)Elgin, Catharine 2/14/1812-1/03/1898 32)Kent, Thomas D. d.2/14/1874 45y 6m 16d 32 A)Kent, Virginia, w/o TD d.4/21/1968 28y 5d 32 B)Kent, Guy Wallace, s/o TD and V d.2/18/1873 7y 11m 13d 32 C)Kent, Perrin d.4/01/1861 2y 5m 32 D) 33)Kent, d/o Thos. D and Virginia d.12/12/1863 5d 34) 35)Miller, Charles (Page 33) 36)Miller, Ada E. 1880-1922 37)Miller, Caleb 1839-1913 38)Miller, Massey 1845-1924 39) Cannon, Dolly Emily 1902-1940 40) Gahan, Mattie G., w/o TK d.12/19/1893 35y 1m 4d 41) Gahan, Ada, d/o TK and MG 7/17/1888-2/10/1889 42) Beckett, Carter H. 1898-1967 42 A) Beckett, Mary R. 1904-1967 43) Galloway, Sharmon E. 1956-1957 Beckett, Nancy M. 1864-1939 44 A) Beckett, George A. 1855-1943 45) Beckett, Albert, s/o GA and NM 11/05/1904-4/27/1906 45 A) Beckett, Orval C., s/o GA and NM 5/10/1909-5/15/1910 46) Beckett, Carl, s/o GA and M 1/01/18_7-9/16/1897 47) Beckett, Hattie Porter 1891-1967 47 A) Beckett, Lloyd Switzer 1893-1965 48) Shoemaker, Albert R. 9/03/1860-8/05/1909 48 A) Shoemaker, Josiephine Beckett, w/o Albert R 10/02/1862-4/18/1897 49) Brown, Belle 11/01/1857-3/08/1934 49 A) Brown, Flora C. 5/19/1888-12/20/1912 50) Powell, Ray b.1885 d.Jan.1959 51) Beckett, George W. 6/10/1813-4/12/1887 51 A) Beckett, Amanda, w/o George W 8/21/1821-10/01/1900 52) Beckett, John 12/22/1851-7/29/1901 52 A) Beckett, Alfarata, w/o John 2/09/1859- 53) Shoemaker, Walter A. 9/08/1916-1/12/1922 54) Songer, Catharine, w/o Lewis d.8/18/1854 34y 1m 30d 55) Gahan, Infant son of J and E 56) Gahan, Infant of J and E 57, 58) Gahan footstones 59) Gahan, John d.4/09/1877 74y 59 A) Gahan, Ellen, w/o J 59 B) Gahan, Rachel A. d.11/08/1863 8y 9m 10d 59 C) Gahan, Martha J. d.10/31/1863 4y 3d 60 – 65) Hiser footstones 66) Hiser, Nicholas d.2/07/1847 46y 3m 7d 66 A) Hiser, Hannah, w/o N d.11/08/1858 52y 1m 14d 66 B) Hiser, Nicholas, s/o Nicholas and Hannah d.6/30/1838 6m 17d 66 C) Hiser, Michael, s/o Nicholas and Hannah d.2/23/1840 7y 13d 66 D) Hiser, Daniel, s/o Nicholas and Hannah d.2/24/1840 57 10m 6d 66 E) Hiser, John W., s/o Nicholas and Hannah d.10/14/1843 3y 5m 10d 67) Taylor, Phebe d.6/10/1846 45y 5m 9d 68) Taylor, Edward B. d.10/31/1845 25y 8m 14d 69) Taylor, Joseph G. d.1/23/1848 49y 1m 25d (Page 34) 70) Taylor, John d.9/16/1838 63y 7m 28d 71) Taylor, Rachel d.7/27/1838 56y 4m 5d 72) Taylor, Martha M., d/o JDK and MC d.9/29/1846 2y 7m 1d 73) Linoley, Cephas d.9/16/1853 56y 3m 1d 74) Kiser, David d.10/15/1868 52y 74 A) Kiser, Eliza F., w/o D d.4/39/1885 67y 4m 13d 75) Kiser, Amelia C., d/o D and E d.10/07/1830 (6)y 3m 20d 76) Kiser, Eliza E., d/o D and E d.9/11/1852 1y 3m 9d 77) Kiser, Mary aJane, d/o D and E d.11/29/1861 19y 8m 6d 78) Kiser, Harvey, s/o _______ d.12/24/1835 2y 6m 14d 79) Kiser, Catherine, d/o (George and Elizabeth) d.12/05/1838 9y 11m 9d 80) Kiser, Mary C., d/o DS and MA d.12/09/1856 1y 3m 22d 81) 82) Kiser, Hannah J., d/o D and MA d.12/12/1859 1y 11m 2d 83) Kiser, Daniel d.9/07/1860 29y 6m 3d 84) Kiser, Asa B., s/o DS and MA d.11/28/1860 5m 27d 85) Kiser, George d.6/16/1868 68y 8m 23d 86) Kiser, Elizabeth, w/o George d.11/04/1855 50y 4m 24d 87) Starry, Daniel 11/29/1842 65y 5m 29d 88) Starry, Hannah, w/o Daniel d.9/19/1861 (82)y 10m 2d 89) Meek, Mary D., d/o DM and EA d.10/08/1868 4y 7m 23d 90) Right, Cora May, d/o G and M d.3/11/1872 1y 10m 4d 91) Johnson, Henry d.3/27/1853 38y 92) Johsnon, W.F.M. d.1/26/1860 25y 10m 93) Johnson, James, Sr. d. 4/23/1847 68y 7m 94) Johnson, Carrie Bell, d/o James and M Louise d.7/07/1860 14y 6m (23)d 95) Clem, Nancy A., w/o John d.9/17/1838 53y 6m 13d 96) Dubois, Wm. C., Co. E 55th Ind. Vol. Died at Memphis Tenn. 3/20/1863 17y 96 A) Dubois, Abraham H. 9/14/1799-4/04/1886 96 B) Dubois, Julia Ann, w/o AH d.3/01/1861 53y 96 C) Hurd, Walker 8/27/1815-1/06/1883 96 D) Hurd, Martha A. Dubois, w/o Walkder d.3/10/1865 23y 97) Nail, Burtie F., d/o J and E d.12/15/1872 1y 2m 9d 98) Nail, Elizabeth, w/o John d.9/02/1862 69y 5m 15d 99) Jones, William T. 1811-1881 100) Clem, Rebecca, d/o Michael and Jane d.10/18/1847 (25)y 7m 25d 101) Clem, Jane w/o Michael d.7/28/1848 53y 21d 102) Clem, Rachel, w/o Michael d.1/12/1861 55y 5m 22d 103) Clem, Michael d.8/29/1875 82y 4m 3d 104) Cox, James d.5/17/1863 29y 5m 11d 105) Clem, Porter, c/o CV and MJ 12/26/1889-5/03/1890 Clem, Infant d/o CV and MJ b.&d.12/13/187_ 106) Clem, Martha J. 1/27/1862-5/30/1924 107) Clem, Cornelius V. 6/26/1855- 108) Murphy, Stella 1879-1961 109) Murphy, James O. 1872-1933 110) Howell, Andrew J. 1850-1914 110 A) Howell, Mary E. 1851-1929 (Page 25) 111) Garrison, John, Co. K 22 Ind Inf, GAR 112) Garrison, Parson d.4/23/1914 83y 1m 13d 112 A) Garrison, Susan d.11/20/1900 74y 11m 19d 113) Murphy, Celia A. 1851-1920 113 A) Murphy, George A. 1857-1927 114) McNall, George W 1870-1916 114 A) McNall, Rosa A., w/o George W 1870-1916 115) Tin marker 116) Tarkleson, Eley 9/03/1829-10/27/1896 117) Palmer, Martha A., w/o WH 1/28/1851-1/02/1886 118) Shoemaker, Charles, s/o G and H d.9/22/1873 1y 1m 24d 119) Shoemaker, Harriet, w/o Gano d.5/11/1899 65y 8m 4d 120) Shoemaker, Infant s/o G and H d.9/19/1867 121) Clem, Henry d.9/20/1855 67y 3d 122) Clem, Eli d.9/05/1851 29y 11m 123) Clem, Ticy Ann, w/o Eli H d.9/21/1845 24y 5m 11d 124) Clem, Levi d.7/29/1863 35y 6m 125) Clem, America K., d/o L and J d.9/03/1864 1y 7m 14d 126) Clem, Margaret Jane, d/o Z and AJ d.9/20/1851 3y 9m 4d 127) Lape, Mariah, c/o G and (PI) d.1/14/1875 9m 27d 128) Alexander, Kesia, consort of George W. died (Jan. or June) 22, (1844) Aged (_1y) (underlined) very old stone 129) Hall, Sarah B., d/o D and ME 5/20/1883-8/02/1884 130) Hall, Maggie B., d/o D and ME 7/10/1885-8/_/(1884) 131) Hall, Isaiah d.4/25/1865 27y 1m 1d 131 A) Hall, Martha J., d/o I and MA d.9/28/1862 8m 14d 132) Clem, Orpha Mae, d/o HB and SE 8/25/1896-10/08/1896 133) Watson, Isabell D., w/o HL d.6/07/1871 43y 6m 14d 133 A) Watson, Albert R., s/o HL and ID d.2/02/1863 14y 8m 8d 133 B) Watson, Arnallis, s/o HL and ID d.5/09/1866 5y 7m 16d 133 C) Watson, Thomas W., s/o HL and ID d.3/22/1872 21y 11d 133 D) Benamire, Henry, s/o F and S d.8/31/1852 8m 4d 134) Clem, Israel H. 10/31/1848-4/21/1909 134 A) Clem, Sarah A. 12/03/1849-4/22/1928 135) Stewart, Alexander d.1/16/1842 58y 136) Snyder, Anna, w/o Thomas d.9/04/1854 45y 136 A) Watson, Augsutus d.12/20/1848 60y 137) Herald, Martin died 1852 63y 137 A) Watson, John W., s/o (A) MA died (Oct.) 10, (1851) 1y 5m 10d 138) Ford, Joseph A., s/o Joseph J and Rachel d.4/24/1856 1y 8d 139) Clem, Adam, s/o TH and JA d.8/29/185_ 1y 10m 140) Sigler, Nancy, w/o Adam d.7/24/1851 55y (Page 36) 141) Wilson, John S., s/o I and SI d.9/27/1853 16y 5m 142) ______, David B., s/o G and W d.11/30/1855 7y 6m 30d 143) Blank 144) Van Dorn, Hester Ann, d/o WJ and M d.8/25/1855 1y 5m 10d 145) Meek, John P. d.2/23/1855 44y 1m 23d 146) Thompkin, Andrew J. 147) (Cross) 148) Cross, Samuel 149) Lape, Daniel d.2/20/1883 69y 10m 7d 150) Lape, Fenett G. 3/15/1829-6/10/1910 151) Miller, Nancy Jane, d/o ______ d.10/22/1846 6m 22d 151 A) Bennemire, Susannah, w/o Francis d.7/16/1858 29y 2m 29d 152) Osborn, Elizabeth d.7/26/1843 30y 153) Beckett, James H. 1/26/1851-9/27/1861 153 A) Funk, Mattie A. 2/04/1848-10/03/1876 154) Funk, Franklin P. 3/07/1853-9/15/1854 155) Funk, Nancy J. 10/31/1839-2/10/1851 156) Funk, Infant daughter 157) Tin marker 158) Thurman, Abonade, w/o Wm. d.9/25/1841 19y 4m 3d 159) Taylor, W.J.G. 4/20/1833-2/17/1871 159 A) Taylor, Hannah, w/o WJG 3/25/1838 160) Taylor, William d.12/22/1840 67y 9m 11d 161) Taylor, Masay O., w/o William d. 2/18/1867 87y 2m 1d (underlined) Brower & Watson, Danville, Ill. 162) Miller, Elijah d.1/16/1889 70y 2m 10d 163) Miller, Holly S. W., w/o E d.10/11/1858 48y 8m 22d 164) Illegible 165) Brewer, Mary Ann, w/o Peter S d.12/31/1871 28y 10m 18d (underlined) H.O. Brewer 166) Brewer, Peter S. d.6/13/1871 30y 3m 24d 167) McCain, Daniel d.6/25/1865 26y 3m 13d 168) McCain, Hannah, w/o Thomas d.1/25/1860 169) McCain, Thomas d._______ 170) Miller, Holly, w/o H Albert 1/27/1871-4/03/1893 171) Snider, Martha M., d/o JS and MA d.4/26/1864 6m 172) Helms, Austin Andrew, s/o AW and Z d.2/08/1858 1m 10d 173) Helms, Estella, d/o AW and Z d.8/16/1864 1m 174) Myers, Milton M., s/o A and SA d.1/26/1866 15y 11m 16d 175) Elder, D.G. 7/17/1834-8/11/1868 176) Elder, Charles D. d.8/19/1856 52y 11m 22d 177 A) Murphy, Samuel 8/07/1831-6/20/1909 177 B) Murphy, Amilda A. Steely, w/o Samuel 4/09/1836-12/25/1872 178) Gilman, Infant d/o EL and Emma 5/11/1878 179 A) Clem, Charley Zachariah, s/o Alfred and Mary E d.2/07/1883 2y 21d (Page 37) 179 B) Clem, Dollie, d/o Alfred and Mary E d.7/29/1874 2y 1m 8d 179 C) Clem, Henrietta, d/o Alfred and Mar E d.9/17/1877 2y 2m 24d 180 A) Miller, Tellie, c/o PA and PE d.10/22/1877 1y 7d 180 B) Miller, Hattie, c/o PA and PE d.3/07/1885 7m 180 C) Miller, Elijah, c/o PA and PE d.1/20/1882 180 D) Miller, Dina, c/o PA and PE d.7/04/1874 3m 16d 180 E) Miller, Charles, c/o PA and PE d.12/17/1874 2y 181) Clem, _____, s/o JH and ME d.12/31/1887 2m 2d 182) Spencer, Alice M., d/o I and SJ d.11/21/1863 5m 6d 183 A) Taylor, W.M. d.8/10/1869 5m 6d 183 B) Taylor, Rosa B., w/o WM 9/10/1873-9/02/1895 184 A) Miller, George W. 1852-1890 184 B) Miller, Nancy C. 1854-1927 185 A) Beever, Clarence E. 1871- 185 B) Beever, Ella, w/o Clarence E 1871- 186) Bush, Mairlyn Ruth 4/07/1937-4/13/1940 187) Fleming, Esta 1898-1934 Clarence and Ella Beever 188) Beever, Loyal H., s/o CE and SE 1900-1918 189 A) Bush, Wm. Herbert 3/20/1909 189 B) Bush, Mary L. 5/28/1913-1/25/1966 190) Miller, Isabell, w/o Daniel d.4/16/1877 28y 191) Mercier, Moses, Co. J 113 Reg. Ia. Vol. d.8/28/1893 55y 4m 22d

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003115
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/25/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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