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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Gopher Hill Cemetery, Front Section
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Front Section (Page 37) 1) Martin, Jeff L. 1891-1941 2 A) Bell, Charles B. 1863-1940 2 B) Stewart, Evaline 1870-19__ 3 A) Fulton, John W. d.6/02/1876 66y 5m 28d 3 B) Fulton, Catharine, w/o JW d.3/06/1899 78y 3 C) Sigler, Mattie 1890-1944 3 D) Plain 4) ____, Hester Ann, d/o GW and SA d.2/19/(1859) 19d 5 A) Bailiff, Gilbert Foster 1895-1949 5 B) Bailiff, Mrs. GF unmarked 6) Porter, Harvey B., s/o AC and JP d.1/171867 7m 2d 7) Denman, William F., s/o €L and RE d.7/29/1866 9m 27d 8) Gilman, Mary Estell, d/o JW and L 2/17/1866-2/18/1866 9) Baker, William R., husband of Carrie d.3/17/1866 29y 6m 6d Erected in loving memory by his son, Dr. Charles B. Baker, Bridgeport Ct. 10) Phillips, Samuel A. d.12/01/1872 47y 6m 26d (Page 38) 11 A) Sanderson, Zolette Z., d/o BD and MA d.8/08/1871 5y 4m 9d 11 B) Sanderson, Mary E., d/0 BD and MA d.11/05/1873 2y 10m 28d 12 A) Layton, Elnora, w/o James d.8/25/1874 31y 10m 17d 12 B) Layton, Minnie d.8/08/1871 4m 12 C) Layton, Lelia d.7/26/1872 28d 12 D) Layton, Lillie, d/o James and Elnora d.7/29/1872 31d 13) Bush, David d.1/10/1869 56y 14) Lape, Emily T., d/o Z and NC d.3/02/1869 22d 15) Lape, Charles R., s/o Z and NC d.6/30/1874 9m 27d 16) Black, Mary L., d/o GW and ES d.8/04/1881 16y 5m 16d 17) Black, George W. 10/10/1840-9/07/1913 18) Rusk, Orville Dean 1935-1961 19 A) Hall, Amos 1869-1950 19 B) Hall, Lulie 1877-1946 20) Hall, Elsie Edward 1900-1900 21) Lape, Georgia H. 1890-1891 22) Slevin, Shelby L. d.9/18/1942 1m 23) Rusk, Donald L. 12/29/1912-6/26/1935 24) Ritchey, Angie (Angie in parenthesis), d/o S and EA d.7/08/1880 4m 25) Ritchie, Serg’t Jas. H., Co. B 125 Ill. Inf. 26 A) Parker, Clinton DeWitt 1882-1941 26 B) Parker, Arminta Hall 1878- 27 A) Hall, Infant d/o GS and H d.9/09/1875 7d 27 B) Hall, William, s/o GS and H d.10/09/1872 27 C) Hall, Ezra, s/o GS and H d.2/12/1872 6y 7m 25d 28 A) Hall, George S. 1839-1909 28 B) Hall, Harriet, w/o George S 6/04/1839-9/09/1898 29 A) Peterson, John A. d.8/06/1872 50y 30) High, Henry, s/o E and E d.5/118/1855 11m 29d 31 A) High, Phillip died 1858 55y 31 B) High, Susannah, w/o Phillip died 1869 or 1889 71y 32) Plain 33) Riggle, Lillie, d/o O and M buried 3/12/1880 34) Fisher, Charlie, s/o H and E d.9/23/1868 8m 3d 35) Polin, ____lia, s/o G and __ d.6/11/1871 ___ 36) __P. and P. __ Inf. 37) Welsh, Stella 1894-1896 38) Welsh, Clyde 1905-1905 39) Jordan, Rose Mary 12/10/1927-1/03/1928 40) Jordan, Noah, Jr. 9/30/1939-6/11/1956 41 A) Jordan, Noah L. 1902-1966 41 B) Jordan, Della M. married Sept. 29, 1920 1904-1961 42 A) Clem, Harvey B. 1872-1934 42 B) High, Sadie E. 1877-1947 43 A) Spencer, Edwin S. 1863-1937 43 B) Spencer, Josephine Clem 1863-1940 (Page 39) 44) Plain marker 45) Depression 46 A) Murphy, Harvey 1870-1956 46 B) Murphy, Minnie R. 1878-1968 47 A) Switzer, Stanley Davis 1895-1951 47 B) Switzer, Grace Fowler 1896- 48 A) Fowler, Frank C. 1873-1959 48 B) Fowler, Margaret Clem 1876-1952 49 A) Reiff, Rollin 1868-1952 49 B) Reiff, Mary L. 1874

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003116
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/25/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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