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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II --Masonic Cemetery, North Section
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** The Masonic Cemetery Kent Township Warren County, Indiana The Masonic Cemetery is one road west of the Johnsonville Road. It is 5/8 of a mile north of the township line road on the left-hand side. It is mowed and easy to see from the road. North Section (Back to Front) (Page 40) Dixon, William H. 1865-1934 Dixon, Perry C. 1869-1948 Dixon, Mary Ann 1881-1961 Byrd, Joseph Harry, Ind. Pfc. Inf. WWI 3/02/1892-10/15/1970 Byrd, Mamie Pearl 10/03/1887-7/04/1975 Byrd, Robert J. 4/14/1927-1/19/1984 Byrd, Wanda M. 5/08/1929 Makemson, Hiram L. 4/02/1826-4/09/1913 Makemson, Prudence G., w/ Hiram 9/19/1834-10/23/1890 Makemson, Sherman T. 5/14/1864-5/10/1916 Makemson, Sadie, w/o Sherman 2/28/1864-2/06/1912 Hacker, Albert 1855-1934 Hacker, Sarah A. 1863-1923 Hacker, Rufus F. 1896-1933 Hacker, Ida E. 1895-1974 Smith, Susie 1870-1933 Smith, Archer 1870-1931 Makemson, Joseph C. 7/04/1867-2/11/1909 Makemson, Mary M., w/o Joseph 7/24/1867-3/15/1914 Elliot, Edna B. 1873-1951 Elliot, Wm. O. 1852-1925 Elliot, Jas. A. 1897-1973 Sailor, Cora M. 1890-1966 Sailor, John C. 1875-1942 Rouse, J. Franklin 12/27/1894-6/06/1971 Rouse, Sarah Emma 3/08/1900-8/22/1931 Rouse, John C. 1891-1966 Rouse, Ruby Edith 1900-1940 Rouse, William Jean 1938 Rouse, Eunice Ann 1871-1928 Rouse, Douglas V. 1855-1935 Rouse, Pearl M., d/o D and E 6/04/1908-8/25/1909 Printy, Infant d/o CW and Ella d.4/05/1904 (Page 41) Craig, William G., Co K 97 Reg Ind Vol d.11/04/1888 49y 11m 22d Craig, Olive, d/o WG and S d.3/23/1882 9m Madarea, James 1853-1931 Madarea, Emiline 1861-1931 Gilman, E. L. 4/18/1853-1/11/1885 Byrd, Bertha Makemson 5/18/11853-4/17/1898 Byrd, Oliver P. 11/22/1862-3/09/1943 Byrd, Richard 5/20/1859- Hunter, Robert J. 5/06/1835-5/06/1903 Hunter, Mary, w/o Robert 5/15/11826-10/01/1891 McElwee, Ella C. 1869-1937 McElwee, Wm. Parks 1863-1903 Jones, Evan 2/21/1860-1/14/1932 Jones, Caroline, w/o Evan 1/07/1860-3/13/1905 Jones, Nancy C., w/o Evan 3/19/1875-6/23/1933 Martin, Golda Marie Logan, w/o Leslie R 8/18/1901-3/11/1934 Logan, Charles M., Btry A 1st Ill L Arty, Sp Am War Logan, Sarah E. 1882-1960 Hoover, Hazel M. 1901-1919 Current, Martin W. 12/23/1827-8/19/1902 Current, Mary A. 10/13/1834-8/06/1913 Current, Louie N., w/o RM 9/11/1873-8/171902 Schauberger, Henry 4/15/1832-11/23/1901 Schauberger, George 3/16/1866-1/30/1937 Harpster, Johathan E., Co K 100 Reg Ohio Vol Inf d.12/21/1899 59y 8m 5d Andrews, Sabina E. 1858-1904 Andrews, Charles E. 1854-1938 Shepherd, David d.11/16/1892 74y 5m Shepherd, Ester 1/13/1828- Ross, Olive A. 2/08/1822-5/02/1901 Simpson, Allen R., Co E 86 Reg Ind Vol d.8/20/1890 48y 11m 12d Simpson, Sarah C., w/o AR d.1/22/1876 33y 8m 15d Simpson, James H. d.6/06/1884 84y 9m 25d Simpson, Elizabeth, w/o J d.7/22/1884 78y 12d Simpson, Ella d.10/10/1876 17y 5m 24d Lucas, John P. d.1/09/1884 42y 9m 23d Lucas, Martha E. Andrews, w/o JP d.4/08/1897 54y 6m 11d Logan, Eliza J., w/o Geo. W 2/02/1850-3/24/1891 Logan, Clint C., s/o Gw and Ej 6/29/1876-9/01/1876 Logan, Rose J., d/o GW and EJ d.1/18/1884 2y 2m 5d Sailor, Moses 8/17/1844-9/25/1916 Sailor, Ellen, w/o Moses 6/20/1851-12/17/1917 Current, John R. 1850-1918 Current, Rachel, w/o John 1857-1939 Current, Effie 1875-1919 High, John J. 7/29/1863-1/10/1944 High, Lida P. 10/25/1874-2/24/1955 (Page 42) Shelton, Pearl High 1/22/1895-3/19/1962 Hamilton, Everrett R. 8/30/1895-9/22/1973 Hamilton, Lois High 1902-1981 Albea, Louis F. 5/23/1884-3/24/1951 Albea, Earl R. 11/22/1919-9/02/1920 Albea, Celia 7/01/1888-10/31/1911 Logan, Joseph J. 1845-1903 Logan, Caroline, w/o Joseph 10/02/1846- High, Fannie 5/22/1882-1/15/1948 High, Phillip 4/15/1968-6/14/1944 High, Abram 5/08/1938-8/09/1914 High, Mary A., w/o Abram 2/18/1840-4/22/1901 High, Emma M., d/o A and MA 5/1881-2/1882 Hoover, John 1857-1934 Hoover, Ora A. 1864-1913 Hoover, Ava, d/o J and OA d.6/18/1892 1y 5m 18d Berry, William A. 3/05/1863-10/07/1912 Taylor, Albert S. 11/05/1845-1/24/1904 Taylor, Aaron Young 1/03/1812-4/07/1904 Taylor, Mary Ann Spickard, w/o AY 1/04/1822-1/29/1897 Taylor, Isabel Ann 4/14/1850-7/07/1897 Jones, Thomas A. 1/06/1839-8/15/1888 Jones, Ann, w/o Thomas 5/08/1842-3/18/1896 Clem, Abraham 5/29/1826-2/28/1905 Clem, Margaret Ann 11/20/1828-10/29/1908 Lowe, Elmira 12/17/1852-10/22/1923 Brown, Leo J. 9/18/1896-1/13/1955 Bowman, George A. 9/26/1849-8/16/1904 Bowman, Isabell, w/o George 1/28/1849-9/22/1932 Brown, Alma Olson 1898-1962 Parmely, S. E. 9/17/1858- Parmely, Dollie C., w/o SE 9/20/1869-8/14/1897 Parmely, Bertha A. 1/18/1887 Black, George R. 1859-1936 Black, Russie E. 1853-1895 Black, Eddie E. 1885-1969 Potter, Katherine B., w/o Charles H married 2/28/1895 10/03/1878-8/08/1956 Potter, Charles H. 10/13/1873-10/07/1954 Siddens, C. Gernie 1889-1948 Siddens, E. Ferne 1896- Gouty, Alice 1866-1958 Gouty, James 1864-1925 Gouty, Gladys M. 1899-1923 Gouty, J. Frank 1893-1916 Gouty, G. L. 1890-1920 Gouty, Grace L. 1891-1918 Gouty, George L. 11/15/1916-6/22/1931 Crouch, Daniel J. 1860-1955 Crouch, Rosie M. 1866-1937 (Page 43) Crouch, Warren M., PFC US Army 12/26/1891-10/73/1974 Crouch, Wilber (Crouch in parenthesis) Crouch, Arthur Albert, Ind Pvt Co F 112 Armd Train WWI 10/20/1889-9/16/1970 Fields, Andrew J. 1/23/1863-9/22/1935 Fields, Albert Patton 4/15/1869-5/06/1933 Fields, Ora Lee 8/22/1892-9/09/1893 High, Lillie 1858-1940 High, Ephram 1862-1919 Bell, Betty Lou 1920-1925 Clem, Maudie 1899-1910 Clem, Myrtle Stevens 1858-1949 Clem, Charles B. 1868-1936 Berry, Francis G., s/o JB and C d.10/04/1888 21y 9m 15d Berry, Nancy R., c/o JB and C d.6/12/1886 10y 1m 28d Berry, James T., s/o JB and C d.7/25/1880 14y 1m 6d Berry, J.B. 2/22/1838-6/14/1902 Berry, Catherine, w/o JB 4/18/1836-7/24/1908 Allison, William H. 10/28/1842-4/12/1919 Allison, Minerva, w/o Wm H 12/06/1849-1/21/1913 Jones, Fred W. 1862-1954 Jones, Claud B. 1857-1934 Harpster, William 1874-1950 Harpster, Estella 1886-1934 Clapp, Manfred A. 6/23/1923-12/24/1938 Cannon, Arvilla Harpster 1913-1973 White, Carrie < no dates > White, Elizabeth 1847-1933 White, Lewis, Co I 41st Ill Inf drummer 1868-1925 Scowden, John Calvin 1868-1925 Scowden, Dora Bennett 1873-1930 Brunner, Caroline M. 11/13/1842-2/12/1907 Daniel, Austin M. 5/15/1859-9/09/1897 Prather, Jennie A. 12/06/1855-3/22/1896 Daniel, Mary 8/26/1915-6/22/1911 Huston, Joseph 1852-1930 Huston, Caroline Jones 1847-1926 Richardson, George W.1834-1904 Richardson, Jennie, w/o George 1847-1926 Richardson, Infant s/o George and Jennie 1876-1876 Phillips, John 1870-1948 Phillips, Estella 1878-1950 Nier, Henry C. 1904-1959 Nier, Grace T. 1904-1972 Templeton, Charles 1861-1911 Templeton, Ella 1870-1949 Lynch, Charles W., Private Co G 1st Reg Ind Vol d.12/20/1888 50y 6m 7d Lynch, George R., s/o CW and EA d.2/24/1886 17y 1m 4d Adams, Charles S. 3/09/1874-1/27/1960 Adams, Della M. 2/05/1881 50y 6m 7d (Page 44) Adams, Edward W. 4/06/1844-12/02/1904 Adams, Melvina, w/o Edward 2/16/1851-12/06/1916

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003119
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/25/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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