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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Lyons Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Lyons Cemetery Warren County, Indiana This Steuben Township cemetery is located between New Highway 63 and Old 63 in the very southeast corner of the township. It is close to the Fort Sumner schoolhouse. A new home has been built near the turnoff. There is a large gate at the lane leading to the cemetery. It is hidden far back from the road, although some recent clearing make the cemetery easier to see. Look for large cedar trees over the brow of the hill. (Page 51) 1) Salts, William S., s/o FM and EF d.9/15/1872 1y 1m 15d 2) Salts, Martha L., d/o FM and EF d.9/21/1872 2y 2m 2d 3) Salts, Evaline, d/o FM and EF d.5/04/1873 3m 12d 4) Salts, Margaret E., d/o FM and EF d.1/10/1873 1y 1m 12d 5) Black, Arthur C., s/o FE and NJ d.2/20/1891 6m 4d 6) Black, James 11/30/1827-3/06/1881 7) Black, Elizabeth, w/o James 8/26/1841-12/23/1914 8) Black, John W. 12/07/1874-3/01/1914 9) Hall, Marilda A., w/o D d.1/24/1879 29y 5m 1d 10) Hall, John W., s/o D and MA d.6/15/1892 20y 1m 9d 11) Hanthorn, Bertha J., d/o CW and MA 10/27/1882-12/19/1896 12) Allison, Fannie, w/o Chas W 8/12/1877-9/15/1903 13) Salts, Cora May, d/o GW and SJ d.10/04/1876 11m 23d 14) Gee, John P., s/o JR and Nora 2/09/1894-11/11/1898 15) Salts, Mary Ann, w/o W d.2/__/1878 34y 9m 2d 16) Salts, Infant s/o Wm and MA d.5/14/1872 17) Salts, Infant s/o Wm and MA d.6/01/1871 8m 16d 18) Salts, Infant s/o Wm and MA d.8/01/1865 19) Salts, Infant s/o Wm and MA d.5/15/1864 20) Salts, Eliza Ann, w/o Wm d.4/16/1869 36y 1m 23d 21) Salts, Wm. d.3/29/1880 59y 10m 23d 22) Beever, Nimrod d.1/22/1892 33y 6m 8d 23) Beever, Lucy E., w/o N d.6/23/1890 31y 10m ___ 24) Verden, Mary 7/03/1843-1/01/1919 25) Verden, William B. 5/06/1833-7/17/1917 26) Verden, Charlie M. 9/04/1867-1/03/1890 27) McClellan, Wm. d.11/17/1872 52y 6m 4d 28) Verden, James A. 12/18/1864-7/13/1870 29) McClellan, Edmon M. d.5/16/1881 35y 10m 3d 30) McClellan, John W. 9/01/1843-5/23/1892 31) Beever, Lula M., d/o JM and AA 10/05/1890-11/07/1898 32) Beever, Margaret A. 1/13/1841-3/25/1932 33) Beever, Perry d.3/12/1889 58y 2m 3d 34) Miller, Alice L. 4/28/1876-7/03/1900 35) Salts, Infant s/o TH and E d.5/10/1885 (Page 52) 36) Salts, Garland O. (Salts in parenthesis) d.11/10/1891 8m 17d 37) No legible writing 38) Long, Mary L., d/o G and SA d.12/16/1882 11y 3m 8d 39) Wagner, Frederick d.6/16/1894 60y 1m 25d 40) Wagner, Margaret, w/o F d.1/28/1908 61y 14d 41) Thaney, John d.4/20/1880 75y 28d 42) Thaney, Margaret, w/o J d.3/02/1887 75y 8m 25d 43) Thaney, George L. 1843-1926 44) Funk, John d.2/28/1871 46y 10m 21d 45) Miller, Joseph d.5/21/1878 72y 46) Long, Solomon d.2/09/1871 61y 10m 5d 47) Long, Dora L., d/o S and C d.8/01/1865 2y 6m 15d 48) Long, Benjamin F., s/o d.10/14/1861 8m 11d 49) Stingely, George A., s/o Andrew and Lucinda d.7/31/1846 2m 50) Long, Ralph R. d.10/13/1898 illegible 51) DeMoss, Job, Co. E, 86 Ind Vol d.3/1869 26y 52) Ritchey, Joseph, s/o JM and L d.8/15/1869 1y 2m 20d 53) Ritchey, Louisa, w/o JM d.2/27/1880 39y 5m 17d 54) Ritchey, Mary C., d/o JM and L d.11/07/1866 3y 5m 10d 55) Ritchey, Charles, s/o JM and L d.11/10/1864 5y 11m 28d 56) Curtis, Lemuel, s/o Nelson and Margaret d.4/25/1842 3m 16d 57) Broken stone, “infant dau. Of” 58) Salts, Thomas W., s/o J and J d.3/12/1851 1m 22d 59) Salts, Thomas Jefferson, s/o J & J, d.10/1857 4y 9m 60) Salts, Susanna B., d/o Thos & Sarah d.6/14/1855 12y 8m 4d 61) Salts, Hester, d/o Thos C and Sarah d.5/16/1849 9y 8m 29d 62) Salts, Elizabeth, d/o Thomas and Sarah d.9/10/1845 14y 7m 7d 63) Salts, Sarah, w/o Thomas d.9/01/1842 45y 64) Salts, Samuel d.8/05/1839 22y 1m 65) Salts, Martha, d/o John and Elizabeth d.1/17/1840 11y 8m 27d 66) Salts, Hazel, s/o John and Elizabeth d.1/24/1840 4y 5m 67) Salts, John d.4/26/1859 74y 9m 2d 68) Salts, Elizabeth, w/o John d.3/22/1874 73y 4m 23d 69) Wagner, John 9/26/1829-8/21/1906 70) Wagner, Mary L., w/o John 3/21/1830-6/24/1914 71) Wagner, Sarah E., d/o John & Mary 5/05/1855-8/08/1912 72) Conner, Nancy, w/o William d.3/02/1862 50y 8m 23d 73) Conner, William 9/03/1805-4/04/1872 74) Seymour, Sarah R., d/o David and Rachel 75) Seymour, Rachel, w/o David d.1/30/(1857) 29y 3m 26d 76) J.M. 77) Miller, Margaret, w/o Jacob d.6/18/1839 26y 4m 11d 78) Miller, Jacob d.8/26/1839 63y 3m 15d 79) Miller, George G. d.11/09/1843 35y (4)m 5d 80) Garrison, Zephaniah 1854-1913 81) Garrison, Rosanna, w/o Zephaniah 1850-1912 82) Stephenson, James S, s/o TW and SE d.3/02/1857 2y 3m 19d 83) Lyons, Ana B., w/o JW d.4/01/1866 19y 27d (Page 53) 84) Salts, Mary Jo, d/o Thos and Cynthia A. d.1/24/1856 13y 4m 19d 85) Salts, Thomas d.10/22/1877 29y 4m 6d 86) Guinn, Cynthia A., w/o Conoway d.1/02/1866 42y 7m 8d 87) Salts, Samuel d.3/06/1856 62y 88) Salts, Elizabeth F., w/o Francis M d.2/01/1876 28y 11m 3d 89) Alburn, Infant d/o H and S d.10/12/1876 UNMARKED GRAVES AT LYONS CEMETERY Reported by Augustus Verden of Marshfield A) Clem, John B) Clem, Lizzie, w/o John C) Verden, Infant son of Augustus and Bessie D) Verden, Infant daughter of W.B. and Marie E) Verden, Minerva, d/o W.B. and Marie F) Miller, Clara G) Alburn, Henry Reported by Anna Wahner Bryant H) Wagner, William W. 3/12/1869-6/03/1870 Reported by Chester Wagner I) Wagner, George F. 9/02/1871-10/28/1873 sons of John and Mary J) Wagner, Unnamed infant of John and Mary d.8/01/1881 K) Garrison, Pearlie, s/o Zephaniah and Rosanna 18m L) Wagner, LaVera, Infant d/o David and Mary

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003122
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 3/25/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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