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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Tomlinson Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** The Tomlinson Cemetery Warren County, Indiana The Tomlinson Cemetery was established at a later date and is very well-kept and mowed. The 1966 History of Warren County gives this information on page 115: Jesse and Mary (McFarland) Tomlinson had a large family and Mary’s sister Jane also lived with them. Since the cemeteries at West Lebanon and Baltimore seemed too distant, and since Mrs. Tomlinson did not care for the location of the Sisson Cemetery, they decided to make one of their own. There is a tradition that the first grave was that of a little child who died in the spring while Opossum Run was at flood stage. It being impossible to cross to Sisson, the burial was made at the new site. Jesse Tomlinson deeded this acre to himself as a “sacred burial ground” for him and his family. Most of the family were buried here and the cemetery remains today. The land for this family cemetery was set aside in the second codicil of Jesse Tomlinson’s last will and testament, dated January 7, 1853. The cemetery is located on Section 30, Steuben Township, Warren County, Indiana—now the George Edens Estate Farm, one and three-quarters miles southwest of Marshfield. ROW ONE, West Side (Page 65) 1) Tomlinson, John, no dates 2) Tomlinson, Zeruiah Fairwell 12/19/1851-10/05/1866 26y 9m 16d 3) Tomlinson, Albert, s/o Wm and Margaret A d.7/05/1848 5y 7m 19d 4) Tomlinson, Margaret A., w/o William d.4/24/1867 45y 2m 10d 5) Tomlinson, William d.12/16/1878 55y 1m 17d 6) Tomlinson, Jess D., Ill Cpl 17 Div Sup TN d.1/31/1943 7) Tomlinson, Vayne R., w/o Jesse D 9/22/1875-7/30/1950 < no stone marker > ROW TWO 8) Tomlinson, Jonathan d.1/31/1892 56y 3m 8d 9) Tomlinson, Jesse d.11/21/1875 37y 8m 13d 10) Tomlinson, Jesse d.3/31/1853 57y 7m 22d 11) Tomlinson, John d.3/30/1851 31y 2m 15d 12) Tomlinson, Mary, consort of Jesse d.1/11/1853 53y 8m 6d 13) McFarland, Jane d.4/18/1866 14) Miller, Levin Dean, s/o Walter B and Juliett 6/20/1858-1/17/1867 9y 6m 28d 15) Miller, Mary Jessie, d/o Walter B and Juliett d.7/27/1858 1y 7m 24d (Page 66) 16) Miller, Walter B. 5/18/1826-5/13/1908 17) Miller, Juliett 1/15/1831-1/17/1910 18) Miller, Zeruiah F. 11/06/1860-10/03/1921 19) Miller, Juliett T.B. 8/03/1868-11/23/1924 20) Miller, Nancy Sumner 4/16/1866-5/27/1958 < no stone > sister of Juliett and James 21) Miller, James Malcolm 9/21/1862-4/04/1940 ROW THREE 22) Sumner, Fairwell Nancy, w/o Nelson d.9/25/1872 37y 5m 8d (underlined) infant said to have been buried with her 23) Tomlinson, Fanna 10/31/1872-6/25/1906 24) Tomlinson, Infant s/o FD and MC d.2/15/1889 3d 25) Tomlinson, Francis Dean 3/25/1842-8/31/1918 26) Tomlinson, Matlida C., w/o FD d.2/22/1889 37y 27d 27) Tomlinson, Mary Jessie, d/o FD and MC d.9/10/1874 10m 16d 28) Tomlinson, Walter Dean, s/o FD and MC d.7/25/1876 1y 5m 1d ROW FOUR, East side 29) Tomlinson, Charles S. 4/14/1880-10/23/1929 30) Tomlinson, Cecelia A. 7/20/1882-2/15/1955 31) Tomlinson, James R. 11/10/1903-5/18/1963 32) Tomlinson, Infant d/o Charles Scott and Cecelia A < no stone marker > 33) Huffman, Infant s/o GD and Juliet Tomlinson d.9/16/1879 2m 5d < no stone marker > 34) Footsone marked O.e.W. Tomlinson, Asbury, Pvt Co D 44th Regt Missouri Vol Inf, s/o Wm and Margaret A b.1845 d.5/19/1865 < no marker; this record taken from cemetery records of Nancy S Miller and RK Dawson > Cemetery information as here was researched by Jane (Mrs. Tom) Burwash of Rossville, Illinois. She is a great-granddaughter of Jesse Tomlinson, Sr. 1983. Additional Notes on Tomlinson Family from a list: Watkins, Mary Tomlinson, 1823-1869, interred in Mann’s Chapel Cemetery south of Rossville, IL. Watkins, John Straun, s/o Mary 1850-1839 Watkins—three small children Maiden names were given for: Tomlinson, Mary McFarland (Row 2) Miller, Juliett Tomlinson (Row 2) Sumner, Fairwell Nancy Tomlinson (Row 3) Tomlinson, Matilda C. Young (Row 3) (Page 69) H.J.F. < Footstone > Smart, John D., Co E 86th Ind Inf Row 4 Miller, Mary E., d/o DW and E d.9/27/1853 2y 3m Wilson, Isaac F. 5/05/1845-5/07/1907 Mains, Cumfort, w/o John d.3/16/1889 72y 7m 6d Smart, Louisa, d/o John D and Sarah A d.12/21/1886 17y 1m 12d McClellan, John W., “Willie” d.4/141890 21y 3m 3d West, Leanna, w/o Martin d.5/05/1883 22y 8m Ritter, Mary R., w/o Dennis d.1/23/1896 29y 3m 10d Ford, Viola, d/o WH and N d.4/25/1888 2y 3m 14d Ford, Frances J. 1865-1938 Ford, William H. 1862-1960 Eneix, A.L. 5/14/1861-11/29/1894 Eneix, Dora, w/o AL 1/ 1866-3/10/1894 Row 5 Forde, Nancy w/o Jarret d.4/06/1847 25y 7m 18d Ford, William d.4/16/1848 51y 11m 22d Yoakem, Sarah J., d/o H and MH d.10/20/1856 23y 7m 11d Bragg, Narcissa, w/o Wm. d.11/24/1856 28y 7d Yoakem, Harness d.12/10/1864 61y 4m 10d Yoakem, Mary, w/o H d.12/31/1873 20y 6m 22d Ford, Lucey (or Luley), d/o (J and E) d.(8/21/1882) 2y 7m (23)d Yoakem, John d.8/20/1879 47y 5m Ford, Benjamin 12/16/1816-3/22/1902 Ford, Abigail Fleming, w/o Benjamin 10/18/1827-1/14/1861 d.3/13/1882 68y 3m 25d Cariher, Mary, w/o Henry d.3/13/1882 68y 3m 25d Row 6 Powell, Elizabeth, w/o RA d.5/26/1857 52y 9m 9d High, Sarah, w/o Amaziah d.4/30/1858 22y 3m 13d West, Margaret, w/o JM d.9/08/1856 58y 5m 26d I.T. < footstone > West, Joseph J., s/o JM and M < rest of stone buried > J.H. < footstone > Bell, Mary A., d/o GT and EW d.9/04/1860 1m 4d Foster, Caroline, d/o E and SA d.9/10/1860 8m 16d Foster, Horace G., s/o E and SA d.11/04/1860 2y 1m 1d Bell, Frankie, s/o GT and EW d.8/24/1863 1y 8m 26d Bell, Hattie, d/o GT and EW d.9/28/(1867) 2y 9m 23d Foster, Caroline, w/o Z d.6/03/1871 57y 2m 11d Foster, Zebulon d.9/05/1889 81y 17d Bell, Rosie M., d/o GT and EW d.9/13/1878 1y 4m 7d Bell, Grace, d/o GT and EW d.1/13/1882 2y 10m 10d L.D.B. < footstone > Spacy, William H. d.6/04/1896 78y 11m 25d Spacy, Bertin B., s/o JW and R d.5/08/1884 2y 2m 25d Spacy, Rossie, d/o JW and R d.8/05/1883 4y 10m Spacy, John W. 2/01/1850-9/19/1917 (Page 70) Spacy, Rebecca 7/08/1853-1/24/1950 Row 7 High, Annie, w/o J 5/31/1858-6/28/1925 High, Joseph d.11/08/1888 31y 11m 26d High, Amasiah 12/14/1828-11/26/1900 High, Sarah, w/o Amasiah 22y 3m 13d (underlined) Row 6 contains another stone for Sarah High; it lies in front of the above stone) Stufflebeam, Harriet B., w/o John E d.1/18/1846 29y 6m 25d Stufflebeam, John E. d.5/17/1844 49y 4m 11d Stufflebeam, Samuel, s/o JE and E d.10/20/1836 17y 1m 1d Stufflebeam, Elen, w/o John E d.10/23/1836 40y 11m 1d Stufflebean, Michael d.5/21/ < broken sandstone; dates this stone at 1834-39 > Abolt, John F. d.10/26/1901 58y 4m 1d Abolt, Angeline, w/o JF (underlined) no dates Abolt, Michael d.2/23/1867 54y 8m 11d Ford, Mary N. 1870-1959 Ford, Henry J. 1863-1937 Ford, Francis M. 1860-1928 Ford, George W. 1857-1940 Ford, Chauncey, s/o W and A d.5/08/1894 1m 23d Ford, Little Jim, s/o Wesley and Annie d.2/11/1891 3m 17d Ford, Margaret 1875-1943 Ford, Wesley 1870-1950 Reed, Infant sons of Frank and Eudora (underlined) no dates Row 8 Stufflebeam, J.A. 1/17/1852-2/13/1891 Stufflebeam, Michael 10/27/1827-3/05/1907 Stufflebeam, Marilla, w/o Michael d.9/17/1885 54y 5m 11d Stufflebeam, Mary, d/o M and M d.9/16/189(7) 15y 9m 15d Stufflebeam, Isabel M.A., d/o M and M d.3/24/1863 3y 5m 6d Stufflebeam, Henrietta, d/o M and M d.9/13/1865 2y 1m 15d Stufflebeam, Infant d/o M and M d.9/18/1865 5d Winks, John Quincy d.11/23/1881 55y 4m 28d Winks, Josephine, s/o John and Sabra d.2/20/1860 3y 3m 7d Winks, John R., s/o John and Sabra E d.2/18/1860 5y 1m 28d Winks, Infant s/o John and Sabra d.1/10/1854 3d Compton, Nancy J., w/o Marshall 3/29/1834-10/02/1901 Compton, Marshall d.3/09/1893 82y 5d Compton, Wm R d.9/01/1877 32y 8m 10d Compton, Asenath, w/o Marshall d.3/16/1850 33y 9m 11d (books says Cumpton) Compton, Henry C., s/o A and M d.4/04/1850 24d Nelson, Mary E. 5/27/1868 14y 11m 14d Nelson, Maggie A., d/o J and NJ d.1/04/1871 14y 8m Compton, Jesse H., s/o M and NJ d.9/03/1871 4y 10m 13d Swarner, Samuel, s/o Henry and Mary E d.5/09/1857 14y 6m 9d (Page 71) Swarner, Hanes, s/o W and RM d.1/27/1855 7d Ford, Mary E., d/o W and E d.9/03/1877 16y 11m 3d Ford, Washington d.11/22/1896 76y 9m 10d Ford, Elizabeth d.2/24/1905 74y 7m 21d Ford, Mary M. 1851-1936 Ford, Jas. Harvey 1850-1922 Ford, Margarette, d/o JH and MM 1880-1903 Ford, Wm. I. d.11/26/1895 48y 3m 31d Bell, Guy 1890-19 Bell, Mary W. 1905-1968 Bell, Elizabeth 12/01/1874-8/26/1959 Bell, Fred R. 9/09/1877-7/24/1957 Farrington, Aphelia Louise 11/14/1887-12/18/1954 Burton, George 1889-1938 Burton, Clara L. 1885-19 Zimmerman, Jacbena 7/08/1823-12/07/1899 Bell, Robert 12/28/1882-4/11/190 Bell, George R. 1853-1925 Bell, Maggie R. 1861-1928 Swank, Henry C. 1/26/1853-4/16/1935 82y 2m 20d McCoskey, Gladys, d/o MM and AA 9/01/1902-5/14/1904 Hill, Infant s/o D and M d.4/07/1899 Tharp, Julia E. d.3/23/1897 74y 1m 2d High, John d.5/20/1877 54y 3m 18d (underlined) The above two inscriptions were on the same stone labeled Tharp High, Ivy Jane d.1/06/1874 23y Hurt, Amozettel, d/o J and T d.2/13/1885 20y 1m 13d Fields, Amanda E., w/o WL, d/o J and T Hurt d.1/25/1881 30y 1m 28d Hurt, Temperance, w/o John d.1/05/1877 51y 3m 1d Hurt, John d.2/21/1902 78y 10m 25d Pearson, Caroline Hanes, d/o Chas and Mary d.3/18/1876 53y 3m 26d Cowalt, Infant s/o J and D (3/23/1872-1/17/187_) High, Henry, s/o Henry and Ivy d.7/27/1834 4y 2m 7d Claflin, Daniel 3/24/1825-10/14/1881 High, Iva 4/01/1838-1/30/1912 Illegible sandstone (Christena) Watson, (Larenba), s/o SJ and C. d10/25/1893 1y 6m 18d High, Ida May, d/o J and N d.11/8/1865 1y 8m 17d High, George 2/10/1826-2/02/1864 37y 11m 22d High, Isaac 10/13/1803-7/21/1859 56y 9m 8d Claflin, Seymore V. 2/07/1849-2/28/1870 21y High, Prudence, d/o Isaac and Catherine d.12/01/1857 16y 2m 12d High, Isaac d.5/05/1877 34y 2m 28d High, Mary E., w/o John H, d/o E Ellis d.9/07/1857 29y 3m 20d Claflin, George W., s/o D and M d.9/03/1854 2y 9m 5d High, Ivey, w/o Henry, d/o John Harness d.11/26/1856 52y 9m 10d (Page 72) High, Catherine, w/o Isaac d.11/27/1852 47y 13d Perry, William H., s/o WF and MJ d.10/24/1849 25d Tharp, Benjamin S., s/o I(H) and Christena d.2/03/1842 10y 5m 7d Tharp, Christena, w/o Isaac d.9/09/1836 24y High, Henry V., s/o Henry and Ivey d.7/27/1834 4y 2m 4d High, Semore Van, s/o J and C d.3/25/1839 5y 11m 26d High, Nancy Jane, d/o J and C. d.9/12/1848 10m 10d Berry, Elvira (ry in parenthesis), d/o WF and MF d.3/23/184(3 or 5) 10m 22d Tharp, Eliza, d/o I and Grace d.11/23/1854 10y 2m 17d Tharp, Infant d/o I and G 1/04/1855 6 hours Ford, Algonza, s/o W and E d.1/11/1855 11m 9d < second stone says 7m 9d > Ford, Daniel W., s/o George and Hannah d.1/6/1856 2m Ford, Harry F. (Ford in parenthesis), s/o MM and JH 9/22/1877-8/06/1878 Ford, Ernest, L., s/o JH and M Md.9/08/1883 1y 1m 16d Mong, Infant s/o George and Hannah d.12/07/1864 Mong, Kitty Tharp, d/o George and Hannah d.10/15/1867 1y 10m 1d Mong, Janey M., d/o Geo. And H d.9/221877 8y 1m 22d Mong, Georgianna, d/o Geo. And H d.9/22/1877 3y 10m 5d Tharp, Grace, w/o Isaih d.11/04/1868 52y 10m 22d Tharp, Isaih, born in Rockingham VA 6/09/1809 3.9/30/1881 72y 3m 21d Armstrong, Margaret, w/o MV d.9/20/1882 41y 1m 24d Armstrong, Gracy, d/o Margret d.9/18/1880 6y 1m 24d Armstrong, Janey, d/o Margaret d.9/17/1882 2y 5m 22d Armstrong, Martin V. d.9/22/1900 52y 11m 14d Chavers, Orila C., w/o Joseph C d.9/04/1865 24y 11m 23d Chavers, Joseph C. 4/14/1836-7/28/1905 Chavers, Mary A. 9/22/1858-5/26/1928 Chavers, Adella 12/21/187905/29/1899 Brinegar, Mary E. d.4/11/1872 27y 8m 4d Smith, Susan, w/o Alfred d.4/11/1872 27y 8m 4d Wible, Anna, w/o Wm P d.8/14/1890 44y 3m 1d Hurt, Infant s/o RS and ME d.10/17/1875 Hurt, Bertha L., d/o RS and ME d.3/27/1875 8m Hurt, Mary E., d/o J and T d.10/08/1870 11y 8m 5d Hurt, Leah C., d/o J and T d.2/09/1878 22y 1m 29d Hurt, Mekin S., born Boone Co. Ind d.9/13/1869 71y 5m 22d Covalt, Olive C., w/o JW d.10/22/1885 28y 7m 20d Hanes, Edward 8/11/1861-7/30/1886 Hunt, Addie C., d/o JW and EJ d.8/11/1888 20y 11m 18d Hunt, Eliza, w/o JW 1849-1904 Hunt, J.W. 1833-1912 Hunt, Jacob L. 4/05/1879-12/28/1909 Myers, Ephraim d.10/27/1867 18y 7m 25d Large stone down, too heavy to turn over Myers, Ciba Ann, w/o Thomas d.6/08/1834 21y 4m 13d (Page 73) Shiles, F.K. 12/30/1844-_______ (underlined) from Warren Co. death records: Frederick K. Shields, d.2/17/1910, VFW lists as Civil War Vet Shields, Martha 5/18/1846-7/04/1909 Mong, A.J. 1878-1909 Tharp, Jane 4/18/1840-7/23/1891 Mong, Hannah, w/o Geo. d.6/02/1891 56y 4m 5d Swisher, Mary C., w/o RA d.5/29/1885 35y 2m 7d Johnson, Infant s/o Archibald and Susannah d.7/10/1853 Chavers, Guy C. 7/05/1891-3/29/1925 Chavers, Carrie E., w/o WH d.11/10/1894 23y 8m 23d Siddens, Benjamin d.4/03/1877 46y 11m 2d Siddens, William d.7/25/1884 79y 6m 25d Siddens, Minnie, d/o M and C d.1/14/1873 2m 9d Siddens, Maggie J., d/o B and LA d.4/22/1870 1m 20d Barwick, Rebecca, d/o Nicholas and Drusilla d.2/10/1870 6 weeks Rosenbraugh, Emely, w/o Norman d.6/03/1874 21y 11m 28d Rosenbraugh, Norman A. Co E 86 Reg Ind Vol d.5/07/1880 40y 10m 26d Barwick, Nicholas d.3/25/1877 40y 7m 15d Barwick, Drusiller, w/o N d.11/27/1876 35y 8m 8d Potter, Henry D., Civil War d.3/29/1877 34y 8m 1d Hanson, George Washington, s/o G and A d.2/22/1870 8m 13d Hanson, Ulysses S. Grant, s/o G and A d.11/08/1869 2y 5m 5d Potter, Marget A. d.4/11/1881 49y 5d Wolard, Mertie D., d/o WH and MJ d.10/26/1882 (2)y 6m 19d Siddens, Nancy E. 1857-1938 Footstone: J.D.W. (Winks?)

Date: 5/30/1986
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
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Type: Cemetery Record
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