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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Woods Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Woods Cemetery Pike Township, Warren County, Indiana This cemetery is located south of West Lebanon. Take “Old 63” south to Hanging Rock Church Camp. The entrance to the camp is on the right; make a left turn from 63 onto a gravel road—actually appears to be a lane. The cemetery is one-half mile on the left. It can be seen from 63. At first appearance, ther seem to be only a few stones, but many are flat and some are nearly covered with grass. There are also two stacks of broken stones. The area is mowed and some overgrown shrubbery has been cut away. Some very nice old sandstones dating 1839 are still standing. Family groups have been listed together. It is really not possible to read in rows. Crawford, John N. (ford in parenthesis), Co ___ 23 REg Ken Vol < broken stone > d.5/< date broken off > 40y __m 25d Williams, Albert W. d.4/20/18(9)7 36y 8m 17d Williams, Hannah, w/o John d.8/22/1889 78y Williams, John d.9/2(8)/1878 84y 4m 3d Williams, Phebe, w/o John d.9/22/1843 27y 2m Williams, Jonathan, s/o __ and H < tree has grown around stone > Williams, Mary A., d/o DM and SR d.10/06/1863 1y 1m 17d Williams, stillborn s/o WE and SI 7/25/1875 Biggs, Elizabeth, w/o Daniel d.1/24/1863 68y 8m 16d Biggs, Hiram d.5/11/1856 37y 1m 23d Biggs, Josephine, d/o H and M d.4/15/1855 3m 5d Biggs, Infant d/o SP and M < no dates > Biggs, Hannah M., d/o SP and M d.4/03/1855 2y 2m Biggs, Infant M., d/o SP and M d.3/14/1879 Hicks, Elizabeth, w/o Hugh C d.8/19/1860 41y 7m 11d Hicks, Isaiah, s/o HC and E, b.3/10/18(48) < broken > Hicks, Thomas S., s/o HC and E b.2/08/1847 Stoner, Elizabeth, d.(Jan, June or July) 16, 18(43) 20y 3m 3d Stoner, Oliver d.5/20/1841 15y 6m 28d Stoner, Mary, w/o Daniel d.3/26 Darnel, Nettie O., d/o Wm H and ME d.11/25/1868 1y 9m 13d Garrison, Mahala, d/o S and P d.8/09/1855 7d Miller, Oris S. d.8/10/1853 24y 1m 19d Dunbar, Mary d.8/11/1837 59y 5m 16d Roadruck, Elizabeth, w/o Benjamin d.4/14/1840 37y 5d James, Hugh d.4/27/1852 44y 6m 23d James, Eliza H., w/o Hugh d.1/27/1898 82y 4m 19d James, Norris d.8/01/1876 34y 6m 17d James, Samuel d.11/10/1869 64y 4m 19d S.J., footstone (Samuel’s wife? There were two) James, Charles D., s/o S and S d.7/31/1842 3y 4m James, Emily F., d/o S and S d.8/21/1854 3y 21d James, William, s/o S and S d.7/24/1843 11y 5m 2d (Page 75) James, Emily F., d/o S and S d.8/21/1854 3y 21d James, William, s/o S and S d.7/24/1843 11y 5m 2d Porter, Thomas J., s/o Elias and Lavina d.4/11/1838 4y 8d Porter, Cornelius, s/o Elias and Lavina d.3/14/1839 18d Porter, James Wallace, s/o Elias and Lavina d.4/26/1867 17y 2m 2d < This is a four-sided stone wedged into shrubbery and the ground. Could not check two sides > McAlister, Clarah L., d/o HH and LJ d.4/11/1863 2y 24d Cloyd, Walter E., d/o Hamilton and Sarah E d.1/01/1850 1y 10m 11d Cloyd, Miss Mary d.7/03/1833 26y Cloyd, Rebecca, w/o H d.5/14/1846 35y 10m 23d Cloyd, Hamilton d.7/03/1852 47y 1m 8d Cloyd, William W., s/o Aladice and Mary d.8/09/1849 2y 5m 23d Musgave, Mary A., d/o H and NE d.12/28/1843 8m Musgave, William L., s/o H and NE d.9/03/1853 3m Hall, Elmer E., s/o James and Elizabeth d.11/3/1861 2y 11m 12d Hall, Charllie M., s/o James Elizabeth d.12/17/1864 7m 8d Hall, Infant s/o JC and E d.12/21/1881 1m 28d Jones, John R.; Co H Penn Art (nes in parentheses) d.3/11/1882/52y 4m 11d < broken stone > Swarts, Infant s/o L and M d.11/25/1850 Swarts, Infant d/o L and M d.12/08/1849 Rider, Lavina U., d/o James and M d.1/10/1854 2y 8m 10d Murdock, Martha d.8/(28)/1839 __ 5m < broken > Murphy, John D., w/o AR and E d.4/13/1863 15y 11m 24d Welch, James; Co __ (ch in parentheses) d.9/18/1882 40y Starkey, Wm.; Co C 10th Ind Vol d.12/02/1863 aged 49 or 19y 11m 30d Starkey, Harry I., s/o J and E d.2/29/1872 6m 14d There were 23 footstone markers with initials, in stacks. All were matched except: O.L.M. ; M.V.D. ; N.D.D. ; W.S. (William Starkey? Military markers usually have no footstones.)

Date: 5/30/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003140
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 5/25/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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