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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- Shankland Cemetery
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** Pike Township, Warren County, Indiana Copied by Grover Williams – mid 1960s This cemetery is located south and west of West Lebanon. At the crossroads one mile south of the Post Office, turn right. Turn left at the T-road. About one mile further, the cemetery will be seen on the left. (Page 77) White, Joel d.9/28/1865 38y 2m 28d White, Infant d/o F and SA d.2/10/1854 Long, Emma J., w/o David d.9/09/1870 18y 3m 19d Rosebrough, Nancy, consort of John d.12/28/1838 30y 1m 2d White, Susannah, w/o Cornelius V. d.3/23/1847 33y 7m 16d White, Elizabeth, w/o Cornelius V. d.7/19/1853 26y 4m 4d White, David, s/o Cornelius and Susan d.7/02/1859 16y 5m 6d Rakestraw, Mary d.1/08/1843 39y White, Cornelius V. 1817-1880 White, Henrietta R. 1829-1900 White, Infant s/o CV and H White, Henry J., s/o Cornelius V and Henrietta d.5/18/1872 8y 4m 20d Russel, Edgar, s/o F and L d.9/19/1901 Russel, Edith d.10/14/1901 11m White, Jenima, w/o Jas. d.5/27/1853 87y White, James d.3/22/1860 90y Newton, Benjamin, s/o Benjamin and Naomi Griffin d.3/26/1857 17y 9m 25d Goodrick, Beulah J., d/o WHH & MA d.10/08/1893 5y 7m 27d Whistler, Martha J., d/o EA & H d.11/19/1855 12y 4m 21d Whistler, Edward A. d.5/09/1880 62y 11m 20d Butler, John M.; Co. A 75 Reg Ind Vols Aged 22y when discharged in ’62 d.6/16/1838 Goodrick, Cyrus; Co G 16 Regt Ind Vol 4/10/1836-4/05/1875 Goodrick, Sarah A., d/o Wm and MJ d.10/27/1850 1y 5m 22d Shankland, David d.6/16/1872 77y 2m 7d Shankland, Sallie, w/o D d.4/16/1875 79y 6m Also on stone is the following: James and Nancy Shankland and Family, Columbus, Casandra, MDU, Leroy Hatton, William; VA Militia, War of 1812 (Hatton in parentheses) d.4/14/1875 80y Plain Stone Mong, John, born in Berkley Co., West Va. 5/11/1801-4/04/1887 85y 11m 24d Shanks, Maie d.9/06/1893 19y 6m 13d Fosher, Charles S. s/o B & E d.3/19/1857 2y 27d (Page 78) < moved; only footstone now > Payton, Infant d/o JM and CE d.7/29/1854 Smith, Columbus, s/o PG and EJ (J in parentheses) d.3/01/1841 2y 3m 9d E. B.C. and C. B.F. footstone Rosebraugh, Robert d.9/21/1861 39y 5m 3d Shankland, Columbus, s/o JC and N d.12/24/1851 4y 1m Shankland, Amadellah I., d/o JH and EP d.3/19/1852 4m 9d Butler, Sarah E., w/o M d.2/06/1877 50y 1d Rosebraugh, Joseph 1816-1863 45y 9m 2d old stone says 2/05/1863 Rosebraugh, Jemima, w/o Joseph 1819-1907 Rosebraugh, Fieldun; Co K 135 Regt Ind Vol d.4/03/1866 22y 10d Rosebraugh, Mahala E. 2/04/1851-3/13/1919 Ogle, Elizabeth J., d/o AH and MV d.1/03/1887 15d Mathon, Henry S., s/o SB and TE d.1/08/1882 18d Shankland, Jesse d.2/24/1862 46y 3m 18d Shankland, Emory L., s/o JH and EP d.1/26/1862 19y 10m 20d Shankland, Martha S., d/o JH and EP d.4/10/1856 8y (3m) 10d Shankland, Christiann, w/o JH d.3/30/1855 25y 1d Griffin, Flora, d/o (J) and M d.8/05/1863 8m 5d Mathias, Alexander F.; Co G 26 Ind Vol d.2/26/1887 43y 7m 6d Mathias, Thomas; Co E 135th Regt Ind Vol d.3/16/1884 63y 1m 2d Greenwood, James William 1/16/1903-2/05/1903 Butler, Austin P., s/o € and SE d.10/04/1870 1y 4m 25d Plain Stone Smith, James R. 11/25/1817-11/21/1887 Smith, Jane 11/27/1827-7/18/1903 Cronkhite, Infant s/o H and __ d.6/12/1871 13d Williams, s/o WE and Sarah J 9/18/1893-10/06/1893 Link, Lewis; Co H 10__ Ind Vol d.4/08/1881 35y Yount, John D.; 10 Ind Battery d.3/03/1876 40y Powell, Martin d.12/05/1889 71y 11m 22d Powell, Jennett, w/o M d.4/02/1892 75y 3m 17d Powell, John; Pvt Co E 86 Regt Ind Vol d.2/01/1872 30y Powell, Daniel G. d.4/23/1864 18y 2m 29d Powell, Jesse M., s/o WM and MA d.5/04/1878 2y 11m 13d Powell, Wm. A., s/o WM and MA d.1/03/1879 6m 6d Powell, John L., s/o WM and MA d.8/30/1865 1y 1m 13d Briggs, Daniel R. d.5/01/1867 42y 6m Briggs, Sarilda J., w/o Wm. Tomlinson d.6/11/1875 42y 11m 9d Briggs, William A., s/o DR and SJ d.12/12/1867 1y 2m 5d Briggs, Edward E., s/o DR and SJ d.9/20/1865 10m 20d Briggs, Margaret M., d/o DR and SJ d.1/20/1874 15y 2m 18d Briggs, Charles R. d.9/07/1879 25y 2m 1d High, John W.J., s/o J and N d.12/28/1871 17y 7m 20d Kennedy, Harley 2/06/1882-10/19/1884 High, Nancy M., w/o J 8/25/1826-6/25/1892 High, James 3/21/1821-12/16/1897 (Page 79) Kennedy, Harry 3/10/1873-3/08/1893 Kennedy, Himen 11/07/1893-10/12/1894 Kennedy, Joseph 6/15/1848-11/06/1903 Chumlea, William W. d.10/24/1880 74y 9m 1d Sutton, Nancy 9/03/1831-2/03/1899 67y 5m Pearcy, William H.; Co H d.4/13/1886 53y 6m 11d Chumlea, Jane E. Sutton, w/o Wm. W. d.5/25/1866 Duvall, Edna G., d/o Doc and Cora E d.9/24/1897 21d Duvall, Jessie E., d/o Doc and Cora E d.4/13/1893 1m 11d Shankland, Adaline, d/o KT and M d.8/19/1888 3y 1m 13d Byers, infant of WF and PM d.6/30/1876 Byers, Infant of WF and PM d.11/06/1877 Hobart, Ellen E. d.4/10/1864 11y 1m 19d White, Walter S. d.5/15/1871 19y 10m 8d White, Joab d.5/23/1866 71y 9m White, Eleanor, w/o Joab d.12/13/1860 59y 7m 8d White, William H. d.2/15/1874 32y 11m 23d White, Viola d.12/128/1872 1y 10m 7d White, Willi E. d.4/17/1871 6m 9d Garretson, Amanda P., w/o PN d.12/28/1873 30y 4m 11d White, James d.3/07/1882 36y 2m 19d Harrell, Cora d/o AP & E d.5/09/1874 8m 25d Plain Stone Reynolds, Clint 1902-1960 Reynolds, Della Mae 1876-1941 Hall, Belle, w/o Harvey H. d.5/20/1888 20y 3m 27d Reynolds, Lyman G.A. d.11/06/1875 53y 22d Reynolds, Levi J. d.11/15/1867 70y 11m 28d Reynolds, Mariah, w/o Levi d.2/27/1871 72y 4m 5d Reynolds, David G. d.10/13/1873 42y 2m 28d Reynolds, Charles d.2/12/1881 20y 5m Reynolds, Blanche, d/o GL and NE d.7/23/1880 3m 26d Reynolds, William M. d.12/09/1881 24y 8m 3d Reynolds, Sarah S., w/o George W 12/05/1834-1/03/1882 Reynolds, Nellie M., w/o (L) d.3/04/1882 23y 2m 29d Powell, John L., w/o Wm. M and MA d.8/30/1865 1y 1m 13d Reynolds, George W.; Co G 150 Ind Vol 7/27/1828-7/22/1910 Reynolds, Charlotte 8/07/1832-6/28/1890 Reynolds, George L. 7/25/1855-7/07/190_ Butler, Samuel David 1874-1948 Jordan, William H.H. 1/04/1855-3/30/1921 Jordan, John b.____ d.____ Jordan, Emmarillas, w/o John d.2/14/1901 66y 3m 26d Jordan, Leona E., d/o J and C d.9/29/1880 8y 4d Jordan, Levi d.6/11/1886 71y 1m 23d Jordan, Clara V., w/o J 3/21/1852-12/02/1902 50y 8m 11d Salts, Mary E., w/o James 10/24/1859-7/23/1887 Pechin, Emma E., d/o E and M d.10/21/1874 1y 6m 21d Butler, Samuel d.5/04/1880 55y 10m 1d Jordan, Cornelius d.8/21/1866 5m 10d Jordan, Eliza, w/o M d.1/07/1877 72y 6m 2d Pechin, Freddie P., s/o E and M d.1/02/1872 4y 4m 26d (Page 80) Footstones near Reynolds & Powell: John, Daniel, W.A.P., N.M.B.

Date: 5/30/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003143
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
Date Entered: 5/31/2011
Collection: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Entered By: Addie Jernagan

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