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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- West Lebanon Cemetery, Stacks 3 and 4
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** West Lebanon Cemetery Warren County, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shatell of West Lebanon kept records for the Cemetery Association since 1970. They have for those recent years kept additional records such as full date of birth and death, as well as parents’ and children’s names and brothers and sisters from obituaries. Earlier records contain some information for some burials, but not in order. From the Post Office downtown West Lebanon, go one mile south on Old 63. Turn left and go 4/10 mile. This is a very large cemetery. Block numbers refer to the numbers engraved on the white corner markers at each section. The oldest section is in the northeast corner and is referred to as the Township Section. This cemetery has been tended carefully and broken stones were stacked, not discarded. The stacks were carefully sorted and footstones were matched to headstones. Only footstones with no headstones are included in the list. The stones in stacks are listed together and numbered to show they are out of place. Stack No. 3 Bowlus, Amanda L., d/o E. and S. d.__/31/1853 3y 28d Footstone: I. B. James, Mary J., d/o W.M. and M.J. d.8/30/1861 30d Siddens, Charlie, s/o M.S. and C. d.9/15/1868 (2 or 3m) 21d Brandenburg, Anna < broken > Siddens, David, s/o H. and C. d.2/01/1872 2y 3m 6d Gibson, Gurtrude V., d/o Campbell and Sarah d.4/28/1864 17m 17d White, Scott N., d/o J. and F. d.1/16/1863 4y 3m 3d Rush, Lewis D., w/o E. and S.A. d.9/10/1854 2y 1m 23d Gibson, Ellen M., d/o J.C. and Sarah E. d.1/02/1870 11m 15d (Page 84) French, Judith A., d/o W. and C. d.8/16/1846 7y 10m Rush, John J. d.8/14/1846 1y 1m 1d Rush, Infant d/o J.M. and S.J. d.2/02/1855 Walker, Jerome S., s/o A.C. and A.M. < broken > Walker, Jerome P. d.3/06/1855 17y 3m 10d Skillman, Infant s/o J.W. and M. d.9/19/1843 Ostrander, Sarah M., d/o G.G. and M.M. d.6/23/1849 1d Low, Mary A.M., w/o J. d.11/21/1852 25y 11m 7d Ostrander, Josephus, s/o G.G. and M.M. d.12/12/1849 Byers, Laura Bell, d/o J. and L.M. d.2/23/1863 6m 23d Clinton, Phebe, w/o John d.2/16/1873 70y Footstones: R.F., J.D.P., L.P., C.M.F., C.J.P., S.S.P., M.H.D. Rush, Moses J., s/o James M. and S.J. d.12/07/1853 1y 6m 29d Biggs, Amand, d/o David and Elizabeth d.4/21/1845 16y 3m 21d Bowlus, Mary C., d/o F. and S. d.9/18/1853 1y 8m 22d Rush, Malinda d.6/03/1848 4m 20d Michael, Susan C., d/o J.W. and A.M. 8/21/1860-8/30/1863 Beals, William E., s/o d.10/15/1856 20d Robb, Infant s/o A. and S.E. d.2/06/1856 6d Cronkhite, John H. d.10/16/1859 30y 6m 12d Cronkhite, John H., s/o John H. and (Rebecca) d.10/(1)/18(6)0 _y 7m 6d Calhoun, A. D.; 10 Ind. 8th Art. 5/21/1837-11/06/1883 Calhoun, L., w/o A.D. 5/22/1845-1/07/1894 Motes, Joseph d.9/29/1851 29y 11m Calhoun, Anna M., d/o A.D. and L. d.8/09/1868 1y 6m 13d Calhoun, Sarah M., d/o A.D. and L. d.8/30/1868 6m 1d Motes, Abraham; Co. K 150 Ind. Vol. d.2/24/1866 18y 1m (6d) Gibson, Sarah Emily, w/o J.C. d.9/31/1870 30y 3m 8d Shank, Sarah, w/o Wm. H. d.5/21/1895 68y 7m 18d This area is near Stack No. 3 and No. 2 Beals, ______ Ann, w/o Curtis d.9/28/1856 22y 9m 12d Beals, John, s/o C.J. and ___ d.9/(8)/18(5)1 2y 2m 18d Beals, Margaret A., w/o C.J. d.8/29/1852 23y 6d Miller, Rebecca d.4/17/1847 19y 10m 1d Miller, Anna, w/o John d.12/29/1851 51y 2m 7d Miller, John d.4/11/1846 < age broken off > Miller, William, s/o John and Anna d.6/18/1833 1y 5m 12d (Page 85) Miller, Eliza A., d/o John and Anna d.10/12/1833 15y 11m 20d Robb, Sarah Elizabeth, w/o Alfred d.10/02/1856 20y 1m 17d Miller, John H. d.7/24/1860 21y 7m Armstrong, George W. d.4/25/1881 62y 6m 15d Armstrong, Catherine J., w/o George d.1/12/1878 55y 10m 10d Gibson, H.C. d.3/18/1861 or 1864 19y 9m White, Freelove, w/o James d.5/18/1864 27y 3m 6d Gibson, Oliver J., s/o M. and L. d.6/15/1854 3y 2m 3d Low, Thomas W., s/o John and Mary Ann d.9/05/1845 1y 9m 22d Starky, Sarah E., d/o J.M. and E. d.1/13/1856 (1y 1m) < broken off > Shepherd, Elizabeth, w/o A.M. d.3/03/1862 33y < stone says “The Grave of”; unusual wording > Shepherd, Solomon d.11/22/1847 61y Mellott, Susan, w/o Wm. d.10/24/1856 19y 11m 6d Mellott, Ella, d/o Wm. and Nancy d.9/15/1861 11m 9d Beymer, Samuel; Co. K 135 Reg. Ind. Vol. d.6/04/1888 77y 5m 7d Beymer, Mary W., w/o Samuel 3/17/1818-(11)/16/1903 Pressly, J.B. d.7/27/1851 2y 8d Purviance, Frances, w/o David B. d.10/08/1858 38y 7m 19d Footstone: E.B.H. Hamilton, Edward Lucas 1788-9/02/1860 Hamilton, Rose A.S., w/o Edward d.4/15/1861 or 4 75y Hamilton, Edward L. d.1/05/1846 21y Hamilton, John d.1/29/1844 14y Hamilton, Agnes D.B.P. d.10/08/1858 < no age > Purviance, Mary F., d/o D.B. and F. d.2/01/1852 1y 8m 6d Sinks, Ortho B., s/o James M. and V.J. d.10/21/1854 1y 19d Footstones: M.G.W.S.; W.E. Johnston, Esther, d/o J. and S. d.8/21/1851 2y 1d Forsha, Dr. Able d.3/18/1848 40y 3m 12d Forsha, Mary Ann, w/o Able d.4/18/1845 28y 6m 8d Clinton, John G. d.4/23/1835 1y 10m 5d Kingore, Alice, d/o R. and A. d.2/05/184(6) 1y 2m 1d Clinton, John d.10/14/1866 78 y < weathered away > (__8y 2m 8d) Clinton, Martha J., d/o J. and P. d.8/18/1845 23y 10m 24d Rush, Malinda, w/o J.M. d.1/19/1848 27y 10m 5d Rush, George W., s/o E. and S.A. d.1/14/1846 1y 8m 22d French, Charity, w/o W. d.12/22/1847 31y 6m 19d Foster, Maria A., w/o Alonzo S. d.(12/3)/1866 (6)2y (1m 11d) Foster, Sophronia H., w/o J.H. d.2/15/18(57) 20y 2d Harper, Laura Bell, d/o Jesse and Laura T. d.4/03/1863 9y 6m Sinks, Schylor C., s/o J.M. and V.J. d.11/09/1856 1y 3m 17d Cummins, John d.6/11/1863 65y 4m 19d James, Mary J., w/o Wesley M. and d/o John and Phebe Cummins d.8/01/1861 17y 7m 26d Sowers, John ; of Sharpsburg MD d.(6)/5/18(6)_ 45y (Page 86) Tiler, Bowers, s/o John and Anna d.8/04/1863 6y 11m 1d Tiler, Anna Mariah d.12/22/1862 40y 6d Byers, Oria Lincoln, s/o __ and M. d.(10)/1/18615m 20d Byers, Mary Bell, d/o J. and M. __ d.(10/05/1864) 24d Footstone, elaborate carved sandstone: E.J. (Clinton), similar to Sophia Clinton’s stone d.(12)/8/1867 (3y) 1m 15d Kesling, Joseph d.10/27/1851 40y 6m Rush, James d.8/21/1868 16y 2m (13d) Schlosser, George M., s/o Elias and Malinda d.7/31/1845 2y 7m 16d McBee, Alex 11/17/1809-12/14/1839 Bales, David L. d.11/23/1875 26y 7m 13d Piles, Louisa, w/o John d.3/15/1860 < age buried in concrete > Piles, Samuel Snider, s/o J.D. and Louisa d.5/05/1855 2y 4m 17d Piles, Celia J., d/o J.D. and Louisa d.5/06/1855 7y 3m 17d Piles, John D. d.3/19/1855 23y 9m 4d Jackson, Elmira w/o (Jacob) d.11/28/184(8) 30 or 50y 7m 19d Ferguson, Caroline M., d/o W.B. and M.B. d.10/26/1853 14y 4m 15d Ferguson, William B. 6/18/1802-7/12/1876 74y Footstone: D.F. Rilea, Sarah W., d/o Elder S. and Sarah d.1/10/1864 12y 6m 2d Parker, Johnson; 1st Lt. Co. F 72nd Reg. Ind. Vol. d.7/16/1869 35y Bever, Infant s/o A. and S.A. d.1/05/1856 10d Bever, Sarah Ann, w/o Absalom d.5/28/1857 25y 1m 29d Ridenour, Susanah, d/o (B. and E.) d.3/07/1861 2y 3m 16d Bever, Henry C., s/o A. and S.A. d.2/ 1857 3d Footstones: B.R.; J.P.; E.J.G.; A.B. Thomas, John, s/o John and Clarissa d.1/09/1869 13y 22d Thomas (Mathew) d. /16/1863 20y 3m 11d Nixon, Susan, w/o William d.9/11/1868 51y 7m 17d Norton, Ichabod D. 8/17/1810-6/19/1879 Norton, Elizabeth 11/02/1816-7/25/1903 Norton, John, s/o I.C. and E. d.10/03/1865 15y 3m Norton, Laura, d/o I.C. and E. d.4/20/1864 16y 3m 1d Norton, John, s/o I.C. and E. d.8/12/1842 1y 4d French, Margaret Jane, d/o George and Elizabeth d.7/05/184(4) 12y 7m 6d Norton, Infant d/o I.C. and E. b. & d.6/24/1849 French, David d.3/02/1855 62y French, Rebecca 3/17/1790-12/18/1863 73y 9m 1d Keafer, William B. d.9/03/1847 1y 2m 11d French, John J. d.9/12/1863 _2y 3m < broken stone > , Infant s/o b. & d.11/07/1860 (Page 87) Crawford, Infant c/o N.G. and M. d.4/08/1842 Crawford, Infant s/o N.G. and M.E. d.11/22/1859 17d Crawford, Mary E. d.6/03/1880 44y 7m 26d Crawford, Wm. d.11/06/1880 24y 11m 14d Crawford, Nelson G. 10/17/1808-3/21/1864 Crawford, Martha A., w/o N.G. 8/03/1815-8/01/1871 Biggs, Elizabeth, w/o Joseph’s son d.(1)/_/1842 (78y 7m) 1d Mong, David d.12/25/1855 57y 1m 15d Grant, Elias P., s/o T.J. and M.A. d.8/13/1853 7m 15d Grant, Sarah A., d/o T.J. and Mary A. d.10/09/1859 5m 18d Grant, Infant d/o T.J. and M.A. b. & d.10/15/1860 Grant, Mary A., w/o T.J. d.10/19/1860 35y 7m 19d Grant, Nancy E., w/o J.F. d.9/2(0)/1885 34y 11m 26d Guin, Hamilton d.11/26/1852 41y 9m 21d Pugh, George 8/22/1789-7/18/1867 Pugh, Elizabeth, w/o Geo. 10/01/1805-11/26/1897 Roy, William, s/o L. and M. d.6/28/1880 7m 5d Roy, Susan, d/o L. and M. d.9/27/1881 1m 21d Roy, Bertha, d/o L. and M. d.8/02/1883 26d Roy, Anna M., d/o L. and M. d.9/20/1877 1m 14d Roy, Georgie, s/o L. and M. d.7/17/1879 8m 15d Roy, Levi 3/02/1840-3/15/1910 Roy, Minerva, w/o Levi 5/31/1848-_/__/____ Acres, Mary A. d.12/03/1840 4y 3m 1d Stone by C. Meeker Crawford, William C. d.11/06/1868 24y 11m 14d Smith, Hannah d.5/10/1847 56y 7m 16d Hiatt, Elizabeth, w/o Isom d.12/16/1839 33y 2m 25d Biggs, Joseph d.2/20/1840 75y Biggs, Josiah d.12/04/18444 50y 6m 4d Biggs, Mahal, w/o Josiah d.8/11/1883 92y 1m 28d Sudduth, Taddie; Co. K 33 Ind. Vol. d.7/14/1865 64y 3m 14d Sudeath, Nancy d.10/25/186(4) 60y 11m 22d Miller, Gracie, d/o (S.) and M.A. d.1/27/1869 7m Miller, Emma, d/o (J.S.) and M.A. d.1/17/186(1) 5m (10d) Fl____, Emma, d/o A.H. and M. A. d.4/23/185(?) 10m 1d Footstones: A.A.S.; E.S.; L.B.; T.H. Smith, Mary E., w.o T.J. d.2/01/18(81) 37y 4m 17d Smith, Elda, s/o T.J. and M.E. d.5/01/1877 8m 23d Raines, Susan, w/o O. d.12/20/1886 66y 3m 14d Mesmore, Flora Arabell, d/o William and Harriet d.5/20/1864 1y 6m 12d Mesmore, Mary Louisa, d/o William and Mary d.12/12/1855 16y 4m Briney, Ruth Ann, d/o P.S. and E. d.6/02/1861 4m Breinnig, Louisa S., d/o Peter S. and S.J. d.9/30/1855 1m 5d Briney, William M., s/o P.S. and E. d.9/23/1860 11m 23d (Page 88) Raines, David P., s/o O. and S. d.6/25/1870 20y 4m 15d Adams, Samuel d.11/07/1863 68y Adams, Eunice, w/o Samuel d.11/13/1863 6(0)y Eatherly, Ella Lyons 11/25/1862-__/__/____ Eatherly, Leroy J. 3/17/1885-6/2/1902 Messmore, Wm. d.12/18/1877 77y 5m 18d Messmore, Mary, w/o Wm. d.7/24/1854 42y Messmore, Mary, w/o Wm. d.9/28/1855 21y 3m 5d Briney, Marquis D. Lafayette, s/o P.S. and E. d.10/20/1864 2y 5d Magner, Harlan; 9th Ohio Cav. D.8/29/1868 31y Johnson [(Joh)nson], Clara or Lara, d/o __ and Elizabeth d.(1860) (8y) 7m 17d Pugh, Frances, d/o John and Nancy 1853-1858 Pugh, Albert, s/o John and Nancy 1856-1858 Pugh, William, s/o John and Nancy 1862-1862 Stack No. 4 West Lebanon Cemetery Footstones: R.E.; _.W.; J.H.L.; E.R.M.; M.G.C. Robb, Edwin, s/o J.J. and L.C. d.5/09/1856 9m 22d Brenner, Samuel d.12/29/1854 (27y) < broken stone > French, William E., s/o John and (Martha) d.2/04/186(1) 2m 20d Lincoln, William W., s/o (M.J.) and E. d.9/25/18(53) 26y 15d Bowlus, Martha L., d/o __ and V.E. d.2/13/1853 1m 8d Bowlus, < name broken >, w/o Isaiah d.1/09/1853 27y 11m 13d Bowlus, Mary E., d/o Isaiah and Martha d.9/05/1856 3m 11d Sinkes, Meredith C.W., infant s/o J.M. and V.J. d.4/16/1846 4m 26d Lincoln, (James) d.8/20/1864 44y 6m 8d < stone broken into four pieces > Bowlus, Ida and Infant brother, d/o and s/o Isaiah and Martha N. d.12/25/1870 8y 8m 2d Robb, Rufus S., s/o John J. and Lucinda C. 7/16/1860-7/06/1862 Robb, Edwin, s/o John J. and Lucinda C. 7/18/1855-5/09/1856 Robb, Charles M., s/o John J. and Lucinda C. 3/21/1858-6/24/1862 Lincoln, Elizabeth, d/o J.C. and E. d.10/17/1851 2y 1m 21d Lincoln, Mary A., d/o J.C. and E. d.10/10/1857 5y 4m 4d Lincoln, Moses J. d.9/19/1866 78y 8m 27d Lincoln, Elizabeth, w/o Moses J. d.1/24/1866 72y 1m 11d Lincoln, Mary A., d/o M.J. and E. d.10/11/1851 20y 9m (Page 89) Footstone: W.W.L. (in parenthesis) Bowlus, Martha E. < broken off > M.E.B. footstone Lincoln, Ruth J., d/o John and Caroline d.5/11 or 17/1860 8y (7m 21d) Pugh, George 8/22/1790-7/16/1866 75y 10m 26d Etnire, David d.10/02/1878 80y 25d Near Stack No. 4 Biggs, George M.; Co. 60th Reg. Ind. Vol. d.8/31/1862 19y Etnire, Reginah, w/o David d.7/21/1854 < age sunk in concrete > Cozad, Rev. Jacob d.3/02/1854 1m 16d Cozad, Samuel d.10/03/1845 24y 7m Cozad, Thomas B. d.10/16/1839 25y 3m 23d Etnire, Sarah Amanda, d/o J.L. and R.E. d.3/02/1854 1m 16d Etnire, Susannah d.11/28/1842 72y 3m Etnire, Lenard d.12/13/1842 77y 4m 13d Etnire, Margaret d.10/17/1844 51y Etnire, Daniel d.2/14/1848 23y 5m Brenner, John d.9/15/1884 84y 6m 13d Brenner, Frances, w/o John d.11/01/1851 51y 12d Hogue, Mary, w/o A.J. d.8/28/1868 27y Hayward, Elizabeth E. 4/19/1816-1/01/1900 Hayward, James William, s/o C. and E.E. d.7/29/1865 23y 2m 29d Anderson, William A.; Co. E 86 Ind. Vol. d.1/15/186(3) 26y 5m 7d Anderson, Charles H.; Co. E (54) Ind. Vol. diead at Vicksburg 2/27/1863 20y 1m 24d Anderson, James d.6/22/1870 66y 22d Anderson, Ruth V., w/o J. d.1/16/1888 75y 1m 5d Pugh, George Scott, s/o Wm. and Eliza d.7/15/1864 3y 9m (2d) Green (ree in parenthesis), Ephraim (E.), s/o Eli and (Elizabeth) d.8/?/186? 7 (y or m ?) Caldwell, Robert S., s/o R.L. and M.A. Co. D 116 Reg. Ind. Vol. d.2/10/1864 17y 1m 17d Briggs, Eve A., d/o W.N. and M.A. d.2/15/1867 3weeks 2d Moffett, Elizabeth R., w/o Thos. D.9/09/1863 28y 6m 6d Smith, Amelia A., d/o T.J. and M.E. d.1/29/1876 2 or 3m 23d Moffett, Twin infants of Thos. And E.R. < no dates > Mitman, Samuel d.10/19/1861 33y Harris, Thomas d.5/02/1856 66y Vanskiver, David d.11/27/1873 73y 6m 16d Vanskiver, Catherine, w/o David d.5/25/186(3) 74y 3m 13d Raines, Lizzie C., w/o Geo. d.12/05/1886 27y 8m 27d Raines, Nellie < no dates > Smith, T.J.; Corp. Co. K 1st Reg. U.S. Army d.3/23/1876 41y 16d Leet, Betsy d.1/13/1870 71y 4m 2d Greene, Ara d.8/22/1866 72y 10m 25d Greene, Sarah E. 9/29/1829-2/04/1908 Greene, Morris S. 7/06/1824-2/28/1890 (Page 90) Footstone: D.P.C. McAlister (er in parenthesis), Martha Jane, d/o C. and E. d.7/27/1853 12y 6m 2?d McAlister, Charles d.4/07/1870 57y 10m 13d McAlister, Eleanor, w/o C.M. d.9/02/1852 39y 1m 21d McAlister, Mary E., d/o M.V. and C. d.9/03/1863 1y 6m 7d McAlister, Martin V. d.2/27/1874 38y 4m 22d McAlister, Catherine, w/o M.V. d.1/21/1868 30y 1m 1d McCalister, Infant s/o C.M. and E. d.1/21/1851 McAlister, Infant s/o C.M. and E. d.7/08/1849 McAlister, Infant s/o C.M. and E. d.2/09/1838 McAlister, William C., s/o C.M. & E. d.3/01/1844 10y 23d Haines, Emma E., d/o J. and C. d.4/11/1866 1y 1m 1d Fleming, Roswell J., s/o C.(N.) and M.A d.10/08/1857 2y 1m 20d Fleming, Wm. Boyer, Co. E 86th Ind 1840-1862 Killed in battle of Stone River 12/31/1862 Fleming, Andrew d.7/24/1890 87y 6m 9d Fleming, Ann, w/o Andrew d.4/04/1884 79y 1d Fleming, James A., s/o Andrew and Ann d.12/20/1866 25y 7m 25d Haines, Christiana, w/o John d.11/20/1866 (3)2y 8m 26d Hanes, Frances Ann 1/04/1859-1/02/1924 Footstone, sandstone rock: W.H. Black, Sodotia d.9/17/1839 29y 9m Ewen, Sarah, w/o Timothy d.4/08/1856 86y 2m 15d Ewen, Sarah, w/o Joseph d.3/08/1836 30y Ewen, Elizabeth Jane, d/o Joseph and Sarah d.3/14/1851 23y 1m 11d Bartlett, Elizabeth M., w/o J. d.10/06/1865 60y 1m 11d Bartlett, Jefferson d.(12)/7/1873 70y 3m 16d Sinks, J. W.; Co. K 33rd Ind. Inf. Suddith, Tandy; Co. K 33rd Ind. Inf. < duplicate stone > Runyan, Edward, w/o Wm. J. and Sarah d.1/12/1862 1y 7m 6d Grely (in parenthesis), Almaretta, d/o E.B. and C. d.2/27/1873 2y 4m 25d Greely, David P., s/o J.P. and M.A. d.2/25/1864 14y 9m 7d Robb, Walter A., s/o J.O.N. and N. d.9/02/1862 1m 18d Evans, Infant of B.F. and M.E. d.8/10/1870 Cronkhite, Mary A., d/o Hosea and Eleanor d.3/10/1866 27y 11m 27d Robb, Infant s/o A. and M.E. b. & D.7/23/1859 Robb, Sarah Ann, w/o B. d.4/19/1852 19y 2m 20d Briggs, Eli P.; Co. __ __ Ill. D.1/09/1865 24y 1m 12d Vandever, Sarah d.4/07/1850 62y 1m 4d Irvin, John d.5/ 1845 74y Irvin, Elizabeth d.3/02/1830 56y Smith (in parenthesis), William d.1838 62y Anderson, Celia d.8/27/1855 83y Warbritton, Drucilla 1/09/1813-1/22/1894 Warren, Deloss d.3/25/1857 42y 9m 21d Purviance, Eleazer d.11/19/1869 87y 2m 13d Houser, Priscilla J., w/o Abram S. d.9/24/1855 42y 7m 5d (Page 91) Houser, Elizabeth, w/o James C. d.4/25/1857 28y 3m 16d Fleming, George Francis, s/o Jno. And D.J.E. d.2/12/1864 Fleming, Malinda C., d/o James and S(usan) d.10/06/1865 18y 3m 28d Fleming, James B. d.7/26/1852 43y 7m Fleming, Rebecca M., d/o J.B. and L. d.3/02/1843 2m Purviance, Elizabeth, w/o Eliezer d.3/10/1839 56y 2m 16d Donahey, Jane, w/o Samuel A. d.8/17/1855 40y 5m 5d Flesher, John (Smith), s/o (John) and Elizabeth < same style as (Smith) William > d.9/03/1840 4y 3m 12d Persons, Cicero, s/o John L. and Lutichia; aged 1m 3 weeks 6d d.9/26/1838 Walker, Sarah, w/o Joseph d.1/28/1867 57y 9m 3d Footstone: No last name, Little Kate Hardin, John d.1/06/1858 28y 4m 6d Wagoner, Easton M., s/o S. and J.A. d.4/22/1856 1y 5m 5d Hanson, Alexander, husband of Elizabeth d.3/18/1852 58y

Date: 5/30/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
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