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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II -- West Lebanon Cemetery Stacks 5 and 6
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** West Lebanon Cemetery Warren County, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shatell of West Lebanon kept records for the Cemetery Association since 1970. They have for those recent years kept additional records such as full date of birth and death, as well as parents’ and children’s names and brothers and sisters from obituaries. Earlier records contain some information for some burials, but not in order. From the Post Office downtown West Lebanon, go one mile south on Old 63. Turn left and go 4/10 mile. This is a very large cemetery. Block numbers refer to the numbers engraved on the white corner markers at each section. The oldest section is in the northeast corner and is referred to as the Township Section. This cemetery has been tended carefully and broken stones were stacked, not discarded. The stacks were carefully sorted and footstones were matched to headstones. Only footstones with no headstones are included in the list. The stones in stacks are listed together and numbered to show they are out of place. Stack No. 5 Footstones: C.F.H.; K.F.; F.M.C.; J.M.F.; S.M.C. Purviance, William S., s/o J.W> and R. d.4/03/1848 3y 1m 23d Houser, Frances L.J., d/o A.S. and P.J. d.9/08/1855 4y 1m 3d Briggs, Silas s/o Jacob and Lodema d.12/01/1855 2m 20d Briggs, < top broken > d.10/07/1857 11m 1d Higginbotham, Mary E., d/o J.K. and S. d.8/27/1854 2y 6m 4d Carr (in parenthesis), Fayette Mace, s/o J. and A. d.9/12/1856 1m 26d Footstone: F.M.C. McClelland, James R., s/o W. and R.A. d.9/22/1856 9m 25d Dagleish, Alexander d.7/23/1846 46y 1m 13d Billings, William, s/o N. and M. d.6/22/1855 17y 1m 22d Higginbotham, Sarah F., d/o Jas. K. and S. d.9/06/1854 10m Fleming, D.J.E. s/o Jno. D.2/06/1863 23y Houser, Martha J., d/o Abram S. and Priscilla J. d.10/09/1847 7y 9m 11d Fleming, Dr. Williaam [sic] and Eliezer < sandstone marker dates 1838-42 > Billings, Malinda, d/o N. and M. d.3/17/1861 20y 10m 23d Billings, Mrs. Margaret d.9/11/1872 62y 6m 7d Billings, Nathan d.5/12/1855 49y 26d (Page 92) Fisher, Abraham; Cok. I _6 Ind. Vol. < year worn off > 31y 7m Marshall, Ann. w/o E.P. d.1/04/1853 48y 1m 21d Marshall, Edward P. d.9/09/1857 50y 9m 4d Reynolds, James H. d.11/18/1856 25y 11m 19d Reynolds, Laura J., d/o J.H. and S.A. d.9/22/1857 4y 16d Strurel, Mary, w/o Peter d.6/07/1854 30y Simpson, Eleaser C., Co. L. 86 Reg. Ind. Vol. < age broken, poss. d.12/08/1870 31y > Simpson, Allen M., Co. K 135 Reg. Ind. Vol. < age broken off > d.7/16/1863 Bowlus (in parenthesis), Minnie M., d/o J. and (B.) d.10/02/186(9) 11m 21d Bonebrake, Levi d.3/04/1856 40y 9m 3d Bonebrake, Celia C. Stidham, w/o Levi d.4/16/1901 Miller, Lazarus; < two stones > died at Williamsport 2/05/1847 50y 11m 9d Miller, Frances Cogswell Buell, w/o Lazarus 2/04/1807-12/12/1887 80y 10m 8d Flesher, John d.3/09/1875 75y 11m 2d Flesher, Catharine, w/o John d.10/21/1877 68y 1m 18d Moheny, Hannah, w/o timothy d.6/ 1862 37y Warley, Infant d/o C.M. and M.L. 6/11/1884-6/13/1884 Hall, Daniel D. d.9/28/1852 19y 11m 21d Hall, Jane J., w/o D.D. d.4/26/18(7)6 27y 2m 3d < stone by O. Smith > Keiler, Mary, w/o Jacob d.5/29/11843 25y 1m Buell, Doct. Walter d.June or July 1834 < new stone givers 1769-1834 > Buell, Elizabeth, w/o Doct. W. d.10/30/1831 47y Buell, James H., s/o Elizabeth and Walter 1802-1860 Buell, Hannah E., d/o James Frances d.7/23/1834 1y 5m Swank, Henry d.11/05/1864 65y 10m 9d Swank, Sarah, d/o Henry and Susannah d.1/03/1861 24y 4m 24d Snodgrass, (Sarah) d.(9)/26/1871 Snodgrass, Preston F. d.2/14/1855 44y Snodgrass, Mary, w/o Preston d.5/14/1882 74y 3m 15d Frame, John M., s/o S. and M. d.9/19/1851 2m 15d Bristow, Celia, w/o Wm. d.3/08/1835 22y 4m 28d Gubberly or Cubberly, Pritchard A. d.10/29/1865 29y 11m 12d Bell, James d.8/28/1885 83y Bell, Mary d.4/10/1870 79y Bell, Jane d.8/08/1872 72y Snodgrass, Sarah Ann d.8/25/1871 60y Fleming, George S. d.3/24/1880 79y 2m 14d Fleming, Margaret, w/o George d.9/02/18?? 7(7)y (3m) 2d Fleming, Jennie J., d/o John S. and Frances J. d.9/17/1873 17y Crawford, Ruth, d/o J.C. and N. d.1/26/1882 22y Crawford, James d.11/22/1867 57y 5m 21d Crawford, Elizabeth Ann, w/o James d.6/03/1861 28y 4m 5d Williams, Louisa Jane, w/o John B. < no dates; set in concrete > (Page 93) Crawford, Wm. A. 1803-1864 Crawford, Lutita, w/o Wm. 1805-1903 Crawford, Martin F., s/o Wm. and Lutital [sic] d.9/21/1838 8y 10m 17d Armstrong, Ruth H., w/o G.W. d.3/05/1849 26y 9m 5d Armstrong, Elizabeth, d/o G.W. and R.H. d.9/24/184(0, 9 or 6) 11m 18d Biddlecomb, Richard; Capt. Co. E d.1836 85y < rest of service record is warn > Tebbs, Infant s/o F.M. and E.Y. d.11/ 1851 Tebbs, Elizabeth, w/o Dr. F.M. d.3/23/1852 23y 8m 10d McAlilly, Samuel d.2/27/1857 32y 8m 2d Miller, Isablle R. 5/28/1841-6/07/1912 Donahey, William F., s/o J.D. and M.E. d.3/01/1852 1y 9m 5d Miller, Sarah d.7/12/1863 58y 7m 26d Miller, Infant son 6/16/1884-9/24/1884 Miller, Laura F. 10/23/1861-10/29/1874 Carr, Benjamin (both in parenthesis) Mace, s/o (W. and E.) d.3/03/1871 13y 2m 21d Carr, Newell; Co. E 10 Ind. Vol. d.3/26/1863 15y 2m Woodward, Horace, s/o (James) and ? 11m 16d Woodward, Charlie, s/o J.C. and Sarah d.2/11/18(64) (3y 9m 1d) Woodward, Celia J., w/o Josiah C. d.6/05/1851 23y 9m 11d Woodward, William, s/o Josiah and Celia b.&d. 1/07/1848 Hendricks, John D.; Co. d 86 Ind. Vol. 4/06/1833-7/15/1866 Briles, Damaris, w/o J.E. and former wife of J.D. Hendricks 8/14/1838-_________ Woodward, Catherine, w/o E. d.(6)/19/1880 73y 4m (4d) Woodward, Eli; a soldier of 1812 d.4/01/1876 82y 1m 5d Woodward, Rachel, w/o T. d.9/02/1838 85y 2m 8d (Page 94) Stack 6 South Area Footstones: S.A.S.; F.C.; B.M.; M.K.; P.A.G.; H.S.; E.K.; Sandstone, M.F.C. Crawford, Sarah E., d/o J.B. and N.J. d.8/(2)0/185(3) 1m 11d Bonebrake (in parenthesis), Isabell, d/o (S.) & C.C. d.3/08/1852 1y 3m 26d McAlister, _______ d.9/03/1863 1y 6m 23d Ewen, Eleanor, d/o Joseph & Mary (A.) d.8/27/1855 15y 2m 11d Crawford, Mary M., d/o J.H. and E.J. d.3/20/1852 1m 19d Buell, Rossea M., second d/o James H. and Nancy 1/05/1837-12/10/1839 Huston, Caleb F., s/o D. and M.C. d.11/02/1856 1y 2m 26d Fleming, Mary C., d/o W.P.D. and M.E. d.5/26/1857 8y 8m 2d Pennell, Infant d/o J.J. and M.A. d.1/30/1852 2 or 3d Strader, Arnetta C., d/o S. and A.E. d.8/23/1854 22d Crawford, Lutitia, Infant d/o Wm. and Lutitia d.7/11/1832 16m 15d Buell, James H.; b.4/19/1802 in Chilacothie, Ohio his residence was Williamsport d.1/10/1860 57y 9m 1d Buell, Peter S., s/o James H. and Nancy d.8/02/1846 1m 2d Fleming, Rebecca, w/o Peter; b.1/04/1782 d.10/02/1858 at 1:00am 76y 9m 1d Fleming, Peter; Soldier of 1812 d.3/02/1868 85y 1m 16d Frame, Elizabeth, w/o Samuel d.3/12/1834 50y 8m Frame, Celia, d/o E. and M. d.4/04/1834 2m 4d Huston, Infant s/o David and Mary d.6/27/1852 1d Fleming, Mary, d/o D.W. and M.E. d.7/17/1860 7m 7d Fleming, Ida J., d/o D.W. and M.E. d.?/06/1860 7y 2m 22d Frame, Zebuah, d/o C. and M. d.8/23/1845 8y 22d Freshour, Henry d.10/13/1864 40y 1m 13d Freshour, Andrew C., s/o Henry and Mary J. d.8/06/18(5)6 15y 4m 6d Cronkhite, Elijah, s/o L.S. and E.J. d.1/28/1852 11d Cadwallader, Seth d.5/02/1863 38y 4m Pennell, William C., s/o J.J. and M.A. d.4/28/1867 19y 4m 4d Crawford, Eliza J., w/o John H. d.2/27/1852 21y 21m 19d Strader, Ann E., d/o J.L. and M.B. d.4/29/1859 3y 1m 14d Pennell, Martha Ann, w/o James J. d.2/21/1875 52y 6m 21d Frame, Margaret K., d/o Caleb and Matilda d.12/25/1851 5y 7m 20d (Page 95) Higgenbotham, Rev. Oliver Walter d.2/24/1882 Higgenbotham, Nancy Jane, w/o O.W. d.4/27/1857 (19y) Higgenbotham, James K. b.12/10/1807-6/04/1874 66y 5m 19d Higgenbotham, Susannah, w/o Jas. K. d.1/14/1860 29y 23d Higgenbotham, Julia A., d/o Jas. K. and S. d.12/06/1851 or 54 1d Higgenbotham, Mrs. Masal b.1/18/1888-10/17/1937 89y 9m Morgan, George T. (Civil War) d.4/02/1863 33y 3m 8d Lewis, Hannah, w/o Henry d.2/19/1854 45y 1m 14d Briggs, Albert, s/o S.S. and M.H. d.1/26/1869 13y 1m 9d Briggs, Lodema, w/o Jacob d.7/24/1859 45y 2m 4d Briggs, John, s/o Jacob and Lodema d.2/13/185718y 11m Persons, Eliza, d/o J.L. and E. d.11/12/1851 Persons, Eliza, w/o John L. d.9/16/1851 K___o__son, < worn away > Swisher, Sarah A. 11/23/1795-2/17/1872 Wood, Elisha A. 1/17/1778-3/13/18(89) Murphy, John J. d.7/12/1835 31y 9m 11d Biggs, Mary, w/o Lubin d.9/01/1832 27y 2m 14d McAlilly, Richard B., s/o J.J. and E. d.2/20/1834 3y 27d McAlilly, Flamius Josephus, s/o J.J. and E. d.8/01/1834 1y 4m 12d McAlilly, James J., s/o J.J. and E. d.9/03/1839 1y 1m 14d McAlilly, Esther, w/o J.J. d.6/23/1843 39y 6m 19d McAlilly, J.J. d.4/14/1852 53y 2m 9d Cating, Pyrrhus R. d.10/14/1847 11m 7d Cating, Morris 12/17/1821-1/01/1908 Cating, Melissa 1/03/1824-9/22/1847 Cating, Ezerelda 4/20/1820-4/02/1873 Woodward, Sarah Jane d.3/12/1842 15y 7m Billings, Sarah A., w/o H.M.; former w/o H.H. Woodward d.6/15/1876 36y 1m 28d Woodward, Harrison H. d.5/14/1863 22y Baughman, K.H., w/o Dr. J.A. 5/22/1863-6/09/1899 Show, David M. d.8/01/1876 66y 6m 13d Stephens, Henry 12/10/1824-9/29/1900 Ice, James; Co K 33 Reg Ind Vol d.2/18/1863 18y Ice, Harriet d.9/20/1846 20y (5m) 5d End of NE Township Section

Date: 5/30/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
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Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
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