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Title: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions, Volume II--West Lebanon Cemetery Stack No. 6, Blocks 3E and 4E
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**Hint: Use ctrl + f in Firefox to find the name you are looking for** West Lebanon Cemetery Warren County, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shatell of West Lebanon kept records for the Cemetery Association since 1970. They have for those recent years kept additional records such as full date of birth and death, as well as parents’ and children’s names and brothers and sisters from obituaries. Earlier records contain some information for some burials, but not in order. From the Post Office downtown West Lebanon, go one mile south on Old 63. Turn left and go 4/10 mile. This is a very large cemetery. Block numbers refer to the numbers engraved on the white corner markers at each section. The oldest section is in the northeast corner and is referred to as the Township Section. This cemetery has been tended carefully and broken stones were stacked, not discarded. The stacks were carefully sorted and footstones were matched to headstones. Only footstones with no headstones are included in the list. The stones in stacks are listed together and numbered to show they are out of place. (Page 102) Block 3 E Smith, Eliza, w/o J.W. d.1/01/1890 70y 7m 15d Smith, Jas. W. d.5/01/1890 72y 1m 3d Smith, Joseph L. d.12/18/1892 35y 5m 19d Biser, L. Pauline 3/08/1908-9/08/1960 Biser, Victor M. 10/16/1866-6/29/1938 Biser, Almine H. 12/03/1894—7/20/1916 Biser, Infant, s/o V.M. and M.M. < no dates > Biser, Charlotte A.V., w/o David d.1/18/1894 49y 10m 2d Biser, David d.3/03/192082y 3m 8d Anderson, Robert Clinton 12/06/1861-3/18/1922 Anderson, Elizabeth, w/o R.C. < no dates > Kennedy, Cora M. 1876-1963 Kennedy, James H. 1869-1935 Goodwine, Nellie McArthur, w/o Frank J. 4/09/1866-4/12/1893 Murray, Owen 6/15/1889-12/11/1934 Nash, Infant 1954-1954 Kennedy, Grover C. 8/14/1888-2/14/1947 Kennedy, A.C. 11/30-1879-2/10/1943 Kennedy, Sarah C. 11/10/1850-7/08/1924 Jordan, Lowell Martin, s/o C.V. and Lida 6/05/1910-5/08/1920 Knowles, Lida Jane 8/30/1884-9/30/1938 Jordan, C.V. 4/20/1888-4/17/1919 Murray, Andrew Dalton 9/07/1848-11/13/1942 Murray, Gertrude 1/21/1848-3/09/1930 Murray, Florence A. 8/20/1893-7/03/1894 10m 14d Murray, Sarah M., w/o E.J. 1859-1901 Murray, Edwin J. d.11/24/1894 36y 2m 13d Murray, Arnet, s/o E.J. and S.M. d.6/23/1895 4y 6m 20d Goodwine, William H. 5/05/1838-5/02/1915 Goodwine, Dora B. 5/20/1866-9/09/1944 Goodwine, Louise P. 3/20/1890-7/27/1892 Goodwine, W. Harrison “Harry” 6/14/1888-12/13/1906 (Page 103) Johnston, James, born Columbus, Ohio 9/27/1825-6/27/1913 Johnson, M. Louise, w/o James; b. Vincennes, Ind. 9/25/1825-10/08/1894 Cating, Frank W. 1882-1952 Holdredge, David Lee; Calif SM2 US Navy Vietnam PH 2/01/1944-1/16/1969 Keffer, Bertha C. 1889-1972 Cating, Sarah F. 9/10/1853-1/05/1933 Cating, Percy L. 1873-1961 Hunt, Walter B. 1884-1946 Hunt, Joshua; Co G 8th Ind Cav 7/16/1844-1/07/1920 Hunt, Jane, w/o Joshua 10/18/1851-6/19/1924 Hall, Coldbrath d.12/28/1891 < no age > Pioneer minister of Warren Co., Ind. Hall, Marshall d.12/20/1893 < no age > Hall, Sarah H., w/o Rev. C. and d/o Rev. W. Hunt d.3/11/1889 71y 11m 29d Hall, Hiram D., M.D.; Co K 135 Ind Vol d.9/11/1882 35y 9m Goodwine, Elmore, s/o Marion and Blanche d.10/23/1885 6y Goodwine, Marion 42y Goodwine, Sophia, w/o James 9/15/1816-7/25/1888 Goodwine, James 6/19/1812-1/03/1892 Goodwine, Thomas d.4/28/1954 Goodwine, Eliza A. Baird, w/o Thomas b. in Ohio; married 8/27/1834 2/29/1820-8/30/1902 Goodwine, Thomas, b. in Kentucky 7/30/1810-10/02/1872 Goodwine, Wesley, s/o T. and E.A.; Co F 72 Ind Inf d.2/11/1864 23y 1m 7d Goodwine, Wallace W., s/o T. and E.A.; Co H 135 Ind Vol 3/28/1843-6/24/1864 21y 2m 26d died at E___fant Goodwine, John C.; 2nd NY Calvary Goodwine, Elizabeth 10/13/1848-1/22/1870 Goodwine, Jane 8/27/1851-8/21/1870 Goodwine, James S. b.12/07/1836 Goodwine, Rose 11/30/1845-12/18/1914 Goodwine, Julian d.3/12/1857 Goodwine, Scott 10/02/1860-1/21/1883 died at San Antonio, TX Lloyd, Edgar 1867-1934 Lloyd, Charles A., d/o T. and M. d.1/03/1883 19y 5d Lloyd, Mary A., d/o T. and M. 10/02/1851-9/27/1894 Lloyd, Thomas 4/02/1826-10/29/1899 Lloyd, Malinda A., w/o T. 10/26/1828-6/14/1918 Galloway, Mary M. 1855-1938 Galloway, D.E.J. 1850-1918 (Page 104) Galloway, Infant sons of David and Mary; < no dates > Goodwine, Mary Ann 11/06/1837-9/02/1930 Goodwine, James S.; Co E 86 Reg Ind Vol d.3/09/1890 53y 8m 2d Benedict, J.C.E. 1871-1943 Benedict, W.R. 1871-1941 Goodwine, Earl 8/17/1876-2/04/1969 Goodwine, Eula Jones 5/31/1879-11/23/1963 Goodwine, Emma L., s/o Frank 3/17/1852-5/16/1883 Goodwine, Frank; Co K 33rd Ind Vol 12/06/1841-8/31/1888 Goodwine, Geneve 1900-1910 Goodwine, Eleanor, d/o F. and M.J. 10/05/1905-10/06/1905 Goodwine, Infant s/o Fremont and Mary J.; < no dates > Goodwine, Etta A., w/o Fremont 1/28/1858-6/30/1888 Biggs, Richard b.10/02/1907 5d Walker, Augustus C. b.9/01/1823 Zanesville, Ohio; Surgeon of the 63rd Reg Ind Vol; d.5/20/1883 James, David 2/01/1819-12/22/1891 James, Michael W. 2/16/1862-5/28/1892 James, Catherine T., w/o David 8/23/1828-12/04/1890 Reddick, Chauncey B. 10/16/1868-__/__/____ Reddick, Charlotte 10/04/1842-__/__/____ Reddick, Morris M. 9/11/1839-__/__/____ Nodruft, S.A. Remster 1833-1913 Donahey, Mary (Mary in parenthesis) d.7/27/1878 1y 5m 19d Donahey, Bertha d.6/22/18(71) (1y 6m 7d) Mary and Bertha were children of E.P. and E.E. Beymer, Myrtle, d/o W.(R.) and S.J. d.2/01/1881 11y (5m) Dukes, Robert O., s/o S.H. and M.E. d.1/28/1879 1y 3m 14d Dukes, Robert O., s/o S.H. and M.E. d.1/28/1879 1y 3m 14d Dukes, Samuel H.; Co D 20th Ind 10/10/1842-9/15/1927 Dukes, Mary E., w/o S.H. 2/18/1842-9/15/1927 Runyan, John W. d.9/30/1855 38y Runyan, Sarah J., w/o J.W. d.2/04/1891 68y 5m 22d Messmore, Marsienna Chester Messmore, Alta children of Henry and Hattie Weidenhammer, Lesher 1867-1954 Weidenhammer, Hattie 1867-1933 Gilson, Laura J., d/o Frank and Hattie d.8/21/1901 17y 5m 16d Wallace, Alfaretta, d/o J.M. and E.J. d.10/16/1886 23y 5m 2d Wallace, Francis M. d.9/22/1892 56y 9m 6d Wallace, Zabia D., d/o W.H. and M. d.8/16/1884 (11m 3d) Wilson, Maudie, d/o J.W. and M.E. d.8/13/1878 9y Wallace, Mary Martin 12/11/1856-9/11/1918 Wallace, Harrison, s/o J.B. and A.M. 5/31/1882-7/16/1882 (Page 105) Wallace, Adeline, d/o J.B. and A.M. 8/30/1889-9/01/1889 Wallace, Charlie, s/o C.H. and N.J. d.12/01/1900 15y 5m 15d Wallace, Flora Bell, d/o G. and M.M.d.6/01/1874 6d Wallace, Rufus, s/o C.M. and M.M. d.6/14/1884 1y 3m 23d Wallace, James Oscar 1894-1953 Wallace, Benjamin H.; Ind Pvt Air Ser d.11/18/1940 Kiser, Floy, d/o F.A. and N. b.&d.7/10/1887 Kiser, Inis, d/o F.A. and N. d.2/12/1890 1y 5m 29d Hendricks, William J., s/o John L. and (Selma) d.8/03/1895 22y 16d Hendricks, John L. d.4/2(3)/188(3) 56y 1m 9d Hendricks, Sarah J. 9/22/1859-1/03/187(8) Hendricks, Rosa B. 6/24/1861-3/02/1880 Kiger, Mary J. d.9/11/1878 51y 11m 29d Hoskins, Dorothy H. 1889-19__ Hoskins, Marley O. 1895-1979 Hendricks, George May 2/03/1877-8/17/1953 Hendricks, Marlie J. 5/20/1876-5/17/1960 Clarey, Joseph 1855-1925 Clarey, Mary, w/o Joseph 1861-1949 Strickland, Leta Fern 1889-1960 Strickland, J. Lawrence 1892-1972 End of Block 3 Block 4 E Includes Circle and Flag Area (Page 105) Tavener, Bertie, s/o Sarah and Nimrod d.7/14/1876 2m 23d Garwin, Infant of (I.) and L.E. (Garwin in parenthesis) d.(4)/2?/187(8) (1y 11m 2d) Kiser, David M. 1844-1898 Kiser, Mary S. 1852-1923 Goodrick, Elizabeth, w/o G.W. d.12/03/1881 73y 2m 24d Goodrick, George W. 1/25/1812-4/25/1873 61y Pennell, Harvey C. d.1/09/1902 53y Pennell, William F., s/o H.C. and Hettie d.9/29/1890 22y 9m Cronkhite, Edna J. 1888-1933 Cronkhite, Elnora 1921-1926 Cronkhite, Ralph 12/12/1901-1/16/1903 Goodrick, Alonzo A. d.4/18/1898 37y 3m 9d Goodrick, Daisy Dean, d/o E.R. and D. d.10/12/1874 4y 12d Goodrick, E.R. 2/29/1834-7/02/1889 Cronkhite, Delilah, w/o E.R. d.1/18/1906 Lyons, Orpha E. 1895-1907 Lyons, Shirley B. 1901-1918 Lyons, Carrie L. 1871-1940 Lyons, George F. 1857-1930 Lucas, William H.; 160 Reg Ill Vol d.5/29/1883 39y 2m 25d Pugh, Almaretta, d/o J.B. and F.M. d.2/20/1877 20d Pugh, Alfaretta, d/o J.B. and F.M. d.9/06/1879 2y 7m 6d (Page 106) Cronkhite, Stephen; Color bearer Co E 86 Ind Vol wounded at Missionary Ridge d.9/03/1887 47y 19d Cronkhite, Lizzie, w/o S. d.12/23/1877 36y 3m 16d Cronkhite, Henry C., w/o S. and L. d.3/14/1878 1y 8m 2d Cronkhite, Francis M. 6/1845-10/1894 Gray, Minnie A., d/o John and Jane d.12/30/1883 2y 3m 11d Steely, Eva Janette 1879-1943 Fowler, Joseph d.6/05/1899 Fowler, Mary A., w/o Joseph d.9/15/1894 Davis, Bellfield 1817-1907 Longnecker, John 5/11/1852-6/15/1926 Berry, William; Co L or I, 0 Reg Ind Vol d.7/27/1880 58y In Circle Area White, Jacob H.; Co K II Ind Cav Snodgrass, J. H.; Co E 86th Ind Hobart, H.B. A member of Co K 33rd Reg Ind Vol, Served his country one year d.8/10/1865 26y 11m 9d Baker, August W., 1st Segt Company C 179 Reg Ohio Vol Inf d.1/21/1883 __y 10m 25d Mullen, Jerome T.; Co K 33rd Reg Ind Vol d.(3)/16/1887 53y 2m 8d Buell, Alex W.; Co E 86th Ind Vol d.1/04/1898 67y 9m 19d Wilson, Amos O.; Co. B 125 Ill’s Vol Inf 12/25/1844-8/27/1898 McKnight, Robert M., Co G 12th Reg Ohio Vol Inf d.12/07/1898 77y Cating, N. B.; Co K 6th Ind Cav 12/25/1845-11/15/1906 Ingram, John H.; Co G 79 Reg Ill Vol Lee, Albert; 26th Reg US Colored Troops Webb, Della Marie 1910- Webb, Theodore 1900-1976 Simonton, Howard W. 8/08/1917-10/31/1983 Simonton, Eula Irene 1919-1964 Carroll, Charles Timmy d.4/16/1873 89y Easter, Charles E.; ENFN USN 1928-1956 Pearson, Frankie J., s/o S.C. and C.J. d.(4/19/1878) Easter, Annie M. 1906- Easter, Arthur E. 1904-1981 Easter, Nancy b.&d.1969 2m 7d Easter, Michael E.; Ind Sgt Btry F 12 Mar 1 Mar Div, Viet Nam 2/19/1950-1/10/1970 Vawter, Truman C. 1875-1961 Morlan, Teresa 1963-1964 Weddle, Elzie 1881-1961 Weddle, Everett K. 1902- Weddle, M. Helen 1908-1982 Land, James 1931-1961 (Page 107) Land, Paul Raymond, brother of James; Ind SP2 US Army, Korea 7/11/1935-12/24/1961 See, Arthur H.; EM2 US Navy, Viet Nam 6/30/1946-5/20/1878 Spangler, Robert 1926- Spangler, Charlene Zufall 1930-1962 Spangler, Vernnia See 1927- Trent, Raymon Lee; SP5 US Army 7/15/1942-7/02/1974 Hensley, Mildred G. 12/1910-__/____ Hensley, Clifford R. 10/1906-7/1983 Hensley, Evangeline Rae Farrar 1940-1969 Hensley, Johnny Lee, s/o Evangeline 1960-1969 Hensley, Vickie Lynn, d/o Evangeline 1957-1969 Titus, Lena Rose b. &d. 9/29/84 Price, James Lee 1973-1982 Cox, Richard M. 1915-1969 Cox, Madeline 1920-1976 Cox, James M. “Bill” 8/15/1943-12/24/1978 Cox, Bobbie J. 8/15/1942-__/__/____ Watkins, Mildred M. 1905-1982 Watkins, James M. 1910-1966 High, Lester E. 7/13/1950-3/15/1983 High, Sheryll L. d.10/30/1955 High, Christina Ranae 12/20/1975-3/15/1983 Devaux, Patrick Earl, s/o Rodney and Judy d.5/13/1967 Frye, Gracie C. 1912- Frye, Louis J. 1909-1975 Frye, Robert L. 9/01/1961-8/04/1962 Riley, Cynthia Sue, d/o Roger and Donna d. 1/15/1966 Hanover, Geroganna 10/09/1950-3/29/1967 Hanover, George E.; PVT US Army WWII 1/12/1923-1/04/1983 Murphy, Rught 1909- Beer, Deborah Ann 3/01/1846-11/26/1933 Murphy, Ted 1905-1981

Date: 5/30/1985
Origin: Warren County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Record ID: 00003273
Type: Cemetery Record
Source Archive: Jenkins-Knowles
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