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Title: Obituaries Williamsport In. Warren Review- Thursday, February 4, 1892 Edition
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Upon Wednesday evening of last week, news reached this place that Luther Mathers of Green Hill had committed suicide by shooting himself, after attempting to kill his wife. Investigation proved the report to be only too true. From some irregularities on Luther's part, it seems that he and his wife had been separated fro some time, and he had visited her, to see their child on the above date, and had affected a reconciliation and his wife had agreed to return and live with him when under renewed assurances of love he drew a revolver and fired her. But his aim being bad, he missed his mark, and she fainted. It is thought he supposed he had killed her, and turning about, he pointed the weapon at his own temple and dischared it. His aim proved much better and the ball doing its work only too well, he fell almost a lifeless corpse. The coroner's inquest being stated, the verdict being that he came to his death by a pistol shot, fired by his own hand. Such scenes are particularly sad, wherever found, and the more so when they touch our own lives and hearts. The bereaved and sorrow stricken in both Mr. and Mrs. Mathers' families have the heartfelt sympathies of the entire county. It is said that the troubles never come singly and the above is surely exemplified in the following. Upon last Satuday and friends of M.P. Woods were telegraphed for, and his two brothers of Union City, Ind., started at once for this place. Upon reaching Red Key, William, he oldest brother of the family, complained of feeling ill, and was left in the evening at his son's to come on the next morning, while the other brother hastened on here. When he arrived Monday, he found a telegram awaiting him, announcing the death of William. Thus the two brothers go into eternity and as it were, hand in hand. William's wife visited this place a little over a year ago and will be remembered by many of our people. The Coroner's inquest held at Crawfordsville on the body of Col. Melville McKee, the latest victim of the Monon disaster, resulted in an unpleasant dispute and came near ending in a fight. Two hours prior to death, McKee seemed past all danger and his attending physician, Dr. Ensminger, pronounced death due to heart disease, rather than injuries sustained in the wreck. He went to the inquest prepared to substantiate his statement by a post mortem, but Mrs. McKee flatly refused to allow it. The Coroner proceeded with witnesses, and near the close, Dr. Etter, a local physician, created a sensation by asserting the McKee's slow pulse was due to medicine administered by Ensminger, which retarded respiration, and further that he had warned the deceased of the drugs. Dr. Ensminger, who is the railroad's surgeon and a physician of high repute, was righteously indignant at this and a war of words followed, which was ony ended by threatened police interference. The verdict will not be rendered for several days and is awaited with great interest. Mrs. Mary M. Boardman died at her home in this place Friday, Jan. 29, 1892 at 11:30 a.m., of heart trouble at the age of 68 years, three months and twenty-nine days. Mrs. Boardman was born in Pribble County, Ohio near Eaton, Sept. 30th, 1823, where she lived until eight years of age, when she moved with her parents to Fountain County and has since been a resident of the state, living for the last twenty years in this place. She early became a member of the M.E. Church in which she ever lived a consistent, careful Christian, and in death expressed a desire to go to share her reward and join many of her family who had preceded her. The funeral services, conducted by the Rev. J.A. Patterson, were held from the M.E. Church at eleven o'clock Sunday morning after which interment was made in Hillside Cemetery. Raymond, the only son of Charles and Belle Sentman, died at their home in the north part of the city Thursday, Jan. 28, 1892, after a prolonged sickness from diphtheria. He was about nine years old, an unusual bright boy and endeared all to him with whom he came in contact. He was always among the first in his schoolwork, and always found a warm place in the hearts of his teachers and schoolmates. In his death as in many other recent cases in our midst, we are convinced that Death is no respecter of persons, and that when it comes, the sprightly, young and strong must attend the call as weel as the weak and the aged. But the sweet thought is that Raymond has but entered into that more perfect life where he shall forever grow into all that is perfect and lovely and has escaped the trials, which the flesh is heir to. Upon this fact, we can rest assured while the sorrow burdened hearts of mother, father, and friends pour out their grief in tears, that Raymond is happy forever. Mrs. Jennie Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bolivar Robb of West Lebanon, was born near Williamsport on January 10, 1863, and died at her home in West Lebanon on Jan. 24, 1892, at the age of twenty-nine years and fourteen days. She was united in marriage with E.S. Walker on December 25, 1883. In the vigor of perfect health, in the prime of life, with but a few hours warning, the all-wise One saw fit to taker her unto himself. While sadness prevails in the hom and throughout the community, and a grief that cannot be dispelled has come to the hearts of those who loved her, there is a sweet comfor and consolation in the knowledge that she had long before committed her soul to the keeping of the Savior, Jesus. She became a member of the Christian Church at West Lebanon in 1885, was an active church worker and lived a consisten Christian life, believing in the final triumph of the right and in the ultimate reward to those who love and serve the Lord. Her disposition was unassuming and her true worth was known only to those whose lives were nearest hers. Her nature was one of enduring patience, at all time submissive, kind and cheerful. If she had joys, she shared them; if she had sorrows, she kept them. Reared in a Christian home, she carried out in her life the teachings of her childhood and youth, and died in the happy profession of a Christian hope. Martha A. Bowlus, wife of the late Isaiah Bowlus, and daughter of David French deceased, was born in Vermillion County, Ind., Now. 2nd, 1829, and died Jan. 21st, 1892. She was married to Isaiah Bowlus of Warren County, Oct. 13th, 1853. Six children blessed this union. Cleantha, Ida and William preceded her to the better land. Lewis, Arrilla and Nellie are left to mourn the loss of the best mothers. She shared their joys and sympathized in their sorrows. Her conversation always promoted peace and it was difficult for other than friendly feelings to exist in her presence. She was a member of the Christian Church and died in that faith. Her life is well worthy of imitation. She was quiet and unostentatiou, doing good for evil, ministering to the sick and relieving their wants. Many a home has been cheered by her presence. It was by the bedside of the aged mother that she contracted the disease, which resulted in her death. It was hers to watch the spirit take its flight and give consolation to the dying mother. How devoted a daughter and how utterly unselfish she was. God has called her and there is nothing left but a precious memory. Let us cherish that memory and so love that we shall meet our loved one and together spend an eternity of bliss. "The memory of the just is blessed." M.P. Woods, an old and respected citizen of this place, died at his home at 12 o'clock Monday night, from fever induced by a la grippe. The funeral services occur at the residence, conducted by the Rev. Wilmer at one o'clock today.

Date: 2/4/1892
Origin: Warren Review extracted from Microfilm
Author: Sharron Roberts
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Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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