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Title: Obituaries Williamsport IN. Warren Review- Thursday April 7, 1892
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Mrs. Catharine Etnire, long a resident of Williamsport, died at 8 o'clock p.m., March 29th 1892. She was born Nov. 20th, 1806 in the territory of Michigan, near the mouth of Belle River. Her father died during the War of 1812 or was killed, of which we have no date. Her mother, Sarah Robertson, who was an Edward, was left with a large family of young children to provide for by cultivating the small clearing of ground on which they lived, surrounded with Indians, and but few white settlers of Scotch and French. She lived adjacent to frontage of St. Clair River and was occasionally visited with Catholic ministers preaching the gospel. They were continually robbed by predatory bands of Indians and these continually descending St. Clair River in birch-bark canoes proceeding to Ft. Walden on Detroit River on the Canada shore to receive their ammunitions from the British government. Under these distressing circumstances, Grandmother Roberston managed to raise her large family of all boys, except Catharine and Susan, her only daughters. The male portion of the family continued to live and die at or near the old homestead. Catharine became acquainted with Dr. Isaac A. Pomeroy, and was married on the sixteenth day of November 1824, and after the birth of their oldest son Henry R. Pomeroy, they removed to Ohio, and soon became members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and continued in that faith until the day of their death. After living in several places in Ohio, they immigrated to Indiana and settled in Newtown, Fountain County. From thence they went to Rainsville, Warren County and prospered and during this time six other children were born of which but four now survives- Henry R., George, Louisa Ford, and her youngest daughter Sarah C. From Indiana they removed to Springfield, Ill., and afterwards returned to Indiana, owing to the continued ill health of the doctor, who suffered years before his death, and buried at Attica, Ind. Their mother Pomeroy's children had apporached maturity and she continued to labor for the family, assiduously being dependent on her labor for the support and the aid of her children. She became acquainted with Jacob Etnire of Warren County, an ardent Methodist, and through church influences they became wedded and removed to Williamsport after living for a time on his farm. Soon after their removal, Mr. Etnire met with an accident, which rendered him a helpless cripple, and all the cares of the household devolved upon her, sometime there after. Mr. Etnire developed a cancer on the face, which after years ate away his life and left the widow again alone. His death occurred some twenty-two years ago. Her years of devotion to her first and last husbands taxed all her energies and required constant attention during their long illnesses. Her nobility of character was untarnished by a wrong and she was always counseling peace and adhesion to the church. Evidence of the estimation in which she was held, was made manifest by the concourse of people that attended the funeral obsequies, a worthy tribute of her character and standing. The funeral services were held at her residence, conducted by the Rev. Wm Wilmer and assisted by the M.E. Church choir, to whom are due acknowledgment of appreciation of their welcome services, after which interment was made in Hillside Cemetery, where the remains were followed by a large concourse of friends. The young life of Martha Ray Detchon, the little daughter of S.C. Detchon, on of Crawfordsville's wealthiest and best-known citizens, was sacrificed to a glass of the deadly drug of morphine, which the little one accidentally spied and drank. She soon died in terrible convulsions. John Rosebarger fell dead Thursday the 31st ult. He had started to town and got as far as Eldwood Gray's and fell dead. He fell with a piece of carpet over him. Mr. Gray supposing him to be under the influence of liquor, went to assist him, but upon raising the carpet found he was dead. He however had not been drinking. The remains were interred Friday at 2 o'clock in the Rainsville cemetery.

Date: 4/7/1892
Origin: Warren Review extracted from Microfilm
Author: Sharron Roberts
Record ID: 00003358
Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 12/23/2013
Entered By: Chris Brown

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