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Title: Obituaries Williamsport IN. Warren Review - Thursday, December 29, 1892 Edition
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Aaron Vice, who has been lying ill for several weeks past, died from dropsy at his home in this place last Friday morning. The funeral services were held on Saturday afternoon, the Rev. Eli Myers officating, after which interment took place in Hillside Cemetery. The Subject of this sketch was born in Independence, Warren County, Indiana in 1868 and died October 14th, 1892 at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Steadman in the same quiet little town, and home where she first saw the light 24 years before. In the swift rush of events as they moved at the present time, a birth or a death attracts but little attention from the outside world unless it refers to someone of distinction. The future life however reveals not, who shall be called low, unless we expect the words of Christ to his disciples, regarding the will of his father, from which we may reasonably infer that popularity and distinction in this life, if not absolutely certain to follow its possessor beyond the portals of the tomb. There are individuals who seem born to shed sunshine and happiness around them. Their disposition is so sunny and pleasant that they make and keep friends instinctively, without an effort and dying, leave a vacancy that can scarcely be filled. Such a being was Nettie Castor, merry and lively, the soul of every social gathering, and life of her own little circle, wherever she went she was heartily welcomed by all. At the early age of 15 years, she was united in marriage to L. A. Castor, this marriage proving an unhappy one, ending in the seperation of the parties by mutual consent, the wife retaining custody and control of their boy, Bruce. From that time 'till her death, Nettie lived quietly with her mother, both devoting themselves to the task of caring for and rearing the little boy. After two or three pleasant years passed thus, Bruce was taken sick of some infantile disease and passed away after a short illness. Nettie seemed strangly resigned to his death. As a matter of fact she had long known that she had consumption in her system and that in the nature of things only a short interval could elaspe ere mother and child would meet again. She was very fond of music and there was something particulary pathetic in the sight of the little cabinet organ she had used so long, being played on by strangers at her own funeral services. Atteneded by a large circle of mourning friends, she was tenderly consigned to the kindly bosom of old mother earth, where, life's fitful fever over, she sleeps in peace. Prior to her death she had experienced religion and the pease that passeth understanding. So, if the stories of the Holy Book be true, herself and little child are safe within the jasper walls by the crystal sea, where there is no more crying and nor more curse, and the inhabitants never say I am sick, then indeed our loss is her eternal gain.

Date: 12/29/1892
Origin: Warren Review extracted from micro film
Author: Sharen Roberts
Record ID: 00003390
Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 1/21/2014
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