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Title: Obituaries Williamsport, IN. Warren Review-Thursday, February 9, 1893 Edition
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Nina M. French was born March 15th, 1890, died January 27th, 1893 aged two years, ten months and twelve days, after an illness of fourteen days of brain fever. Why she was called we do not and cannot say. We only know that God saw fit to take her to him to dwell with angels. It is our duty to be reconciled to his will, knowing that He doeth all things well. Little Nina, through her sickness knew of all her sufferings. She would say, "Poor little Nina is so sick." All was done that parents and kind friends could do, but all in vain. She was bright little child. Her place is vacant at the table, her little voice is stilled, never more can her little form be seen on earth. What is our loss is God's gain. David Sanders of Jordan who has been a sufferer for more than a year fromrheumatism, died recently at his home in Jordan Township. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cal Brown died at their home last Saturday morning from fever. Interment took place at State Line Sunday. Mrs. James Schermerhorn, who with her husband and family but recently moved from their farm near Kickapoo, this county, to Attica, died at their home in the above city at noon Sunday from cancer. Mrs. Schermerhorn has been ill for some time, but it was not known that death was so near. Ther funeral services took place Wednesday, after which interment took place at the Newtown Cemetery, the family burning ground. Mr. Schermerhorn and his bereved ones have the sympathies of his many warm friends in this county upon this their greatest sorrows. Found Dead in His Bed. Last Saturday morning, the county coroner, Warren U. Yeagy, of this place, received notice that Lyman Goddard, a resident of State Line, had been found dead in his bed and that an inquest was desired. The Coroner in company with Capt. Fisher, left by the morning train and made the following examination of witnesses: Mary J. Duncan, being duly sworn on her oath, says: "That she is the daughter of deceased, and that Lyman Goddard was living with her in State Line, and that on the morning of February fourth, 1893, at 2:30 o'clock, she went to his room to see how he was getting along, as he had not been well for a year or more, and that he told her that he was resting very comfortably, and for her to go and lie down and get some rest. I think he died of dropsy of the heart. It was 7 o'clock when I found him dead." William A. Crooks being duly sworn says: "I was there in two minutes after he was found dead, and he looked like he had died without a struggle of any kind." A. M. Porter, M. D. Says: "I hereby certify that I have been frequently called to visit Lyman Goddard within the last year and a half. That he has been suffering with valvular diseases of the heart with regurgitation and a general depresial effusion as a sequence, and I have considered him liable to die of heart failure at any time during the period named, and that was the immediate cause of his sudden death, as I verily believe." At the close of the above examination, the Coroner made the following report: "That the true name of said person found dead was Lyman Goddard; that at the time of his death he was about 70 years old, that he was about 5 feet, 9 inches high, that he was dark of complexion, was in his underclothing when found, and that no property or valuables of any kind whatever, was found in his possession, and that deceased came to his death the morning of February 4th, 1893 from heart failure." In addition to the above facts, we learn that Mr. Goddard was formerly an old resident and businessman of Attica, but that he has lived several years with his daughter in State Line, this county. The funeral services were held Sunday from the above place. Death of Hessie Grey. Mrs. Grey, wife of Semor Grey, passed from earth to that heavenly rest, Sunday evening at five o'clock, January 22nd. She was taken sick Saturday night, but not serious. She sat in her chair only a few hours before death, and when urged to call a doctor, she replied, "Wait until morning, I will doctor myself this evening." As near as could be ascertained, death was caused from a congestive chill. Mrs. Grey was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rhode, was born in Warren County, July 10th, 1828, was married to Semor Grey when sixteen years of age, was the mother of six children, of which four boys still survive to feel the loss of a dear mother. She also leaves one aged brother, five daughters-in-law and a number of grandchildren. May they comfort the father in his loneliness. The funeral services were held by the Rev. Wm Wilmer after which the remains were laid to rest in the Grey Cemetery. She was a most kind wife and mother, was beloved by all who knew her. We, as neighbors and friends, feel that one has passed from our midst that will be greatly missed, as she was always ready to lend a helping hand and offer comforting words to those in need. Not an enemy has she left behind, but many friends to sympathize with the bereaved family. We would say unto them, follow in thy mother's footsteps, turn your back to the sins of the world, be guided by the power of Him on high, who is ever ready to help you, and when this life is ended, may you be prepared to meet the dear companion and mother at the sunset gates of gold. Dear children, remember she was spared to you through childhood, guided you footsteps and taught you right from wrong, and may you ever remember her teachings. Once her arm was thy support, now it is cold in death. She has passed beyond our sight, gone to the blessed many mansions in the sky, where no night or dreary winters ever come.

Date: 2/9/1893
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