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Title: Obituaries Williamsport, IN. Warren review- Thursday, september 21, 1893 Edition
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An ilegitimate son of the noted Warren County desperado, Simeon Gerard, who, our citizens will remember, met his death at the hand of a posse a few years ago on the banks of Kickapoo Creek, about four miles north of here, has sworn to avenge the death of his father. Henry Watkins, an uncle of the boy, who lives near Brookston, with whom young Gerard has made his home since boyhood, says the boy reached his majority about two weeks ago and then swore to avenge his father's death by seeking out and killing all parties concerned. He requested-almost demanded- Watkins to be a party to his nefarious plans and upon a flat refusal he vowed not only to kill the men who slew his father, but to get even with him (Watkins) also. From Watkins' house young Gerard went to a neighbor's, Dennis Frazier, at whose place Watkins' daughter, age 16, was employed. He called for the young lad stating that he had a message from her father and the pair walked to the edge of the woods where they were seen a short time after, cracking walnuts. That was the last seen of them. The Frazier family becoming alarmed at the girl's continued absence notified her father. Thinking they had gone to the old home at Independence, Mr.Watkins started in pursuit, stopping at Lafayette and consulting with Prosecutor Wood who advised him to come to this city and get out a warrant for abduction and send the officials after the pair. Watkins came to Indepence where he was informed that young Gerard had crossed the river at the place, but was alone and his intention was to go to Illinois. Search was instituted in the state, but availed nothing and no clue could be obtained of either him or the girl. Mr. Watkins thinks the girl has either been killed or held against her wished in order that young Gerard may be avenged upon his uncle for refusing to aid him in his plans of revenge. Such a man at large is a menace to any community and he should be apprehended in his career as soon as possible.

Date: 9/21/1893
Origin: Warren Review extracted from microfilm
Author: Sharon Roberts
Record ID: 00003425
Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 2/25/2014
Entered By: Chris Brown

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