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Title: Obituaries Williamsport, IN. Warren Review- Thursday, August 23, 1894 Edition
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The infant of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Odle diedat their home in this place Monday evening. The child has never been strong and its death is no surprise to the public. The funeral and burial services were held tuesday afternoon. The litter 18 months old child of W. B. Young, living in Liberty Township, was buried Sunday. The usual summer complaint was the cause. The infant of Joe Bailey of the Old Town died Saturday evening and was buried Sunday afternoon. During the storm last Saturday afternoon, John Bell and his force, consisting of Peppers, Hecock and Glover, who were engaged in making brick one mile south of Attica on the Newtown Road, took shelter under the sheds. In the height of the storm a bolt seems to have descended and all four of the men were knocked senseless, falling into the water and mud, which filled the trenches about the shed. Peppers, who is well known here, having been a resident of this place, was the first to regain consciousness and getting on his feet, he dragged the others out of the water, thus preventing their suffocation. In due time all except Glover were restored to consciousness, medical aid being summoned by a passer-by. He was taken home in the buggy of Samuel Abolt of this county, who happened to be stopping at the Staffor residence out of the storm, and it was not until about 3 a.m. Sunday that Glover regianed consciousness, and he is stil at times not in his right mind. The rest of the party was thought to be only slightly injured, but Bell grew worse Sunday morning and died early Monday. Our reporter visited the scene Sunday and no trace of the lightning could be seen anywhere, and the theory is that the concussion was so great from an aerial explosion that the men were injured and killed from the shock. Mr. Bell was a highly respected citizen and well known throughout both counties. The funeral services were held Tuesday.

Date: 8/23/1894
Origin: Warren Review Extracted from Microfilm
Author: Sharon Roberts
Record ID: 00003468
Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 3/11/2014
Entered By: Chris Brown

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