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Title: Obituaries Williamsport, IN. Warren Review - Thursday, January 7, 1897 Edition
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One of Crawfordville's best known and most popular citizens met with an accident last Friday that cost him his life and cast a gloom of sorrow over the city. Mr. W. B. Hardee started out Friday afternoon with a gun, telling his wife he was going rabbit hunting and would return at 3 o'clock. When he did not return at the appointed time, Mrs. H. became uneasy, and when night came and he was still absent the alarm was given and hunting parties started out in all directions. It was not until near midnight that the searches found his dead body lying near a fence just outside the city limits. The gun was on the opposite side of the fence. There was a bullet hole in his temple, and from appearances of the fence it is believed the accident was caused by a rail falling off the fence striking the gun and causing it to explode the cartridge. Two boys saw and talked to Mr. Hardee just a few minutes before the accident and heard the shot, but as they were skating on a small pool and there were high grounds between them and where they heard the shot, they did not see the accident and supposed Mr. H. had fired at a rabbit. Mr. Hardee leaves a wife and daughter. The widow was formerly the wife of R. E. Ray, who was in the shoe business here a few years ago. Mrs. Dr. Hapkins, the second oldest sister of Jacob Sheffer and for many years a resident of Williamsport, died at the resident of her son in St. Louis, Friday, January 1st, aged about 71 years. The remains were brought to this place Sunday morning and interred beside those of her husband, who died about five years ago at Champaign, Ill., in Hillside Cemetery. Mrs. Hopkins was a prominent worker in the Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, where her funeral services will be held next Sunday morning. William Hamilton, son of the late W. L. Hamilton, aged about 22 years and operator of the elevator at Marshfield, died at his home in the above place at noon Tuesday from pneumonia following upon a severe cold. He had been ill only since last Thursday. He was a yound man of exceptional business ability and highly respected and his death is a sad blow to the family and locality. The funeral services will be held at 10:30 Friday morning. Rheuben Warbritton of Liberty Township, aged 83 years, died at his home near the Indiana Mineral Sprins Saturday morning, January 2nd, 1897. His good wife, who was an aunt of D. C. Boggs of this city, died about a year ago. The family remaining consists of five boys and four girls, all of which are living. He owned considerable land in the vicinity of his home. The burial ceremonies were held from his late residence Sunday afternoon after which interment was made in the Keister Cemetery in the above Township. Parke County is again to the front with another muder case. We take the following from the Veedersburg News concerning the matter: "Sunday evening, Jack Crowder, a worthless fellow who occasionally worked at coal mining, went to the home of his father-in-law, Lige Bennett in Howard Township. The object of his going was to try to get his wife, who had left him, to go and live with him again. This she refused to do, as she says Jack had been brutal to her. He started to force her to go, when her father who was an old man, defended her and ordered Crowder out of the house. He refused to go and the old man started toward him to put him out when Crowder drew from his picket a large rock and threw it at Bennett with all his force. His aim was well taken, as the rock hit Bennett directly in the center of the forehead, crushing his skull. Bennett fell to the floor unconscious and Crowder left the house and made his escape. Bennett lingered between life and death until Tuesday evening when he died, never having regained consciousness." Crowder went to work in the mines at Silverwood and was there arrested on Wednesday. He claims he acted in self-defense. Crowder is said to be a worthless fellow and has lived all his life in the south part of Fountain County.

Date: 1/7/1897
Origin: Warren Review extracted from microfilm
Author: Sharon Roberts
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Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 5/6/2014
Entered By: Chris Brown

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