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Title: Obituaries Williamsport IN, Warren Review Thursday, December 3, 1896 Edition
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R. R. Gregory was stricken with paralysis about 4 p.m. Tuesday in the Republican office and was taken home later in the day. He has never rallied and his physicians say he cannot recover, death being only a question of a little time with him. Later: Mr. Gregory died at the home of his mother in this place at 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. The funeral services conducted by Rev. C. L. Harper will be held from the M. E. Church at 2 p.m., Friday. Interment will take place in Hillside Cemetery. John Grolo died at his home in Pine Village Nov. 30th, 1896. He was born in the province of Ontario, Canada, adn was 78 years, 10 months and 29 days old at the time of his death. He was permitted to live with is good wife over 52 years. Five children survive him. The funeral services conducted by Rev. D. A. Rodgers were held from the M. E. Church in the above place Tuesday, interment being made in the Gaskell Cemetery. Mr. Grolo was a good citizen and possessed many good qualities which made him a host of friends who mourn his death. Mrs. Annie Ford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Ridenour, died at the home of her parents in Prairie township Monday morning at 9 o'clock after but a short illness. She visited friends in and about this place last week returning home last Friday. She was taken with a relapse of her old trouble from which she has been ill for some time and coma resulting. The funeral services were held Wednesday. And now the spirit of Clara Shanks boldly walks in the vicinity of Wolf Creek Falls and bathes in the limpid waters of the pool. Here is food for the sensationalist and rich topic for the News man. Her ghost, like that of Banco, will not down. The death last week of the Rev. James Miler, formerly pastor of the M. E. Churches at Ridge Farm, Rossville, adn Danville, Ill., removes a man well known to Vermillion County. On February 2, 1884, Tom Gary, Pat Keefe and others were drinkign in a saloon at Alcan. The fun was kept up peacefully for a while, but finally the venomous vipers in the poisonous rim began to show their real nature, and the end of the spree resulted in the death of Keefe at the hands of Gary. The murderer disappeared without arrest and his whereabouts were unknown until a few months ago a policeman of this city found him on the railroad near Mill Street in the capacity of a first class tramp. The policeman knew him and immediately arrested him. His trial was held in the circuit court last Monday and a jury of twelve men found him guilty and assessed his punishment at two years in the penitentiary at Chester. --Danville Sentinel Rockville, Nov. 27-The Clara Shanks murder case, which resulted in one of the most sensational trials ever held in the Vigo Circuit Court, has broken afresh in Parke County. The latest developments are interesting in the extreme. Mrs. Elizabeth Shanks and Mrs. L. J. Keller, mothers respectively of the murdered girl and of Dan and Maggie Keller, met by chance one day this week at the junction of the roads near the Shanks residence. They immediately became involved in a quarrel; both being keenly sensitive of their troubles and exciting enounter was the outcome. Mrs. Keller seemed greatly troubled over the departure of her daughter Maggie, who it is said was recently compelled to leave the neighborhood because of public sentiment, while Mrs. Shanks has a gloom of despondency hanging over her, caused by teh loss of her daughter, which seems to be a fire that cannot be quenched. The encounter of the two women has served to further agitate the bitterness already existing in the community, and in this high state of excitement the people have now been fanned to a fever heat by a report that the spirit of the murdered girl is seen to walk nightly near Wolf Creek Falls, a fitting scene for murder, and can easily by made into a curdling picture of the woman in white who is now said to flit about the falls by night, disappearing in the pool where Clara Shank's dead body was found. So profound an impression has the report created an so many reliable witnesses have been found, who solemnly aver that they have seen this specter, that there a few brave enough to risk a trip by the falls after dark.

Date: 12/3/1896
Origin: Warren Review Extracted from Microfilm
Author: Sharon Roberts
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Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 5/6/2014
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