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Title: Obituaries Williamsport, IN. Warren Review- Thursday, September 2, 1897 Edition
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Wm Best, who resides at Kentland, father of Mrs. Henry Karst of Williamsport, met with an accident Monday that resulted in the breaking of two ribs. Mr. Best is seventy-five years old, which fact causes alarm as to the serious results that might follow. Later-Mr. Karst received a telegram last evening about four o'clock, announcing the death of Mr. Best, which had just occurred. The funeral of Dr. Jones, who died at Covington last Thursday, occurred Sunday afternoon. He was buried with Knight Templar honors. It was one of the largest funerals that ever occurred in the county. There were more than two hundred Masons in line. The Williamsport lodge was well represented. The doctor was a leading practitioner of fountain county and a man who was held in high esteem by all who knew him. The following, concerning the late John M. Carson, father of our esteemed townsman, W. t. Carson, is taken from the Idaville Observer: After eight days illness, John M. Carson, one of Idaville's oldest and best-respected citizens died at his home on South Main St., Wednesday night at midnight from kidney complaint. He was taken ill two weeks ago tonight and owing to his advanced age, his condition never improved much. He became unconscious three days before his death and reason never returned. His family and relatives were summoned and around his bedside his loved ones waited and watched the dimly burning spark of life burn slowly away and lose its glow in the darkness of eternity. His death came as peacefully as slumber falls on the heavy eyelids of a weary child. There was no evidence of dissolution showing that the aged man's spirit was at the point where body and soul part company for an endless time, but his last breath was as firm and full and even as if strong in life. There was no sudden break in the mechanism of the body to snap the threads of life rudely, but the quiet wearing away of the many parts touched the vital flame, stilling forever the feeble, flickering pulse of life and chilling to clay the aged body. Death had come and within that circle of bowed heads and bleeding hearts all that was mortal of John M. Carson rested free from the cares of life and the turmoils of time. With one fell swoop, the angel with the blighting asphodel had touched that happy family circle and born to the bosom of his Father and his God the spirit of its gray haired and honored sire. Life to him had been long and of its joys and sorrows, he has had his share. He had seen this locality, the spot of his choice, bloom to broad fertile fields and gardens from the wild wilderness of forests and his own strong arm had borne its share of the burden. Like a good shepherd he had watched and tended his beloved flock and long ago had the pleasure of seeing them branch out and take their places in the active world of business. His life's work was as nearly finished as one could be and long ago he had ceased to be a factor in the mad struggle for this world's goods. The companionship of his beloved wife and grandchildren, and his communion with his Maker were his chief enjoyments. Those he has left behind will miss him but not for anything he has left undone. He had lived his time, fought a good fight, and when the death angel called him, he was ready to cross to the other shore and there await the inevitable coiming of those loved ones who tarry yet on this side of the darkly flowing river of time. he was bureied on the family lot in the Idaville Cemetery Friday afternoon at two o'clock. The funeral sermon was preached thereafter by the resident minister, Rev. Baily in the United Presbyterian Church.

Date: 9/2/1897
Origin: Warren Review Extracted from Microfilm
Author: Sharon Roberts
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Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 6/24/2014
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