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Title: Williamsport, IN Warren Review Thursday, March 21, 1901 Edition
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Miss Luella Scott This young lady was born in Kansas, October 12, 1882, and died at home of her parents in Liberty Township Friday, March 15, 1901, aged 18 years, 5 months, and 3 days. she had been ill from typhoid fever for five weeks and was recovering, but falling out of bed caused the rupture of the intestines affected from which she bled to death. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Hanson of Attica at the family residence last Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Remains were interred in the Benson Cemetery. Dr. J. DeHart was the attending physician. Mrs. Mattie Warner Deceased was the wife of Jacob Warner of Liberty Township. She was born on Ohio, October 13, 1844, and died at her home in that township Tuesday, March 12, 1901, aged 56 years, 4 months and 12 days. The funeral services were held at the Elm Grove Church at 9 o'clock a.m., on Thursday, March 14, 1901, Rev. J. N. Greene officiating. She had been ill two years and her death resulted from cancer. She leaves a husband. Interment was made in the Benson Cemetery. Dr. DeHart was her physician. Rev. Joel Cowgill This gentleman resided at Green Hill for many years and was well and favorably known in the upper part of this county, for a long time being the pastor of the U. B. church there. He had not been in good health for a year prior to death and was taken with a chill Monday of last week, which did not leave him until the following day at noon. He died at his home in Green Hill Monday Morning at 5 o'clock, Dr. Vick attending him as his physician. He leaves a wife and several children. He had been married three times, his first wife being a Miss Talbot. The second wife was a Miss Timmons and after her death he was united in marriage to a sister of hers. His last wife survives him and also nine children, all of whom were present at his death. He was in his 73d year, and his ailment was the grip and lung complications. His surviving children are: Mrs. Eva Meisenholder living north Independence; Newton, engaged in the newspaper business at Sheridan, Ind.; Solon, who lives near Kingman, Ind.; Mrs. Belle Downs, who resides at Battle Ground, Ind.; Henry, Will, Frank and Jessie, all of whom live at home, and Mrs. Lizzie McGahan, of Medina Township. Deceased was a true Christian gentleman and his death removes one of the county's best citizens. Mrs. Margaret Malada Deceased resided in Prairie Township. She was born in Ireland March 17, 1833, and died Thursday, March 14, 1901, aged 67 years, 11 months and 28 days. she died after an illness of only four days from grip and complications, which followed. She was a widow. her husband dying several years ago. The funeral was held at the Catholic Church in Attica Sunday, March 17 1901, Father Van Schrader officiating. Remains were interred in the Catholic Cemetery at Attica. Her attending physician was Dr. S. C. Fenton of Boswell, Ind. Miss Avaline Fleming Deceased was born in Ohio and came to Indiana in 1852, Locating in West Lebanon, than known as Lebanon. She died at the home of her nieces, the daughters of the late William Bell of that place, her demise occurring Friday, March 8th, 1901, after an illness if inly a half hour. As soon as she was found to be ill, the physician was called, but before he could get there she was dead. Her illness and death were painless. She was a sister of Dr. Jackson Fleming, Captain Dick Fleming, Hamilton Fleming and the late Mrs. Wm Bell. For many years she had made her home with the Bell family. Her death removes the last representative of this large family, she being the last and only survivor. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Guthrie of Muncie, Ind., Sunday, March 10, 1901, at 3 p.m., and interment was made in the cemetery at that place. Deceased was 73 years of age. Mrs. Adele F. Messner This lady, after great suffering for over a year, departed this life at the family residence on East Third Street Monday evening at 7 o'clock. The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the late home of the deceased, Rev. L. C. Bentley of Brazil, Ind., officiating, assisted by Rev. J. N. Green and Rev. Wm Wilmer. Interment was made in Hillside Cemetery. Obituary Mrs. Sarah E. Chandler-Dickson was born at Norwalk, Ohio, January 1, 1832, and died at Richmond, Ind., February 15, 1901, aged 69 years, 1 month and 15 days. She was the daughter of Robert A. and Mary Dodd Chandler who came from New Jersey to this county at an early date, and whose names like the names of their families before them, to remote generations, are connected with courage, heroism, patriotism, purity, industry and honor. At the age of sixteen she was happily converted and joined the Methodist Church and lived ever after such a pure holy life, that to us who knew her best, to think or speak of her, seemed like thinking or speaking of that which was sacred. June 30, 1852, she was united in marriage to Isaac N. Dickson and Lovers were never more devoted than they, during their twenty-five years of married life. in about1855 they moved to Kankakee, Ill. To them were two sons and two daughters. Death claimed first the youngest son, Robert, Next the Husband, then the talented eldest son, John W., who had graduated from German school as valedictorian, graduated from Evanston, could speak fluently Greek, Latin, German, French and Spanish. Mrs. Dickson never recovered from the loss of this "only son" of his mother and she a widow. Two lonely daughters survive her. Miss Helen Dickson and Mrs. Florence Bertsch of Terre Haute. She was a sister to Mrs. Lydia E. Joiner of Watseka; Mrs. Laura Allen of Gilman; Mrs. Caroline Hodgin of Richmond; Mrs. Florence Gregory of Williamsport. By Mr. Chandler's second marriage she was half sister to Mrs. Rose Smith and Mrs. Ella Smith, Robert A. and Henry Chandler. She had a cheerful disposition surprising us ever with her happy vein of humor. She was an invalid for twenty years, but so patient and cheerful was the spirit she manifested that her letters to her friends were like beautiful loving visits. When told that she had but a few hours to live, she said "If this is death, isn't it glorious." again she said, "Tell my sisters to meet me on the othe side where I trust we shall have a loving greeting." After this she related the incident of Scotch shepherd who was dying and whose pastor to comfort him read and explained the 23 Psalm. Telling him that he, living on the mountains had seen the shadows that the mountain would cast in the valley. "oh!' Exclaimed the shepherd, "I see, death is but a shadow," So, she said, death was with her, but a shadow. With his childlike faith she leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes to this world of pain and sadness, fell asleep, and her spirit, led by the good shepherd, passed beyond "the shadow" to the "Evergreen mountains of life."

Date: 3/21/1901
Origin: Warren Review Extracted from Microfilm
Author: Sharon Roberts
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Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
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