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Title: Williamsport, IN Warren Review Thursday, September 24, 1903 Edition
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Another Victim- Wednesday morning at 11:30 o'clock John W. Kiger, of Pine Township, aged 53 years, attempted to cross the Lake Erie & Western Ry. Track ahead of the fast train bound west, at the Chase crossing, three miles east of Boswell, and was killed instantly. The wagon was exactly on the track and Kiger was standing up urging his horses across by whipping them with the lines. The horses were torn loose from the wagon, every tug being broken, but the horses were not hurt. Kiger was thrown 300 feet and his injuries were about the head. He leaves a wife and several children. Funeral tomorrow, Friday at Pine Village. Died- Eugene Fiegle, of Green Hill, died at his home yesterday from consumption after a protracted illness. He had been in the South for sometime for his health, but failed to receive any benefit and had to be brought home to die. He had been a leading businessman of Green Hill. He was about 30 years of age and leaves a wife and two children. His mother was born in Germany and was great friend of the late Mrs. Jno. Bader, the mother of Wm J. and John Bader, of this place. Funeral services will be held in the Armstrong chapel at 10 a.m. Saturday, and interment will be made in the Armstrong cemetery. The David Sever Will- By the will of the late David Sever, of this county, Samuel Cole, of Independence, is made the executor of the estate, and after all just debts, including the expenses of the last sickness and funeral, are paid, the residue is bequeathed to the widow, Mrs. Nancy Sever. He also provides for a suitable gravestone or monument for the grave. The witnesses to the will are James W. Gray and Charles W. Michael, M.D., all of Independence.

Date: 9/24/1903
Origin: Warren Review Extracted from Microfilm
Author: Sharron Roberts
Record ID: 00003851
Type: Obituary
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 7/2/2015
Entered By: Chris Brown

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