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Title: History of the West Lebanon High School
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Our High School was originated in the year 1885 with Mr. Fremont Goodwine as the first Superintendent. In the next few years entertainments and festivals were held for the purpose of raising money to buy books. Now the school has a very nice collection of books and enjoys the use of a school library.

The year 1905 is a very important one in the history of the school as quite a number of improvements were made. Two rooms were built to the west, due to the continual growth of the school, a new heating plant was installed so that we now enjoy steam heat, a piano was put in the high school as an aid to the music course which was at the time one of the new things added to the course.

Again in 1910 we had some additions. Fire escapes were added so that each room has a way of escaping in case of dangers. A pressure boiler was added so that now we ahve the water wupply the same as the city school enjoys.

We are on the list of Commissioned schools and as time has gone on a great amount of money had been expended for the supplies that are needed in the Labratory which means that we are not going backward but are keeping up with the times and are meeting the requirements of the law and mean to stay on the list.

In the year 1913 quite a number of good books were added and in addition the school was presented with a number of good bookcases by Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Farden. Mr. and Mrs. Farden will long be remembered as benefactors in the school and especially in the library.

In the year 1913-14 under the Superintendency of Mr. Sarig, Agriculture and Domestic Science were added and the pupils and people took quite an interest in the new work which was to draw the home and the school into closer relationship. The following year in accordance with the laws of our state Manual Training was added. The South room was taken as a place for the industrial work and it is no uncommon thing to smell the odor of the kitchen or hear the ring of the carpenter's tools.

In this new work we have had a number of donations from the people of the town and the community and now we wish to express our thanks and extend our gratitude to all have been an aid in building up the school and its several parts.

Date: 5/30/1915
Origin: Maple Leaves
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Type: Yearbook
Source Archive: Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
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