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Title: The Crone Reunion
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August 23, 1936

1. Dr. A. R. Kerr
2. Mrs. Irene Hall Crone
3. Jeanette Landis
4. Wm. D. Brenner
5. Dr. Ira Cole
6. Glen Evans
7. Russell Landis
8. Fremont Moore
9. Edward G. Crone
10. J. Hall Crone
11. Robert L. Crone
12. John H. Day
13. Anna Jean Crone
14. Billy Cole
15. Mrs. Kathryn P. Crone
16. Clarke T. Crone
17. Laurence F. Crone Sr.
18. Mrs. Grace E. Crone
19. Mrs. Ruby D. Landis
20. Mrs. Juanita D. Kerr
21. Oleara Biggs
22. Mrs. Mable B. Cole
23. Berniece Moore
24. Mrs. Ruth B. Brenner
25. Berniece Crone
26. Marjorie Crone
27. Doris Larrabee
28. W. Farr Day
29. Dorothy Crone
30. John B. Crone
31. Mrs. Faith B. Hobart
32. Jimmie D. Hobart
33. Floyd B. Hobart
34. Fred L. Crone
35. Mrs. Phyllis Crone
36. Chas. T. Crone
37. Mrs. Rose A. C. Day
38. Herman E. Day
39. Alta Crone
40. Stella E. Klein
41. Mrs. Lela Crone
42. Harry Crone
43. Mrs. Madeleine H. Darling
44. Virgil Darling
45. Mrs. Ivah B. Evans
46. Charlotte Evans
47. Louise Moore
48. Pauline Biser
49. Beatrice Biser
50. Victor M. Biser
51. Mrs. Fanny B. Briggs
52. Mrs. Grace B. Brenner
53. Estella M. Crone
54. Mrs. Lauretta C. Hobart
55. John W. Crone
56. Mrs. Georgia C. Klein
57. Mrs. Anna Farr Crone
58. Mrs. Minnie M. Day
59. Mrs. Flora C. Moore
60. Geo. E. Moore
61. Boyd M. Crone
62. Laura Ellen Day
63. James Roy Kerr
64. Chas. B. Landis
65. Harriett Hobart
66. Susanna Lee Crone
67. Marianna Crone
68. Martha Hobart
69. Laurence Crone Jr.
70. Maurice Darling
71. Prisalla Kerr
72. Catherine Darling
73. Mary L. Mobler
74. Betty Lou Biggs
75. Ruth LeMoyne Landis
76. Thomas B. Crone

[captions transcribed from typed notes on back of picture. Numbers correspond to numbers on photograph]

[Anna Jean (Crone) Hunter says this new brick home belonged to John W. Crone (her grandfather) and replaced a wooden home which burned down. The home is located between West Lebanon and Marshfield; in 2001 Larry Weston lived there.]

Date: 8/23/1936
Origin: unknown
Record ID: 00000887
Type: Photograph
Source Archive: Hunter Family
Date Entered: 8/10/2001
Collection: H. Park & Anna Jean Hunter
Entered By: M. Park Hunter

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