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Title: A Jack Stinson Story
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Submitted by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Salts
Taken from Attica Ledger-Tribune April 5, 1940

This is a story of Warren County in its early history. It seems that John Stephenson, also known as Jack Stinson, an eccentric character of the county, one night returning home late saw light in the building that should have been dark. Investigating, he found that several leading citizens playing poker, and if there was one thing this gentleman liked better than playing poker, it playing more poker. He applied for admission to the game and was refused. From a convenient pile of rocks nearby he secured ammunition for a bombardement of the building and the game. The next day he was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken before the Justice of the Peace. He did not deny the charge but demanded to be heard. He told of the passing the building and investigating the light, discovering a poker game in progress and, remonstrating with the players for violating the law, was treated in a profane and abusive manner. He declared he regarded the game as "unmitigated nuisance" and stone it, shouting in conclusion, "Your honor, I consider it the most commendable act of my life!" "Case dismissed," said His Honor, red faced and perspiring. The Justice was one of the players in the game.

Date: 4/1/1990
Origin: Backward Glances
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