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Title: Jacob M. Rhode
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The history of Warren county, Indiana, is not a very old one, comparatively speaking. It is the record of the steady growth of a community planted in the wilderness less than a century ago and has reached its magnitude of today without other aids than those of industry. The people who redeemed its wilderness fastnesses were strong-armed, hardy sons of the soil who hesitated at no difficulty and for whom hardships had little to appall. Jacob M. Rhode, one of the venerable and well known agriculturists of Warren township, is one of these worthy pioneers, being one of our oldest native-born sons. Here he has labored long and well, helped transform the county from a wild and far-reaching forest to one of the leading farming communities of the Hoosier state, and he tells many interesting stories of early life here when the country and the people were different, and, shall we say, for the most part better? Doubtless he and others who lived in that remote period will say so at least.

Mr. Rhode was born on the same farm where he now lives, on the Pine Village road, about a mile from Winthrop, Warren county, Indiana, on September 17, 1833, in a log cabin. He is the son of William and Sarah (Murray) Rhode, who came from oe of the Carolinas to Wayne county, Idiaa, as early at 1810 and to Warren county in 1828, when the state was little improved and when red men still roamed in its wilds. These parents entered about six hundred acres of land from the government and, by thrift and industry, became well-to-do for people of those early times. They became the parents of eleven children and gave to each one hundred and twenty acres of land, the subject receiving two hundred acres.

Jacob M. Rhode grew to manhood on the old homestead, and when a boy his time was alternated between working on the farm in the summer months and in attending the district schools. He took up farming for a livelihood and has followed this all his life with larger success than is achieved by the average man. Stock raising has formed no small part of his income. At one time he owned nine hundred and ninety-three acres of valuable land, but has divided it up among his children. He has a well improved place and a comfortable home. He has always kept a good grade of live stock.

Mr. Rhode was married on January 3, 1858, to Mary Jane Russell, who was born September 20, 1834, the daughter of William and Fanny (Hall) coming to this county at an early day. Three children have been born to the subject and wife, namely: Fannie, who married Albert Cobb, a merchant of Pine Village, and they have three sons, Murray, Malcolm and Albert R., the last two being at this writing seniors at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana; Martha F. married John McCord; Charles W. married Cora Jones and they live in Fountain county, being the parents of four children, Lucy R., Fannie L., Jacob Henry and Louise.

Fraternally, Jacob M. Rhode is a Mason, the oldest member in Rainsville Lodge. Politically, he is a Democrat and has long been more or less active in local affairs, having held many local offices, always with satisfaction to the people. He is friedly to the churches and has done much toward their support.

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Date: 1/1/1913
Origin: Past and Present of Fountain and Warren Counties Indiana
Author: Thomas A. Clifton, Editor
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